How Often to Change Dyson Vacuum Filter

How Often to Change Dyson Vacuum Filter To Ensure Optimal Performance and Extend Its Lifespan? 

Well, keep reading. This article contains all the relevant information on how often to change Dyson vacuum filters. 

To be honest, answering this question requires you to have a proper understanding of vacuum types and filter material. Some Dyson vacuum filters have a long year inside them and only require minimal maintenance to keep them going.

The mean length for replacement is six months to 1 year. However, some Dyson has washable vacuum filters and has a longer lifespan. The washable and reusable models allow for owners to use one single FilterFilter for over a year.

However, improper usage or poor maintenance can lead to early damage. To guarantee a 100% working Dyson Vacuum cleaner filter, make sure you see the manufacturer’s label.

Steps to Maintain A Dyson Vacuum Filter

Maintaining a vacuum cleaner Dyson or not, is all about washing and replacing the vacuum cleaner’s FilterFilter. However, there are some critical steps that you should follow to guarantee 100% maintenance.

1.    Unplug or Turn It Off 

Dyson vacuum cleaner features both corded and cordless versions of a vacuum cleaner. Anyways, notwithstanding their differences, it is important to make sure that the appliance is turned off or unplugged. 

Unplug your corded upright or canister vacuum cleaners and turn off your handheld and robotics. Cleaning or replacing a vacuum cleaner filter in operation could cause damage to both the vacuum and the cleaner.

2.    Remove Dyson Filter

The next step, as you can tell by the subheading, is carefully removing your Dyson filter. Some Dyson vacuums have primary and secondary filters. The easiest way to remove your FilterFilter is to carefully push the filter release button and free it from its plastic cover.

Make sure to follow all the health and safety tips when you are removing the Dyson filter to avoid coming in contact with allergens, bacteria, and dust.

3.    Allow Your Washable Dyson Filter to Dry

Make sure to dry your Dyson filter under the sun and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours. Since the FilterFilter is for your regular dry vacuum, you want to make sure the FilterFilter is completely dry before fitting it back into your vacuum. 

How Often Should Change Dyson Vacuum Filter?

The Dyson Company Recommend washing Both filters at least once a month, using cold water without detergent.

Allow your FilterFilter to dry completely before replacing them, which may take at least 24 hours.

Anyway, the question still stands: how often should you change or replace your Dyson vacuum filters?

Six months

And, How long should a Dyson vacuum cleaner last? Ten years

How often should I replace my ordinary filters?

Most Manufacturers recommend you to change your FilterFilter on average every 3-6 months. However, It is recommended to change your FilterFilter even earlier depending on usage and allergy care.

Signs That Your Dyson Vacuum Filter Needs a Replacements 

1.    Poor Suction Power

Dyson Filters are made with top-notch materials that allow them to give vacuum cleaner optimal suction power to suck up dirt and debris. 

However, a filthy or damaged filter reduces your suction power, making it difficult to complete your cleaning tasks.

Replace or wash your vacuum filter to ensure that your vacuum cleaner works at optimal power

2.    Unpleasant Noises 

The poor FilterFilter can be indicated through loud and unpleasant noise coming from your vacuum. Loud noises are a result of dirty and overused filters, which are responsible for suction reduction.

Other causes of loud vacuum noises include dirty rotation brush, blocked hose or tube, full vacuum bags, and jammed motor. It is imperative to figure out the cause of the noise before deciding on a maintenance path.

The Vacuum Has Reached Its Durability Time-Frame

While tempting to continue using a vacuum filter after its expiration date because of certain economic benefits, an immediate replacement has numerous benefits.

Vacuums have different durations, with some reaching their end after three months and others reaching up to 2 years with proper maintenance. Don’t fail to replace a damaged vacuum filter before its expirations. 

How to clean Dyson Cordless Filters

In order to clean your cordless vacuum follow these steps;

Step 1. Turn off and unplug the vacuum

Step 2. Remove The Filter (s)

Step 3. Wash Your Filter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Does my Dyson filter smell awful?

Your Dyson filter may smell because of a wet filter or if it’s not cleaned for a long time. Since vacuum cleaners remove dirt, pet dander, and debris almost daily and if stays for more than expected time can cause awful smells in filters.  

Q. How can I make my vacuum smell good?

Well, in order to make your appliance smell good, you can go for some baking soda. For this, simply sprinkle over some powder on the floor and get it sucked with the vacuum. Why baking soda? Because baking soda contains properties that eliminate and absorb the bad odor.   

Q. Can I clean the HEPA filter with water?

No, you cannot. HEPA filters are not washable. They contain media that will get destroyed if you try to wash or rinse it underwater.


You should change your vacuum filter every 3-6 months and make sure to remove your Filter carefully. Make sure to follow all the safety caution so that you don’t get in contact with any bacteria, dirt, or worse allergens. Protection Status
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