Why Does My Dyson Vacuum Smell Like Burning

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Hoover vacuums get dirt from our homes, keeping them spotless and new. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you notice a terrible smell coming from your Hoover while it is being used, your home turns out to be observably less new. The burning smell might be the consequence of different issues, some genuine and some minor. A brief move ought to be made to discover the reason for the issue and fix it to secure your machine and your wellbeing. 

Electrical Burning Smell 

Let’s get going with the main one – on the off chance that it smells like electrical burning and your Dyson is turning off and back on again promptly, then, at that point: 

Turn off it from the divider promptly, don’t turn it off at the cleaner. This is normally a link disappointment yet may likewise be a switch and should be fixed by a certified individual. Assuming you are qualified, you can arrange another link or change from the hardware store 

On the off chance that your Dyson vacuum cleaner is making a popping commotion and emitting a truly impactful, harsh smell then normally this is an engine disappointment. 

Again it is a significant strip down to supplant an engine, likewise, the post channel will require supplanting as this generally consumes or, best case scenario, has the flawless smell caught in it forever. 

On the Dyson ball upstanding models, in case you are getting a burning smell and starting from the brush bar region, generally, this implies your brushbar engine has fizzled. 

The main depiction I can give for the smell resembles a cap weapon being shot. Generally, the main hint to this is your brushbar quits turning or twists discontinuously. 

Belt Problems 

The most well-known reason for a burning smell from a Hoover or some other vacuum is a harmed vacuum belt.

It goes through the vacuum constantly as the machine runs, making the brush turn in the vacuum. The belt might become harmed because of typical mileage, getting found out on the brush (if the brush is stuck or not turning as expected) or falling off course.

This belt might endure heat rankling, tearing or extending, all of which make an unexpected burning smell like burned elastic. The belt should be supplanted to fix the issue.

Check with a Hoover retailer or call the organization with your vacuum’s make and model number to buy a substitution belt. The belt might be supplanted adhering to the guidelines in your proprietor’s manual or have a Hoover fix administration do the work for you. 

Engine Burn-Out 

At times, the engine on your Hoover may just quit working and wear out. This happens for various reasons, however, the most widely recognized are an abuse of the vacuum or just utilizing an old vacuum with an old engine that has exhausted over the long haul.

The smell created by this issue is like burning wires or burned liquefied plastic. Substitution of your engine ought to be finished by a vacuum fix expert you trust or a Hoover care trained professional.

At times the engine doesn’t wear out totally, yet just overheats for a couple of seconds and needs to chill off. 

Dusty Motor 

Your Hoover’s responsibility is to discover and get dust around the house. Accordingly the engine in your Hoover, regardless of whether old or new, may collect residue over the long haul. This may likewise happen because of a stopped up channel.

The gathering of residue is typical and for the most part, doesn’t cause an issue. On the off chance that the residue turns out to be too gathered it might cause a burning smell as the engine consumes the residue off.

This burning smell isn’t normally any reason for concern. When the residue consumes totally out of the engine chamber, the smell ought to disappear.

If the smell doesn’t disappear, contact a Hoover fix expert to decide the following strategy for your vacuum


Now and again your Hoover might deliver a burning smell that doesn’t coordinate (in one or the other scent or indications) any of the issues recorded previously.

On the off chance that this happens, contact an approved Hoover fix. The issue might be excessively muddled for you to fix all alone and it could be hazardous for you to proceed with utilization of your vacuum under these conditions.

Taking the Hoover to a maintenance expert permits him to give your vacuum a decent “examination” and decide the reason for that and some other issues with the machine.

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