How To Unclog A Dyson Vacuum Hose

Unclogging A Dyson Vacuum Hose

You probably clean your carpets with a vacuum, like a Dyson. However, have you ever considered how to unclog a Dyson vacuum hose? We will show you how to thoroughly clean and unclog a Dyson vacuum, which will, in turn, ensure better results on your carpet.

The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner – How To Unclog The Hose

It is comparatively simple to clean a Dyson vacuum when you follow the right procedures. Our guide shows you exactly what to do every couple of months. It may be necessary to vacuum or deep clean more often by those who vacuum or deep clean regularly.

Step 1. Unplug The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner To Unclog A Dyson Vacuum Hose

It is important to unplug the Dyson before you disassemble and clean it. This ensures that you are safe. It also reduces the likelihood of you getting electrocuted.

Step 2. Scrub The Dust Canister To Unclog A Dyson Vacuum Hose

Dyson vacuums are bagless and starting with the dust canister is a good idea. Your dust canister is likely to be half full at the end of your cleaning. Empty the dust and dirt first.

Dust canisters are typically located underneath cyclones. To release the canisters, push the red “bin-release” button. The dust canister will release from the vacuum

By pressing the release button, you can remove the debris from the dust canister and dispose of it in the trash. Shake the canister vigorously to get rid of any remaining dirt.

Wipe the inside of the dust canister with a damp cloth or a microfibre. Using a damp cloth or microfibre will catch dirt and dust particles. They do not have to go back onto the dust canister.

If dirt sticks in the cyclones, you may need to use compressed air. You do not need to use any liquids to get maximum suction, but you can blast debris away if you wish. It is vital to dry out the dust canister because moist conditions result in mold growth.

Step 3. Thoroughly Wash The Dyson Vacuum Filters

Filters capture dust, pollen, bacteria, and dirt particles in the air. It might be necessary to clean the Dyson filters from time to time. You can clean the purple Dyson filter located near the cyclone by lifting it up. 

In Dyson upright vacuums, you can get more than one filter for your cleaning and it is located at the back of the machine or on the “ball.”

You will need to run your filter underwater from the faucet. Then gently squeeze out the water again until the water runs clear. 

It is recommended to fully dry the vacuum filter for 24 hours before reinstalling it. Dyson recommends washing the filter every three months. You may have to vacuum more frequently if you frequently use your vacuum and if the floor is heavily soiled.

Step 4. Restore The Straightness Of The Brush Bar To Unclog A Dyson Vacuum Hose

The brushbars collect hair, debris, and dirt from your carpets and floors. For cleaning the brush bar, you may have to remove the soleplate. Various models require flathead screwdrivers for removing the screws. Other models may require a coin to unscrew the screws. After unscrewing remove the brush.

An alternative to clearing brush manually is to do it by hand. Then, cut away any hair around it with a pair of scissors. To clean the compartment of the brush bar, use a microfiber cloth. It is important that the brush is completely dry before reinstalling and attaching the soleplate.

Step 5. Time To Unclog A Dyson Vacuum Hose

Over time, a clogged hose will reduce suction power. You should disconnect your Dyson’s hose when you clean it. Sometimes it comes with a button for detaching it from the wand. Look inside the hose visually to see if there is any debris. You can also use a mop handle to push the hose through.

Now, add 1 cup of vinegar to your kitchen sink and fill it with warm water. Soak your hose in the mixture. You can then flush it out with water from a faucet. By holding the hose in a U-shape, you may have an easier time handling it. Allow it to dry for 24 hours before reconnecting your vacuum.

Step 6. Wipe The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner To Unclog A Dyson Vacuum Hose

It is important to clean Dyson’s outer parts. A damp microfiber cloth will be sufficient to avoid oversaturating the machine. Sanitize the wheels and soleplate of your vacuum by using a vinegar and water solution. Allow the vacuum to fully dry before you use it again.


It’s a good idea to clean your Dyson every month. If you do, your vacuum will last longer. Just make sure you unplug it first. Start with the dust canister and microfiber cloth, then move on to the filters. Then you can clean the brush bar. Don’t forget to clean the vacuum’s hose. After the vacuum is dry, you can use it again. Protection Status
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