How To Remove Hair From Carpet Without Vacuum

Are you Tired of Hair on the Carpet?

If you have a house full of carpets, then it’s understandable that how hectic it is to clean them. Carpets tend to hold tiny material, especially hairs, and make it difficult to pick them. Hairs seem glued with the carpet whenever you try to pick them. Even vacuuming is not that effective in pulling hairs out of the carpet. So, what to do in such situations? How to remove hair from the carpet without even vacuuming? Continue reading this article that has various answers to your one question.

Following are different ways to pull tangled hair from the carpet

Use A Bristle Brush To Pick Tangled Hair

Top on the list is the use of a bristle brush. It’s the most effective solution as they are most likely to do the job best. Using the friction of a stiff bristle brush to get those tangled hairs out will solve the problem conveniently.

Bristle brushes are known for stranding out tiny material from any fabric surface, and when it comes to carpets, you don’t have to worry anymore! The friction creates an attractive force that combines hair with the brush. As a result, you get a hair-free carpet.

Remember that bending to use the brush can hurt your knees and even cause back pain. So always use a long handle brush to clear all the mess while standing.

Use A Rubber Broom To Clean Hair From The Carpet

The second option comes as a rubber broom. It’s specially designed for pet hair removal from carpets and rugs. Its bristle is made up of rubber and works best to gather up the hairs. They are mostly seen at barbershops and used for the same purpose. The only difference here will be its usage on fabric surfaces like carpets. You might have to put a little bit more effort into using them on carpets, but it will surely clear all the hair.

Use A Specialized Carpet Rake

Another specialized piece of equipment on the list is carpet rakes. They are also designed to pick human and pet hair from the carpets. You can consider them among the most reliable options as they gather up and clear hair from carpets in the first go. Carpet rakes have diverse price tags. Some of them are very cheap and affordable, but the specialized ones can cost a bit more. You can buy them from any departmental store or order them online if you don’t want to leave the house comfortable.

Use A Damp Sponge To Remove Hair From The Carpet

Here is a DIY solution to your problem. If you don’t want to spend extra picking hair from the carpet, consider using this technique. It includes using a damp sponge that will stick the hairs to the sponge, and you could pick them easily. Using an old damp sponge from the kitchen will do the job. You can wear rubber gloves to keep the dampness away from your hands.

So far, this technique is beneficial for almost all surfaces. Using a damp sponge, you will have a nice hair-free carpet. You can use them in even hard-to-reach areas that brushes and vacuums can’t reach.

You Can Use Soft Rubber Crocks

No doubt, crocks are a perfect blend of stylish sandals and comfortable slippers. But they are known for another specialty, picking up hair from the carpet. It seems weird that how can you a crock to do such a thing. Well, the rubber sole does the same thing that you do with a rubber bristle. Just create friction In the same way, and the static charge will do the remaining job.

Use A Floor Lint Roller

Last but not least, use a floor lint roller. They are mainly used to remove pet hairs from your clothes, but a giant lint roller can also remove long hair from the carpets.

You can use a small lint roller to remove ample amounts of pet hair and lint from the surface of your clothes. In that case, it is logical to think that a giant lint roller can remove loose hair from your carpet.

Bottom Line

All of the techniques can be useful for you, but it all depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it. Using specialized hair picking equipment will help you do the task conveniently. However, if you are good with DIYs and don’t like spending the extra money to clean carpets, then the substitute option mentioned above is good to choose. Protection Status
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