How To Clean The Brush On A Dyson Vacuum

Cleaning The Brush On A Dyson Vacuum

How To Clean The Brush On A Dyson Vacuum? Your Dyson Vacuum cleaner cleans your house, but you should also clean and maintain your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Like any other vacuums, Dyson vacuum cleaners also require maintenance and cleaning to support their lifespan and performance.

If you leave your vacuum cleaner in the corner after cleaning your house, it will most likely start smelling bad and funky. You might also notice a sudden loss of suction which was great before. All you need to do is some cleaning of your vacuum to bring back its performance instead of buying a new vacuum.

But you are not alone in this, it happens mostly in every household where you just slip and slide this chore. However, Dyson Vacuum cleaners are an expensive and huge investment, so you should better maintain them.

Cleaning your Dyson after using it regularly can support its performance efficiency. 

How To Clean Your Dyson Vacuum Brush

The brush bar is the one that collects the dirt and debris, hair, and skin flakes from everywhere around your house. If you don’t clean it regularly it would gather up and get tangled around which will eventually reduce its cleaning efficiency. So get going to clean your brush bar.

Step 1: Tools To Clean

You need a pair of scissors and a flat head screwdriver to start cleaning the brush bar.

Step 2: Remove The Soleplate

Turn the cleaner head downside, this way the underside will be facing you. Open the end cap position. Rotate and remove it. Next, you need to remove the soleplate on your Dyson vacuum cleaner to clean the brush bar, you would need to take the screws out first. 

Step 3: Slide The Brush Bar

Firmly slip and slide the brush bar from its cleaner head and take out the end cap. Lift the smaller brush to remove and wash both the brushes until you see clear water running.

 Step 4: Remove The Debris

Then you would need to remove the dirt and debris that might have tangled in the brush bar. Use the scissors to cut out the hair or anything you might see tangled in it.

Step 5: Cleaning The Compartment

For this step, you would need a damp cloth which is made up of microfiber to clean the brush bar, make sure it’s properly dry before you insert the brush back, and fix it in the soleplate again. 

Step 6: Drying The Brushes

Last but not the least, you need to completely dry the brushes. Leave them in an upright position.

Step 7: Attaching The Brush Bar

Fix the brush bar back again after it’s completely dry. Slide the large brush bar into the cleaner head near the motor. Place the end cap and fix it.

Now you know how to clean the brush bar of a Dyson vacuum cleaner, let’s take a look into cleaning it from scratch. For the quality and maintenance of it, only cleaning the brush won’t help.

Cleaning your Dyson Vacuum cleaner can be an easy task when you follow the proper steps every time you use it. 

Unplug The Dyson To Clean The Brush

Before you start planning on cleaning your Dyson vacuum cleaner, make sure it’s unplugged from the power. This will make your work easier and will also save you and your vacuum from any hazards.

Empty The Canister To Scrub To Clean The Brush On A Dyson Vacuum

Always start with a dust and dirt canister. Since all Dyson Vacuums are designed to be bagless. So, you probably should clean the dirt and dust first. It is placed under the cyclones. A red button is present which needs to be pressed to release the dust from the canister. Just take a damp cloth and clean it from inside. 

Wash The Filter After Removing To Clean The Brush On A Dyson Vacuum

The filter plays a vital role in cleaning your house. It allows trapping dirt, dust, hair, skin, pet hair, pollen, bacteria, which makes it necessary to clean the filter. Dyson filters are located near the cyclones, to remove them you need to lift them up and out. They are purple.

Unclog The Hose To Clean The Brush On A Dyson Vacuum

After cleaning a lot of mess your vacuum’s hose can be clogged and can affect the suction power. You need to disconnect your hose. Check for any debris inside. Use a tiny mop to push it through the hose to clear it up. Wash your hose with warm water and vinegar. Let it dry before you connect it back.

Wipe Your Vacuum To Clean The Brush On A Dyson Vacuum

Don’t ever forget to wipe and completely dry your vacuum, the outer portions of the inner. Take a damp fiber cloth and wipe it all. 


Your vacuum is all ready and set to start vacuuming again. You should do this at least once a month. This will also improve your cleaning habits and your house will need less cleaning. Protection Status
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