How to Take Apart a Kenmore Vacuum Model 116

Learn How to Take Apart a Kenmore Vacuum Model 116

Learning how to take apart a kenmore vacuum model 116 is quite important if you own one. So, it’ll take some patience. However, it isn’t that simple considering you’ll hand a whole lot of things. But, if you follow our article to the point, it’ll be an easy guide for you to do so.

An important fact about cleaning and disassembling a vacuum cleaner is that you need to adhere to the user manual for the best results. Manuals have direction what’s inside of the vacuum cleaner and what to do if anything goes wrong. Next, we’ll start talking about disassembling the kenmore vacuum model cleaner.

Disassembling the Kenmore Vacuum Model 116 Cleaner

Kenmore 116 vacuum is a type of bagless vacuum cleaner. So, it comes with a canister (wheeled),  a suction hose pipe and a wand for the convenience. You might need to disassemble the vacuum cleaner for many reasons including cleaning, storage, or even selling. So, let’s took a look how to take out the parts.

Once you can separate each part, you can go ahead and clean with flexibility.

  1. To start, there’s a release button which you should press. Then, one by one, you need to twist all the sections and pull them. From the handle to the want, there’ll be three pieces which includes a food plate. Next, take all the items you disassembled and place them together somewhere.
  2. There’s a latch on the plastic socket. Pinch it at the point hose pipe connecting the canister. Then, you can take the hose out from the canister. Next, you should tie the hose with a string, so the hose doesn’t deform in any way.
  3. There’s also a latch at the top handle of the canister. It’s time to open the hood cover of the canister and the vacuum bag that you can find inside. Go ahead and replace or discard the bag. Close the lid to shut off the all the latches.
  4. Now, you should have the latches, the hose pipe, canister and its hood cover. Take all of them and do the cleaning if you need to. For attaching them back again, adhere to the user manual.

Troubleshoot Kenmore 116 at Home

Next, we’re going to talk about troubleshooting Kenmore 116 vacuum, if there’s any problem related to that. Over the time, vacuum cleaners can have unexpected problems. But, you should expect problems to happen as these are electrical appliances.

So, we’ll talk about some of the common problems that people face while using a Kenmore Vacuum cleaner.

Dysfunctional Cleaner

At times you vacuum might not be running well, or it’s not running at all. That time, we call it dysfunctional problem.  Here are the reasons.

  1. There’ problem with the power source or the plug. The flow of electricity won’t be good if the there’s break in the cord. So, change your plug if it has problem, or check if it’s connected with the power source tightly.
  2. At times, there can be problems with the circuit break. That means, a blown out fuse is the culprit for a dysfunctional vacuum cleaner.
  3. The motor problems are the potential reasons for a vacuum cleaner not running. The suction won’t be well if the motor fans are broken. Moreover, if electricity can’t reach the motor due to clogging in the filter, nozzle, or hose, the vacuum cleaner won’t run as expected.

Vacuum Action is Below Par

Sometimes, the vacuum is working, but it’s not working to the point it was supposed. There could few reasons for it. Let’s go through them in short.

  1. There are bags in the bagged vacuums, right? The bags can be full of dirt and debris. At that point, clogging happens. So, cleaning the bag again might work.
  2. The lever, if it’s there or adjusted in the wrong measurements can cause problems in the vacuuming or suction operation.
  3. The broken hose or belt might be two different strong candidate for causing problems in a vacuum cleaner. You can always replace the belt or the hose.
  4. The hose can have problems more than one. The hose can get clogging, can be broken, and more. So, regular hose cleaning and checking it for leaks.
  5. The motor filter, if gets dirty, can be the reason of poor performance of vacuum cleaner.

Malfunctioning Indicator Lights

The indicator lights can have problems in the vacuum cleaner model you use. It might not indicate the things as it’s happening. If your vacuum is on, the power on indicator light might not be blinking. So, let’s find why this occurs.

  1. The defective light is mainly due to the expiry date of the bulb. That means, the bulb might have burned out. In that case, it’s simple to fix. You just need to replace the bulb.
  2. On the other hand, the light indicating the connection between the hose and the base won’t blink if there’s loose connection.
  3. The bulb, at times, don’t work when the lever height isn’t correct. The right lever height settings can make the bulb light up properly.
  4. Tripped belt or broken hose can cause problems, resulting in the malfunctioning indicator lights.

Final Thoughts

So, we’ve talked about disassembling a kenmore 116 vacuum cleaner model. But, this vacuum cleaner and others can have some usual problems. It’s not uncommon to have problems in a vacuum cleaner. But. identifying the problems early and fixing it is the key.

Maintaining your vacuum cleaner is easy, but it’ll require some patience. Vacuum cleaners clean dirt and debris at our home and office, but the device needs cleaning as well. Protection Status
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