Can Robot Vacuums Go Over Bumps

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Robot Vacuums Go Over Bumps

Can Robot Vacuums Go Over Bumps? Most robotic vacuums are built to withstand height variations of up to 5/8 inch (1.6cm). If you have rugs or thresholds higher than that, you can use a different carpet or a ramp to help the robotic vacuum go over them. If ramps aren’t an option, consider using different vacuum cleaners or otherwise cleaning those rooms individually.

There is usually no difficulty as long as the robotic vacuum is faced with bumps and thresholds at or below the prescribed limit. However, it’s critical to keep your vacuum cleaner, as repetitive use, grime, and abuse can wear down the equipment. The traction of the wheels and the clarity of the external sensors can both degrade over time, perhaps making the device worse at Brahms and threshold.

How Robot Vacuum Are Design To Handle Bumps

No robotic vacuum has a faultless track record when handling bumps and thresholds (more on what they can do in our guide). Consumers should think about their needs, and if they have a broad collection of flooring heights, they should pick a more expensive robotic vacuum.

A more expensive device may have a higher-quality design. Consider purchasing more than one robotic vacuum. Remember that you can start simply by purchasing just one vacuum cleaner and following it around your house to see any issues.

How To Fix Thresholds Issues With Robot Vacuum

Even if your flooring has multiple threshold heights, there are a few ways that might assist level out some of the bumps.

Building A Ramp

Building a ramp is a simple solution to threshold issues. Ramps do not activate the robotic vacuum’s threshold-detecting sensors, making it simple for the device to ascend and descend without hitting the cliff. For this purpose, ramps are available for purchase in various heights, some of which are adjustable.

Buying 2nd Robot Vacuum For Different Area of A Robot Vacuums Go Over Bumps

Consider using two or more robotic vacuum cleaners if your threshold concerns are more complex and money isn’t an issue. The gadgets may work together without worrying about crossing boundaries, and the space will be clean in a quarter of the time. It is also used to purchase gadgets that are suited for each material.

At The Same Time Schedule Two Different Cleaning Thresholds

Another option is to prevent the transition among low and high thresholds completely. Consider vacuuming different rooms at different times to allow the robotic vacuum to stay within one material height per expedition. It may eliminate the threshold issue, and combining this strategy with a single ramp may be sufficient.

Tips for Using A Robot Vacuums Go Over Bumps

  • To avoid the Roomba having trouble transitioning between floor types or threshold levels, schedule a separate cleaning time for areas with rugs or thick carpets.
  • To deep clean rugs and carpets, use the Power Mode or the Carpet Mode.
  • High-pile area rugs (such as shag carpets) with curling corners may cause the Roomba to become stuck. To keep the vacuum from becoming trapped, manual intervention is required.
  • If your Roomba has difficulty cleaning thick rugs and carpets, it’s better to avoid them altogether because it will overwork the motor and the batteries.
  • A cool hack that may (or may not) work for you is to stick a standard washer to the wheel to raise the wheel’s height a tiny bit. It is, of course, just for customers who are used to dealing with their Roombas and doing various hacks. It is not for the low of heart, or the manufacturer’s guarantee still covers users who are Roombas.


The majority of robotic vacuum cleaners are there to manage height variations of up to 5/8 inch (1.6cm). There is usually no difficulty as long as the robotic vacuum is faced with bumps and thresholds at or below the prescribed limit. Essentially, if the threshold is higher than 1.6 cm, your Roomba will have a difficult time crossing it. Can Robot Vacuums Go Over Bumps! It is not an issue now. 

You have two options if your transitional strip is more than 1.6cm high.

  • So the Roomba doesn’t have to go across the strip; schedule two separate cleaning cycles on either side of it.
  • Reduce the height of “the gap” by using a small carpet, a mat, or constructing a short ramp. Protection Status
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