Where to Buy Filters for Shark Vacuums?

Where to Buy Filters for Shark Vacuums?

All Shark vacuum cleaners come with filters, whether it be a bagged or bag less vacuum cleaner. The Shark vacuum cleaner filter helps prevent dust and debris from getting into vital parts of the vacuum cleaner. However, in doing so, the filter often gets dirty and will need to be cleaned. Although you can wash the filter of a Shark vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to change it at least once every six months.

To change the filter of your Shark vacuum cleaner, first, you need to purchase one; this brings us back to the question, where to buy filters for Shark vacuum? Below we highlighted three of the best places you can buy filters for your Shark vacuum cleaner. We also talked about buying considerations you should know when buying filters for your Shark vacuum.

Where to Buy a Filter for Shark Vacuums?

No doubt, Shark offers incomparable filtration. But to achieve this, you need an original filter. To buy original filters for your Shark vacuum cleaner, you must get them from a reliable source. Below are the three best places you can get Shark vacuum cleaner filters.

●       Manufacturer’s Website

One of the best places you can go to get a filter for your Shark vacuum is from the manufacturer itself. From the manufacturer’s website, you can be 100% sure of the quality of filters you are getting. And the best part about buying filters from Shark is that you can get them at a cheaper rate. However, if you live outside the area where Shark is located, you may spend more on shipping when you order filters directly from Shark.

●       Online Retailers

Another great place you can get quality Shark vacuum filters is from reputable online retailers. Online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, amongst others, are great online retailers where you can find original Shark vacuum filters. When buying Shark vacuum cleaners from online retailers, be very careful, especially of filters that are too cheap to believe.

●       Licensed Vendors

Lastly, if you do not like to purchase items online, you can always walk into a reputable hardware store to buy the filter. However, while you are at it, you must ensure the store is a licensed vendor that sells Shark products; this is important because, if the store is not licensed to sell Shark products, you may buy an inferior Shark filter.

Buying guide for Shark Vacuum Filters

Now that you know where to buy the filters, you must know precisely what to look out for when you buy the filter. Below are features of Shark vacuum filters you need to take note of.

●       Allergen

Shark has vacuum filters that they advertise as Allergen. This type of filter is designed to separate smaller particles in the air that can cause allergic reactions. Allergen filters have a more robust filtration power than the standard filter. However, they are more expensive. The idea of this type of filter lies somewhere between that of a HEPA filter and a standard filter.

●       HEPA

HEPA or a high-efficiency particulate air filtration system is another type of filter used on Shark vacuums. This type of filter is designed for very high sensitive air filtration situations, such as removing radioactive air particulates. HEPA filters make use of a network of specifically-sized fibers that can remove up to 99.995% of airborne particles. But, of course, for your vacuum cleaner to benefit from the incredible filtration power of HEPA filters, then it has to be airtight.

●       Micro Fresh

Another feature of filters you will see when you want to buy one is MicroFresh; this is a non-toxic chemical that is often added to the filter to help inhibit the growth or spread of bacteria, fungi, and algae. No doubt, the filter on your vacuum cleaner is a breeding ground for these pathogens. Therefore, manufacturers often apply this chemical to sterilize further the air passing through the vacuum. Hence, if your focus is to stop the growth of these pathogens, then you need to get a filter with the MicroFresh feature.

●       Carbon/Charcoal

If you often battle with odor coming out of your vacuum, even after taking out the dirt in the bag or canister, then it must be coming from the filter. Your vacuum cleaner filter can quickly build up dust and debris, which can produce a foul odor in the presence of moisture. However, if you own a carbon or charcoal filter, it can help filter out odor-causing particles.

●       Scented

Another way to deal with odor from the filter of your vacuum is by getting a scented filter. You can use scented filters to add fragrance to a vacuum’s outgoing air, which makes your room smell fresh. Manufacturers offer a variety of scents, and scented filters are available in several filter types. If your vacuum uses more than one filter, it is most efficient to use a scented filter as the secondary filter combined with a primary anti-microbial filter.

●       Pet

If you own a pet or pets, you will understand that vacuuming your home is quite different; this is because your pet’s hair and dander can quickly build up dirt in the filter as well as odor. For this reason, Shark produces a special filter known as the pet filter for pet owners. This filter is specially designed to keep the air fresh and eliminate odor by adding baking soda to the filter.

●       Washable

As said earlier, filters can be washed, but not all filters are washable. If you want a washable filter, you should check the label clearly before buying it. In addition, washable filters lengthen the expected life of some filters.

●       Wet/dry

Lastly, you can buy a wet/dry vacuum filter. This type of filter is particularly great for vacuuming the carpet. To ensure maximum efficiency of Shark vacuum cleaner that uses this type of filter, do not mistake replacing it with a standard dry filter.

Bottom Line

To sum things up, we hope this article was able to make things more straightforward for you. Moreover, now that you know what to look out for, we hope you will buy the original Shark vacuum cleaner filter.

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