Why Wont My Shark Vacuum Brush Spin

How To Know Why Wont My Shark Vacuum Brush Spin 

Shark Vacuum Cleaners are one of the best brands of vacuum cleaners on the market. They are well known for excellence and powerful suction that makes the product stand out. Since they released their first product, all they’ve done is dish out awesome models that a lot of people look up to for their cleaning to be achieved. This excellent quality of shark vacuum cleaners cannot be disputed. But despite its awesome functionality, unfortunately, it has its moments when it troubleshoots. This can make any owner get frustrated but, it is a completely normal thing to experience. It may and may not be associated with damage to the vacuum cleaner. The most common of the shark vacuum cleaner troubles is the brush not spinning. Many users experience this quite often. But, if you don’t know why that is happening, then you’re about to find out. Why won’t my shark vacuum cleaner brush spin? We will talk about that in this post, so read on to find out. 

How Does Shark Vacuum Cleaners Work

It is a fact that shark vacuum cleaners are a high-performance brand of a vacuum cleaners. They are one of the closest competitors of Dyson and they are also cost-effective. A shark vacuum cleaner uses a combination of brushes that are built to spin to be able to clean dirt and debris. The brush spins deep into carpet fibers removing dirt and debris including pet hair which is then pulled into the vacuum cleaner using suction. It has two brushes of which a first bristle brush roll removes small debris while a second brush removes larger debris. The vacuum cleaner can be set to either floor mode or carpet mode, to ensure efficient cleaning. This is the basis of how a shark vacuum cleaner works and that is why it is a major issue if the brushes will not spin. Without spinning a shark vacuum cleaner cannot do its work and that can get frustrating for any owner. 

Possible Reasons Why My Shark Vacuum Cleaner Brush Wont Spin 

If your shark vacuum cleaner won’t spin, many things can be associated with it. Don’t get worked up, your vacuum cleaner might not be damaged and just need a little fix to get it working. Let’s go ahead and consider why won’t my vacuum cleaner brush spin. 

  • It might not spin due to an obstruction somewhere in the vacuum cleaner. This can happen at any point since the vacuum cleaner has something going through it any time it’s in use. One of the major places where the obstruction can take place is the dust cup. 
  • It is also possible that shark vacuum cleaners won’t spin if it has a disengaged nozzle. 
  • If the roller brush switch is off, it won’t spin too. Because that is an indication that you don’t want it to. And in that case, if it’s not spinning, it’s simply obeying you. 
  • Another reason why your shark vacuum cleaner brush is not spinning is that the brush has too much debris on it. For instance, it might be blocked by the hair if there’s too much of it on it. 
  • If your model of shark vacuum cleaner uses belts, there is a possibility right there that it won’t spin if the belt is broken. 

How Do I Know When My Vacuum Cleaner Brush Has Stopped Spinning

It is quite obvious to know that your shark vacuum cleaner has stopped spinning because you will be able to tell that something is out of place even if you don’t know what it is yet. We will consider ways to know that your shark vacuum cleaner brush has stopped spinning

What To Do If My Vacuum Brush Stops Spinning 

If your shark vacuum brush has stopped spinning, ensure the nozzle tight connection by firmly pressing down on the handle, it’s probably blocked, so you have to unplug it and remove all the dirt and debris. If that is the case, remove accumulated dirt from the brushes using a pair of scissors. Make sure you remove all of it. If the model uses a belt, check to see if it’s damaged. If it is, you might want to get it replaced. You should also empty the dust cup to make sure it is not obstructed. 


Like every other vacuum cleaner, Shark vacuum cleaners troubleshoot. Don’t worry when it happens to yours, it probably needs a little fix. Run a few checks on it to discover what the issue is, when you do, you should be able to take it from there. In the case you’ve done everything possible, you might also want to have someone check it out for you. And if you do all of these and it still doesn’t work, then it might be time to invest in a new one. 

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