How To Clean Dyson Cordless Vacuum Head

Cleaning Dyson Cordless Vacuum Head

How To Clean Dyson Cordless Vacuum Head? The first step toward a pristine home is to acquire a Dyson cordless vacuum.

However, if you want your house to stay fresh, you must also maintain your vacuum in order to ensure its longevity and performance. Cleaning your vacuum every day is one of the most important ways to keep it in good working order. 

Consequently, what are the most important factors to consider when it comes to cleaning a Dyson cordless vacuum? Let’s take a look at the topics that must be addressed when cleaning a Dyson vacuum.

What Is The Best Technique To Clean A Dyson Vacuum Head

When cleaning the Dyson vacuum head, follow these instructions:

  • Disconnect the machine from the power supply.
  • Press the release button to separate the head from the wand.
  • Remove the brush bars by carefully removing the bush bar from the head.
  • Carefully remove any threads that you may come across.

What Is The Best Technique To Clean A Dyson Filter

When considering how to clean a Dyson cordless vacuum, the first step is to clean the filter. You must first analyze the model number of your Dyson before cleaning the filter. This will assist you in determining which filters to clean and how best to clean them. The following are the steps to remember when cleaning your Dyson filter:-

Remove The Cleaner From The Power Supply

It is hazardous to open or remove any part of your vacuum cleaner without first disconnecting it from electricity.

Pull The Filter Out 

One or two filters may exist, and they may be located in different places. To remove the filter, press the filter housing’s button and pull the filter out.

Soak/Rinse The Filter

Rinse the filter under cold running water, gently squeezing it as you wash it until it is clear. When rinsing the filter, avoid using a washing machine and avoid using detergents.

To Dry The Filter, Follow These Steps

Place the filter in a warm location to dry thoroughly. It should not be used in a microwave, tumble drier, or anywhere near a naked flame.

Replace The Filter As Follows

Replace it in the housing and put it back in the same spot as you took it out.

In A Dyson Cordless Vacuum, How Do You Empty The Bin

When vacuuming, you may find that the vacuum is not pulling in the dust as well as it should. This could be only due to the reason that your bin is complete, and all you need to do to solve the problem is empty it. Here’s how you should empty your trash can:-

  • As soon as the bin reaches its MAX capacity, drain it.
  • Disconnect the power supply from the gadget.
  • To release the cyclone and empty the bin, hold the handle and hit the red button.
  • After draining the trash, shut the lid.

How To Disassemble A Dyson Cordless Vacuum And Clean It

You must know how to disassemble your vacuum in order to clean it thoroughly. This is relatively straightforward and will not cause any issues. Here’s what you should do:-

  1. To do so, press the trigger and pull the container, and filter out of the device. After that, remove the filter by pressing the button on the filter housing.
  2. Locate the hose and wand handle. To separate the hose from the wand handle, press the two sections on the base of the wand handle and pull the top end of the hose away.
  3. Remove the bottom of the hose by finding the u-bend arrangement and pressing the tab that holds it in place. Pull the hose from the hose sleeve by pressing the tab connected to the hose.
  4. Detach the screws on the finished surface and raise the brush belt housing away from the machine to detach it. You can now remove the brush belt by releasing the Torx bolts that hold the brush belt housing in place.
  5. Inspect for dirt or debris after disassembling the vacuum and clean extensively but carefully.


Cleaning our vacuums, no matter how fast or straightforward they are to use, is the most significant source of worry for us. When it comes to carpet cleaners, we all know Dyson is unrivaled. It has the most advanced and automatic cleaning technology available. Furthermore, its portability and high-end performance are well-known. However, we must also clean the Dyson cordless vacuum, particularly the head.

It has a clever design that is easy to use, and it works like magic. It also has an excellent battery life, which may last up to one hour when used continually. Protection Status
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