How Often Should I Change My Dyson Vacuum Filter

If you’re a Dyson owner, you know that changing your filter is one of the most important things to maintain the longevity of your vacuum. It doesn’t matter if it’s a canister or upright model; when was the last time you changed yours? Or How Often Should I Change My Dyson Vacuum Filter? You may notice some loss in suction power and be wondering why this is happening. This could be due to clogs in your hose or simply because it needs replacing.

When you change your vacuum filter, it not only helps to keep the suction power at its maximum. And it also improves the lifetime of your machine. The interval can vary depending on how often and what type of flooring you use the vacuum on such as carpet or hardwood floors. You may want to change more frequently if you have pets. In this post, we will answer to How often should I change my Dyson Vacuum Filter.

What is a Vacuum Filter

A vacuum filter is a type of cartridge filter that is used to clean the air of dust, pollen, and other contaminants. It is installed by unscrewing the plastic plate on top of the dust bin in most Dyson models. Some vacuums use foam filters instead of paper filters. But both types are described as Dyson vacuum filters.

How do Dyson Vacuum Filters Work

Dyson creates vacuum filters in several different shapes and sizes. Depending on which particular model they are used in. All Dyson vacuums have some kind of filter system in them. Because all vacuums rely on airflow to suck up dirt when cleaning floors. They use digital pulse technology to filter the vacuum. This reduces the number of filters needed in vacuum cleaners by up to 60%.

Dyson has several replacement filters. These can be used alone or combined with other replacement filters depending on your particular Dyson model. For example, some vacuum cleaners like the cordless Dyson have a washable mesh filter that you can clean after every use. These are generally referred to as “washable” filters. Because they can be washed and reused indefinitely until they start losing their effectiveness due to being covered in dirt from cleaning floors. Eventually, all Dyson vacuum cleaners need new replacement filters. Especially if they have been used to clean up a lot of dirt.

Why Should You Change Your Dyson Vacuum Filter

If you have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, then it’s important to know when the filters in your machine need changing. In some cases, it may be necessary to change them as often as once a month. However, there are other times when they can last for over a year before they need replacing.

In simplest terms. Dyson filter replacement is an essential part for any Dyson owner who wants his or her vacuuming experience to be pleasant and efficient. Failure on your part to deal with this issue will result in less-than-optimal cleaning performance from your Dyson appliance.

Best Way to Know it’s Time for a New Vacuum Filter

The best way to know it’s time for a new Dyson vacuum filter is by the vacuum cleaner building up pressure and not working as well. If this happens then you need to change the vacuum filter out immediately.

How Often Should I Change My Dyson Vacuum Filter

The Dyson vacuum filter is, as you might guess from the name, a filter. Vacuum filters work by trapping particles in their material fibers. And preventing them from re-entering your home’s air or getting out of your vacuum cleaner.

Dyson says that you should change the replacement filters every six months if they are used daily. If Dyson replacement filters are not used daily. Then Dyson recommends changing replacement filters every year. These may also need new replacement filters if their performance starts to degrade significantly. A clogged vacuum filter can cause problems with airflow. And reduce the effectiveness of your Dyson cordless vacuum. Vacuums with washable filters will start to smell very bad after a while if they are not cleaned regularly. So it’s important to keep them clean and unclogged as much as possible to avoid creating a smelly environment in your home.

Not knowing how often to replace your vacuum filter is one of the most common problems with vacuum cleaners. Especially considering many Dysons have washable filters. This means they only need changing every six months to 1 year so long as they’re cleaned regularly. These vacuums are not cheap, so it’s understandable to want to make them last as long as possible. Dyson vacuum cleaners are designed for at least five years of daily use. But many can last longer than that with proper care and maintenance.

What if I Don’t Change My Dyson Vacuum Filter

Few Dyson owners simply don’t change their filters. If you are not changing the filter then it will be harder for your Dyson vacuum to maintain suction power.

Some people do choose to recycle old filters by cutting them open. And then recovering the fiber material inside of it. If you choose to do this. Dyson manufacturers warn that vacuums should not be used for twenty-four hours after filter modification has occurred. Since it can compromise their safety during use. It’s important to remember that Dyson vacuums are primarily designed for household use. Not modifying or recycling. Dysons are safe when used correctly. But can become dangerous when modified or disassembled in any way.

How does Dyson say to Clean it

Dyson has a number of recommendations on how often to replace their filters. Most models recommend replacing the filter every 1-2 years or after cleaning 20 times. The more powerful machines have carbon fiber filters which can be cleaned up to 100 times before replacement is necessary. Dyson also recommends using only Dyson-approved filters and bags for optimum performance.

Can Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Use any other type of Filters

No. They recommend using only Dyson-approved filters or bags for optimum performance.

Dyson models have all types of different filters. The most common filters are foam pre-filters and washable post-filters. Pre-filters should be washed every 1-2 months depending on the environment they are being used in. While post-filters can be cleaned up to 100 times before replacement is needed. Dyson also has a charcoal waterless filter which should be changed about once per year.


Dyson is an industry leader in innovative and spotless vacuum cleaner technology. If you are one of the many people who have had Dyson Vacuums before. Then you will know that Dyson is constantly evolving their line of vacuums with better suction power for different types of surfaces. As well as being able to use multiple attachments so you can do more than just vacuuming your floor. Changing your Dyson Vacuum filter can result in great performance and durability from your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Protection Status
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