How To Use A Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

Using A Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

How To Use A Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner? Everyone wants a cleaner house, but when it comes to cleaning, it seems a hectic task. Especially when you have carpets. Carpets are most likely to catch dust, and cleaning them without a vacuum cleaner is nearly impossible. Vacuum cleaners are among the essential household cleaning machines. They not only do the job well but also save you from hours of struggle. Among the most advanced vacuum brands, rainbow vacuums is a must-to-know name.

This brand is known for making one of the advanced vacuum cleaners. They have stepped ahead in household cleaning and added some of the great features that you couldn’t expect from ordinary vacuums. This article will educate you about rainbow vacuums cleaners and how to use them.

How Are Rainbow Vacuums Different

You’ll have used a vacuum cleaner if there are carpets in your house, and you must be familiar with the components of the standard vacuum cleaner. There is a vacuum hose that collects dust from the surface. The dust goes into a place called the canister bucket. That bucket needs to be emptied after you are done cleaning. Now let’s talk about what’s different about rainbow vacuums.

Rainbow vacuum cleaners do not have any canister buckets. Instead, it used a water compartment to handle all the dust coming in. the dust dissolves into water, and that’s how you clean with a rainbow vacuum cleaner. It seems weird to most of us, but the fact proves why these water-used vacuum cleaners make so much sense.  

Usefulness Of Rainbow Vacuums

Following are the facts that show why rainbow vacuums are much more effective and efficient than traditional vacuum cleaners:

  1. They are certified with added health standards that ordinary vacuums could not attain. The rainbow vacuum removes dust from the carpet, filters the air, and absorbs all the allergy and asthma causing particles. So if you have allergic people who get bothered while you do vacuuming, then these vacuums are made for you.
  2. They are more powerful than ordinary vacuums. The massive vacuum technology makes the vacuum pumps more powerful. It means that with rainbow vacuums, you will clean the carpets in the first go rather than moving them on the same spot frequently.
  3. The water-used technology doesn’t let the dust particle roam in the atmosphere. All the dust is mixed with water which ensures that you don’t sneeze continuously while cleaning.
  4. Rainbow vacuums filter the air in the atmosphere, in addition to pulling away dust from the rug. The air is filtered in the water compartment and released to the room. As a result, you get a lighter and fresher environment.
  5. There are more attachments that you get with rainbow vacuums than those with ordinary ones. There are specific tools for different surfaces. Furthermore, you can also add scent to the water to make the room air more pleasant.

How To Use Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

Using the rainbow vacuums is as simple as using the standard vacuum cleaner. Refer to the owner’s manual or follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the vacuum hose and the vacuum head with the machine
  2. Fill the water compartment with water.
  3. Make sure you fill the water up to the optimum level.
  4. Close the water inlet and make sure it closed appropriately
  5. Connect the vacuum cleaner to the power supply to operate it.
  6. After you are done cleaning, rinse the water and power fresh into the bucket.

That’s how you operate a rainbow vacuum, simple and easy!

How Much Does Using A Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Cost

Rainbow vacuums are a step ahead of ordinary vacuums In advancements, but they don’t come cheap. If you plan to buy one of the rainbow water-used vacuum cleaners, you are about to spend $1500-$3000.

Are Rainbow Vacuums Worth It

It depends on your need. If you want normal cleaning and doesn’t prefer spending thousands of dollars on just a vacuum cleaner, then rainbow vacuums might not be worth it for you.

However, the medical perspective states the opposite. The anti-Allery technology makes it best suitable for allergic and athematic people.


Vacuum cleaners are made to pull away dust from fabric surfaces. But with time, there are considerable advancements in technology, and you are exposed to a lot more features than just vanishing away from the dust. The massive sum of money is a thing to consider before buying these vacuums. If you are ok with it, these vacuums are the best choice for you. Protection Status
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