Can Robot Vacuum Clean Stairs?

Can a robot vacuum clean stairs? The simple and straight-cut answer is no. The robot vacuum cannot clean the stairs. Keep going through the article to find out further details on this topic.

Robot vacuum comes as a handy device when it comes to cleaning your floor. These cute little things clean your floor without any supervision. Based on the manufacturer and model, some of them can also do some additional tasks. A lot of people nowadays own a robot vacuum to clean the stairs. Although they do have a lot of advantages, there are limitations too. Such as they cannot clean the upstairs.

The stairs might be simple for us but they are not for your robot vacuum. Typically, the robot vacuum cleaner arrives with some sort of wheels that allow them to move. But they don’t equip something like our legs to move through the stairs. As a result, they cannot move through the stairs. Keep reading to find further information on this.

Can Robot Vacuum Clean Stairs?

The robot vacuum typically equips one or multiple spinning brushes along with rolling brushes. These brushes work together to remove the dirt and debris which are small. The vacuum collects the dust and small debris in a waste bin inside. These vacuum machines are designed to collect dirt, hair, food particles, and other smaller particles from the floor. Usually, the user needs to empty them once the bin is filled.

They typically include some sensors that help them to move forward and downward. There are also sensors that prevent them from falling from an upper surface to a lower surface. Some even equip programming to store the room map data and work accordingly. Some of them allow you to schedule the cleaning and some others can clean automatically at a time interval.

What are the Limitations of the Robot Vacuum?

Although the portable robot vacuum is impressive at basic cleaning, they actually arrive with several limitations. Such as, they don’t equip the same power as the usual vacuum cleaners. As a result, they might not be able to clean your floor as efficiently as the regular vacuum. Furthermore, due to the small design, they cannot collect much of the debris at once. You will require cleaning them once in a while.

Because of the portable and static design, they also cannot clean things like stairs. It doesn’t matter how much you pay for the autonomous cleaner, you will require cleaning the stairs manually. Some of the vacuum cleaners might also don’t clean surfaces efficiently that includes cables or other small obstructions. So, they are nowhere near to be an alternative to the regular vacuum cleaner machines.

Can the Robot Vacuum Clean Stairs in the Future?

If you are wondering whether the robot vacuum can clean stairs in the future, the answer is yes. That is because several vacuum manufacturer companies are already working on this. You will be glad to know that the popular vacuum system manufacturing company patent a robot vacuum that can climb the stairs and clean them. Note that just because they patented it, doesn’t mean that this is nowhere near to coming.

To make the robot vacuum climb the stairs, there needs to be more research. That is because it is not going to be easy to make things climb the stairs. As per Bloomberg, Dyson was working for almost 16 years to develop a robot vacuum that can actually clean the stairs without any hassles. However, there are no data on whether they are still working on this or not.

So, the key point here is the vacuum robots might be able to climb and clean the stairs in near future. But that will require a lot more time. Till then you will require cleaning your own stairs.

Conceptual Robot Vacuum That Can Fly Stairs

A Youtube video recently got viral were an engineer and Youtuber made a robot vacuum that can actually fly. The name of the engineer is Peter Spirol. What he basically did is adding three ducted fans into a cheap robot vacuum to make it fly. What it means is he add the mechanism of the drone into the robot vacuum and also include a controller. As a result, he can control the flying of the vacuum.

But the issue is it actually cannot work autonomously. It will require a human pilot to fly from one place to another. As a result, it is nowhere near the stair climbing robot vacuum that you want. However, the future development of this thing is possible by including AI and more programming.

As per the Youtube video, the creator needed to spend around $200 for this function. That means even if there are any stair climbing vacuum robots in the future, they will cost you a good amount of money. Already, the usual robot vacuums are excessively costly. That means not all of us might be able to afford this futuristic thing.

How to Clean Your Stairs for Now

As we said above, the only solution is to clean the stair manually for now. Based on the stairs inside your house, it shouldn’t take long. In most cases, you should be able to clean this part within 20 minutes. Moreover, if there are no carpets on the stairs, the cleaning will be easier as you can just sweep away the dust. Another thing you can do is to make use of the carpet protector to make the cleaning easier.

You might also make use of the manual vacuum machines you have at the home. A lot of them include the stair cleaning attachment that allows you to clean the stairs with ease. With the vacuum machines, you can expect to have a better cleaning.


As we discussed throughout the article, a robot vacuum cannot clean the stairs. The robot vacuum that can climb and clean stairs is like a dream machine for a lot of us. But the good news is they might arrive in the market in the near future as several companies are working on them. Protection Status
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