How to Clean Vacuum Filter Bissell?

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How to Clean Vacuum Filter Bissell?

Nobody likes being replaced, but here’s a heartbreaking story of a relationship between an owner and its vacuum? The owner replaced the old one with a new shiny one. But, instead of taking care of the existing one, he broke the vacuum’s heart by treating it like trash. He didn’t realize that the thing doing cleaning needs cleaning too. And it is the filters that need the most care; because they directly deal with the dust and debris.

Purpose of Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Before I discuss the importance of cleaning the vacuum filter, it is good to know its purpose. Why do they even exist?

  • To trap dirt particles – First, they are needed to trap the dirt and debris particles. For example, when you apply vacuum on your carpets, and it sucks the dirt and air, the filter lets the air pass through but traps the dust particles in a bag or canister dispensing upon the vacuum mode.
  • Motor protector- filter’s presence ensures the air passing through it is filtered effectively while transferring the air to protect the motor. It also prevents the motor of your vacuum machine from getting damaged by these particles.
  • To help keep your home healthy – A regular vacuum filter can let ultra-fine dust particles such as microbes pass through it. Unfortunately, this results in their return to your home’s environment and imparts family members have asthma or allergies.

Types of Filters

Several types of filters are available in the market. These are

Why and how should you clean them?

The vacuum filters work in a relatively simple way. The suction unit, as indicated from the name, inside the machine work to drive the air from the hose into the dust container and out from the filters. Thus, the filters prevent the dust and debris from re-entering the air. But, if your filter is not functioning well, it would beat the purpose of vacuuming in the first place.

With time, your vacuum filter gets dirty, which would reduce its efficiency and functionality. Hence, you’ll need to perform specific maintenance on your vacuum filters to ensure that they stay clean all the time. And sometimes, it’s also recommended that you change your filters if cleaning isn’t doing any good.

Before you start the Filter Cleaning

Here’s a bundle of tips before you start vacuuming and messing the whole thing. Pay heed to our top tips to save extra work.

  • Take the vacuum outside of your house to clean it. But, more importantly, you don’t have to do dust cleaning from grass afterward.
  • It would help if you took the required tools before cleaning, so you don’t need to stop working. Tools like screwdrivers, a bin bag, and some other tools to aid cleaning.
  • Figure out if the filter is washable or non-washable. Leaf your appliance manual for this.
  • Can use paintbrushes, hairdryers, and air dusters to clean non-washable filters.

Filter Cleaning Guide

The guidelines that I am going to share below as filter models vary from vacuum to vacuum. I suggest you should check your manual first before you decide to do any maintenance job. So, consider these general few basic steps to follow:

Unplug your Vacuum Cleaner

Safety first! So make sure your vacuum is unplugged to avoid any unfortunate incident.

Open up your Vacuum

Open the filter. Usually, filters are easily accessible, but if your model has a different style, you can use screwdrivers to do the job.

Are they Disposable Filters?

Check if your vacuum has a disposable filter. Disposable filters can be replaced whenever you are done collecting dust. They are non-reusable. Contact the manufacturer or retailer to buy more If you don’t have spare filters available.

Tap and Brush Off the Dust

Now tap your filter on a hard surface to get rid of loose dust, then use a brush, which should be dry, to remove the remaining dust particles gently.

Rinse the Filter

Simple cold water can remove any fine dust particle under a cold tap. Hold the filter under the running water until the water comes clear out of the filter. No need to use any detergent as chemicals are prohibited from using. Simple cold water would be sufficient for cleaning.  Also, do not run your filter into a washing machine or dishwasher, though it may sound like a time-saver. It is strictly not recommended by the manufacturing companies and may void the vacuum’s warranty.

Leave to Dry

Simple air drying in sunlight for at least 24 hours all your filter needs after rinsing. It is recommended not to use dryer machines on filters. Your vacuum’s filters must be completely dry when they go back into the vacuum. Even a tiny amount of water running through an electric motor can be a Very Bad Thing.

Clean the Dust Canister

Since you are cleaning the filter, why not clean the dust canister at the same time? The canister cleaning would ensure that the dust canister is also working smoothly. Change the vacuum cleaner bag if it’s looking a bit on the whole side, or remove and rinse the plastic dust container of any residual dust and grime, remembering to let it completely dry before reassembling.

How to Replace a Vacuum Filter?

Should replace damaged or excessively worn filters entirely. Please do not attempt to clean them because it is of no use. Installing the new filter is the same as extracting the old one. Place the shiny new filtering in the same position as the old one. Check on the sides or base of the vacuum to find the model number.

Bottom Line

Cleaning the filter is as imperative as taking a shower to keep yourself clean. It would help if you took great care of filters. Keep a check on them. Replace the disposable filter and do not reuse it as they cannot collect more dust and debris. Before performing maintenance, check your manual to avoid confusion as points and components may vary in different models. Perform dusty tasks outside of your house to avoid any disease-causing germs re-entering your house. Keep cleaning, keep shining. Protection Status
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