Dyson Vacuum Will Not Turn On

Dyson Vacuum And Turning It On

There are numerous clarifications concerning why the Dyson vacuum will not turn on when you press the force button. Coming up next are only a couple of the possible issues. 

Examine your vacuum cautiously to attempt to decide whether your vacuum experiences any of these issues. 

Loosened Up Power Cord 

This situation is appropriate to corded Dyson vacuums like the Dyson Ball Animal 2. 

Examine the force rope. Ensure that the line doesn’t have any tears or breakage. A harmed power rope is an intense electrical wellbeing danger. It can shock you or light a house fire. In this way, manage it quickly by supplanting the line. 

On the off chance that the line is entire and there is no noticeable harm, look at the attachment. Guarantee that the prongs aren’t bowed or harmed. 

Blown Fuse Dyson Vacuum Will Not Turn On 

Within each Dyson vacuum is a 13A circuit. At the point when a hazardous electrical flow goes through the vacuum, the breaker will hit to ensure the hardware and the engine. 

When the circuit is blown, even the best Dyson vacuum will not work. Since the engine is down and out, this is one of a handful of the clarifications for the “Dyson vacuum on-off switch not working” shortcoming. Regardless of how frequently you click the button, it will not work with a blown breaker

The wiring issue is exceptionally uncommon and frequently possibly happens when the engine is harmed. Lamentably, if the circuit blows, you should send the vacuum to Dyson for manual assessment. Wire substitution will expect you to air out the vacuum, which isn’t suggested since it will void your guarantee. 

Overheated Motor So Dyson Vacuum Will Not Turn On 

Even though it is fairly straightforward, “Dyson vacuum will not turn on” is a key expression that springs up a great deal in our inbox. 

In case you were vacuuming and the vacuum abruptly halted, contact the external packaging of the engine to check in case it’s hot or not. Overheating can make the engine consequently shut down. It does this to shield itself from harm. 

This is typical. Your vacuum is fine. 

Fixing this is sufficiently straightforward: let the vacuum cool down and it ought to be perfectly fine from thereon. It should require around 30 minutes to cool and reset. No extravagant tech-genius measures are required. 

Battery Doesn’t Have A Charge 

A cordless vacuum runs on a battery within the machine. If the battery doesn’t have a charge, the Dyson vacuum not turning on is normal. 

Thus, plug the vacuum and re-energize the battery utilizing the divider charger. Sit tight for a little while and turn the vacuum on again to check whether it works

Harmed Battery 

Take a look at the battery to check whether it is harmed (broken, scratched, and so forth). Very much like a harmed power line, a harmed battery is an extreme wellbeing peril. Practically all Dyson vacuums utilize a battery innovation called Lithium-particle. 

Lithium responds viciously when it is presented to air. It can deliver a start and even detonate. Thus, if the battery packaging is harmed, you might have an exact ticking delayed bomb in your home. Quickly quit utilizing the vacuum and store it someplace it can’t be a danger (an open-air shed, for instance). 

If conceivable, eliminate the battery from the vacuum. Snap a photo of the harmed battery as proof. Then, at that point, dispose of the battery. 

The image will be significant when you talk with Dyson’s client care for battery substitution. Dyson vacuum battery issues are exceptionally predominant and, as indicated by our sources, the organization’s client support is regularly useful with regards to settling claims. 

Contingent upon if your vacuum is as yet under guarantee, you will for the most part be sent another battery for nothing. If your model doesn’t have an effectively replaceable battery, they will reprimand you to drop your messed up vacuum at their closest overhauling point. 

There are two different ways this can work out after that. On the off chance that the battery can be immediately supplanted, a specialist will do it for you. If not, there have been reports of Dyson giving you another vacuum inside and out in return for your old one. 


At the point when the light blazes blue, there are a couple of clarifications. The first is that the battery level is unfilled and you need to connect the vacuum. At the point when you plug the vacuum in, the light will abandon blazing blue to a golden shading. 

Notwithstanding, if you plug in the vacuum and the light either keeps on blazing blue or doesn’t light by any means, there’s an issue. Carry the Dyson to a helpful community for an expert to look at it. 

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