How to Open a Dyson Vacuum Canister?

How to Open a Dyson Vacuum Canister?

The Dyson vacuum includes many removable parts. However, the part of the Dyson vacuum cleaner that is most visible is the canister. Depending on the model of Dyson you use, it may feature a filter in the canister. This filter can quickly get dirty; it is essential to open the vacuum to clean the filter or empty the canister. To clean these filters, you need to know how to disassemble and remove the canister. But you need to know the parts of a Dyson vacuum cleaner if you want to open a Dyson vacuum canister safely.

Parts of a Dyson Vacuum Canister

The five main parts that make up this fantastic vacuum cleaner includes:

●       Motor

The motor is the heart of the vacuum cleaner and the reason it can deliver such an impressive suction power. The motor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner is encased in the ball as the housing unit. Interestingly, Dyson placed the motor in the center of the wheels to create a very low center of gravity and maximize space. If you remove the main motor house, you will meet a pressed steel casing and the motor itself. You will also see the fantastic turbine in the motor with its complex geometry that creates the pressure drop in the air.

●       Vacuum Head

Unlike other vacuum cleaners that are worm gear, the Dyson vacuum head uses a belt-driven system. This belt-driven system is excellent for linear motion transfer and is very efficient. Because the Dyson vacuum head uses a belt-driven system, it can achieve around 98% efficiency. And when you compare this to a worm gear, which falls within the 50-60% efficiency range, you will realize the belt gear is way more efficient. In addition, on the vacuum head, there is a nifty switch that helps to remove the motor, which is pretty cool.

●       Cyclone

The cyclone is an integral part of this vacuum cleaner that helps filter the dirt and dust from the machine’s airflow. At a basic level, the principal working mechanism of the cyclone is that through the addition of mass by increasing the acting G-force through increased acceleration. So, as the cross-sectional area decreases, the more the velocity increases, creating more kinetic energy. While the design of most Dyson cyclones may differ based on the models, the most common one is a 2 part molded piece with six actions to create a mesh. There is a simple push-button on the cyclone that is used to release all the dust in it.

●       Handle

On the Dyson vacuum cleaner, the handle is the most straightforward piece crafted with durable materials. The ABS material used on the handle is perfect for providing maximum grip and comfort for easy maneuvering. Also on the handle is a rocker mechanism that is great for releasing the attachment heads. In addition, the handle is often reinforced with ribs that increase its structural integrity. The handle also often has flow lines from the injection molding process, which occur due to small gates.

●       Tube/Body

Lastly, the tube or body is made of some injection molded parts, which is the switch that controls the entire vacuum. The power cord also runs from the tube to a power outlet. Since people tend to yank the cord, Dyson included a secure strain relief for the cord. Also on the handle is a latch mechanism that releases the cyclone. Dyson also prefers to opt-in for a clear according to the tube.

Use of a Dyson Vacuum Canister

The Dyson vacuum canister is a large clear cylinder located at the front of the vacuum cleaner. The canister is the part of the vacuum cleaner that holds the debris and dust. Dyson made the vacuum canister clear so that users could quickly tell when the canister was full. The canister also holds the pre-motor filter. This filter prevents dust and debris from entering the motor and other parts of the machine.

How to take apart a Dyson Vacuum Canister

Now you know the different parts of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, so what’s next? This section will be using the information you have learned so far to take a Dyson vacuum canister apart safely.

●       Unplug the Vacuum

Before taking your Dyson vacuum canister apart, it is advisable to unplug it from a power source. And if your Dyson vacuum cleaner is wireless, remove the battery before taking it apart; this is because handling a Dyson vacuum cleaner plugged in exposes you to the risk of electric shock.

●       Unlatch the Canister

Based on the design of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, the canister is often latched to the base of the cleaner. There is a button that you can use to unlatch the canister from the base of the cleaner. In addition, you can locate a button above the canister. And the button is likely to have an arrow on it that will be pointing upwards. Push this button to unlatch the canister.

●       Remove the Canister from the Base.

When the canister is unlatched, pull it with the handle away from the base of the vacuum cleaner. You will see a red button at the top of the canister; push it down to empty the content inside the canister. But be sure that the canister is directly over a bag, so the dirt and debris in the canister are empty inside the bag.

●       Depress the Three Tabs Holding

You can also open the lid of the canister to get access to the pre-motor filter. To open the lid of the canister, flip the latch at the base of the handle. To access the post-motor filter, find the lid directly beneath the base where the canister is seated.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Dyson vacuum cleaner is a great vacuum cleaner known for its high suction power. While this vacuum cleaner stands out from other vacuum cleaners, it occasionally needs to be cleaned. Follow the steps in this article to ensure the vacuum cleaner is working optimally. Protection Status
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