Who Invented the Vacuum Cleaner in 1868?

Find Out Who Invented the Vacuum Cleaner in 1868?

Well, let’s find out who invented the vacuum cleaner in 1868? Well, it’s an one word answer. Mr. Ives McGaffey did the trick to invent the cleaning machine in 1968. But, the history of vacuum cleaner is brief and well spread. At first, the vacuum cleaner was a type of blowing machine only.

As time developed, things started to change. People came up with the idea of McGaffey and made vacuums that can suck dust and debris from the ground. But, at that time, the suction power wasn’t so improved.

So, let’s learn who invented the vacuum cleaner and its evolution over the years.

More Info on Who Invented the Vacuum Cleaner History

During the 1860s, a guy named Daniel Hess found the concept of a mechanical device. That device could clean floors. However, the device was named “Carpet Sweeper”. Then, during the last portion of 1868 and the start of 1869, McGaffe found a belt driven fan. It was called the Whirlwind. Till now, everything was small in size. After two decades, a guy named John Thurman made a gasoline powdered cleaner, it was big. But, that didn’t create vacuum.

Today’s vacuum cleaner has the principle of the cleaners created by Mr. Hubert during the 1901. However, the year related information might not be exact. It’s surely during the 1900s. Remember about Mr. Thurman’s gasoline cleaner? Mr. Booth made an enhanced version of that based on Thurman’s idea.

Mr. Booth made a vacuum cleaner based on the internal combustion machine. Now, are you getting the point clearly? Today’s vacuum cleaners has got a motor that supports the suction power of the vacuum cleaners. So, that’s how vacuum cleaners came into this form today. So, we got the idea who invented the vacuum cleaner in 1868.

The Advent of Different Powered Vacuum Cleaners

Now, we’ll talk about the advent of different powdered vacuum cleaners. Well, then we have got to talk about Mr. McGaffeney. He started the mechanical way and then followed by Hubert’s invention of a motor powered vacuum cleaner.

But, it was based on Mr. Ivey’s design. Talking about the Puffing Billy by Hubert, it was a mess due to the oil powered engine. Eventually, after few years, people started to switch to electrical motors. Hence, we see that the evolution was fast once Mr. Ivey designed the initial vacuum cleaner.

Engine based vacuum cleaners started from the time of Mr. Hubert. He modified the idea of mechanical vacuum cleaners to invent a vacuum cleaner with an idea of engine based motor which will run by oil.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners has been of great use till its inventions. Herbert Hoover will get all the credit for inventing the first ever handheld cleaners. But, Hervert’s cleaner could hardly vacuum. The vacuum cleaner came after few years of Hervert’s cleaner.

James Spangler, an electrician, at first came up with the idea of powered vacuum cleaner. Basically, he built the cleaner with three parts. Fan, box, and a pillow. The pillow was of course to collect the dust. Now, for the vacuuming and suction, there was suction device at the end of his invented cleaner.

There was a brush, which could loose the dust, debris, and other garbage. Then, the box was used to collect all the debris he got by loosening from the carpet or other places.

Modern Vacuum Cleaners

Now, let’s talk about the modern vacuum cleaners that we all use today. The vacuum cleaners during the 1800s and the 1900s was not a luxury item. The functional features and advantages were limited. However, today’s furnished home will always require the ultimate features and specifications.

During the last part of 1900s, the vacuums were still not fully developed. Hence, we needed to hold the cleaners by the sweeper. It wasn’t that feasible. However, it was not necessary to carry the vacuum cleaners back then. All you needed was to place them anywhere.

So, a guy called Fred Wardell came up with the idea of enhanced rotating brush. The brush was great to clean any sort of places including the carpets and the floors. It was very popular during the 1900s. So, how about the ultimate modern vacuum cleaners? It was not invented by one single person. Different companies made their own design with their own functionalities and did the trick.

Best Vacuum Cleaners

Did you know that the original vacuum cleaners had the metal casing and other parts? As a result, they were more durable than the todays vacuum cleaners. But, there’s always other side of the coin. Due to the heavy metal parts, the vacuum cleaners had too much weight.

The modern vacuum cleaners might not have too much metal parts, but they’re flexible and easy to carry around. Moreover, the cleaning process is faster today than expected. Vacuum cleaners like rainbow vacuum cleaners can almost clean everything including pool and drywall dust.

Final Thoughts

So, vacuum cleaners didn’t come in a single day. From the 1800s, the thing started to come in to light. At first, it was just a blower that can generate air to remove the dust and debris. But, they were also small in size. However, along the flow of time, different other ideas came and people started to produce more effective cleaners.

Finally, with the passage of evolution in the technology, we’ve got high quality vacuum cleaners that have the ultimate suction power. They can clean our houses in a jiffy. So, our discussion has got everything related to the history of vacuum cleaners in detail.

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