How To Use Intex Pool Vacuum With Garden Hose

Using A Intex Pool Vacuum With Garden Hose

How To Use Intex Pool Vacuum With Garden Hose? Customary pool vacuums are attached to the pool channel framework to suck leaves and other trash off the floor of the pool. On the off chance that your pool doesn’t have a channel framework, or you just need an option for vacuuming, you can utilize a nursery hose pool vacuum. These vacuums include enormous vacuum packs, and they interface with your nursery hose to make the vacuum attractions. The following steps will tell you how to use an Intex pool vacuum with a garden hose.

Steps To Use Intex Pool Vacuum With Garden Hose

Step 1

Interface the vacuum pack to the appropriate valve on the nursery hose vacuum body. The vacuum sack will gather the soil and flotsam and jetsam that you vacuum up from the floor of the pool.

Step 2

Eliminate the extending handle from your leaf skimmer. A few handles are secure with two pins that you push down to eliminate the leaf skimmer. Different skimmers curve onto the strung finish of the wand. Curve the skimmer off and put it away.

Step 3

Next, put the extending handle into the handle opening on the nursery hose pool vacuum. Furthermore, put the finish of your nursery hose into the hose valve on the vacuum. Turn on the water to the nursery hose and lower the vacuum into the pool.

Step 4

Utilize the extending handle to gradually move the vacuum along the floor of the pool. If the vacuum loses attraction, turn off the nursery hose, haul the vacuum out of the pool and void the vacuum pack.

Instructions For An Intex Pump

Intex is an organization that sells over-the-ground pools and assistants to the general population. The pools are famous among mortgage holders who would prefer not to burrow an opening and introduce a casing for their pool. Rather Intex provides mortgage holders with the choice of their brand name “Simple Set” pools that include delicate sides that can be brought down toward the finish of each swim season.

To keep the Intex pool clean, utilize an Intex siphon, which is a little siphon situated outwardly of the pool that works by burning the water through an associated channel and back into the pool. The Intex pool arrangement, including the establishment of the siphon and channel unit, is a basic cycle, as all frills are incorporated with the siphon.

Layout The Intex Pool Setup

Intex pool siphon on a level region or surface, 2 feet from the hose association on the pool divider. 

Spot the spout association into the upper hose association. The upper hose association is present on the channel part of the siphon. Associate the sifter association by setting it into the lower hose association. The lower hose association is found on the left half of the siphon. These pieces will guarantee that the pool hose squeezes into the associations.

Hook Up The Hose To Use Intex Pool Vacuum With Garden Hose

Append one finish of the pool house to the lower association on the pool divider. Append the opposite finish of the hose to the upper association on the siphon. Secure the hose to the pool and siphon utilizing two hose clasps; fix with the fitting screwdriver. 

Append the other piece of pool hose to the upper association on the pool divider and the lower association on the siphon. Secure the hose to every association utilizing two hose cinches; fix utilizing the fitting screwdriver.

Test And Run To Use Intex Pool Vacuum With Garden Hose

Spot a nursery hose in the pool and fill the pool to 2 inches over the upper hose association with a guarantee that the water enters the framework appropriately. Fit the pool siphon into a power plug and permit the framework to run. 

If you need somewhat more assistance, look into Intex pool guidance recordings online to see instances of how the Intex pool siphon directions work, in actuality.


This is how you use an Intex. pool vacuum with a garden hose. It is very important to keep your pool clean. If your pool is dirty and contains a lot of bacteria, people that swim in it may fall sick. The same water also goes into our mouths. It is very unhygienic to have a dirty pool. People may then be spending long periods in dirty water which may cause them to become ill. This is why it is mandatory to keep your pool clean. Protection Status
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