Why Won’t my Shark Vacuum Turn On

Do you Have a Vacuum that Doesn’t Turn on?

Shark vacuums are not doubted awesome equipment; however, like every other electronic appliance, they can break down. We understand that it is quite annoying when your vacuum doesn’t turn on, and you have to several thousand square feet to vacuum.

It is not something we would like to deal with. But there can be situations like this, and you must wonder why won’t my shark vacuum turn on?

There are often simple answers to the problem, and quite often, there are fairly simple solutions. So, what do I do when my Shark vacuum doesn’t turn on?

My Shark Vacuum Won’t Turn On – Common Issues and Solutions

Power Plug 

If your shark vacuum doesn’t turn on, then one of the main problems is that you didn’t plug the cord correctly.


  • You can give the power plug a push until it is secured and connected to the power outlet.
  • Wiggle the power cord and make sure that it is not falling off the outlet.
  • Unplug the cord and plug it in again.
  • Test if your power socket is working by plugging another device in the source. You could try charging your phone and see if it’s working

Check the Vacuum Cord

Even if the vacuum doesn’t turn on after securing the power plug, then it could be an issue with the vacuum’s cord. A power cord can break down after using it for a long time, and that can be the reason why your vacuum doesn’t turn on.


  • Unplug the vacuum cleaner to prevent any electrical shock.
  • Carefully inspect the power cord for any cut. If you can see electrical wires from the cord, it is time to replace a new power cord.

Problem with Vacuum Batteries

If you have a cordless vacuum model, make sure that batteries are fully charged before turning on the vacuum cleaner. It is also suggested to charge the batteries after every use to ensure they won’t run out mid-clean. If you find that your Shark vacuum batteries don’t last as long as you first use them, you can purchase a new one and replace the weak battery.


  • Remove batteries from the vacuum cleaner.
  • After they are charged fully, put them back in the machine.
  • Consider replacing the battery if your vacuum loses running time with a fully charged battery.
  • You can also have a spare battery in case your battery runs out mid-clean to save time.
  • Cleaner the charger and the battery to ensure no dirt is covering the power contacts.

If your battery isn’t charging at all, it could be the charger that caused the problem. First, check if there’s a charging light on the charger when connecting the charger to the dock. If you think your charger isn’t working properly, contact Shark and ask for a replacement.

The Issue with Vacuum Switch

The next possible problem can be with the vacuum switch. In case you worry, why won’t my shark vacuum turn on?

Then look for the shark vacuum lights. Are they on but won’t start? It can be a faulty switch. Contact your manufacturer to see if you can get the switch replaced. If the switch is “ON,” but your Shark vacuum motor is not working, then you need to pay attention to the vacuum motor itself.

Problem with a Vacuum Motor

If your vacuum cleaner motor stops after you turn it on, it can be a broken motor causing all the problems. Motors can wear out and eventually break down after excessive use.

There are many ways you can do it when the motor isn’t working. First, take the motor out and inspect for any faulty parts. Then, depending on how damaged the motor is, you can either call the repair company or let them deal with your damaged motor or contact Shark’s customer service.


You can also reset the Shark vacuum motor with these five simple steps.

Step 1-Switch off the Shark vacuum cleaner.

Step 2-Unplug your vacuum from the power source.

Step 3-Check to see if there’s a blockage in your filters and hose. Then, you should remove the clogs and wash the filters until it’s completely clean.

Step 4-Leave the vacuum to cool. We recommend that you wait at least 45 minutes.

Step 5-Switch the vacuum back on and start vacuuming again.

The Filter

One of the possible reasons why shark vacuum won’t turn on is because of clogged filters. Normally dirt and hair can clog the filters, which results in a vacuum to lose suction. However, if you don’t unclog your filter and clean it regularly, it could cause your Shark vacuum not to turn on or stop working completely.

Bottom Line

Most of the possible reasons due to which a vacuum won’t turn on are mentioned above. If none of the above issues is the problem, you might need to invest in a new vacuum. Technology gets old, and things break.

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