Where Do You Put Vacuum Freshener in Dyson?

Where Do You Put Vacuum Freshener in Dyson? It will depend on the type of vacuum cleaner you are using. In the below part of the article, we will discuss where you should put the vacuum freshener based on the type of your vacuum.

Dyson is one of the top vacuum brands in the market currently. They are very popular for their suction power which helps to lift off the dirt more efficiently compared to the other vacuum cleaners. Dyson has a good number of models. There are different types of vacuum cleaners from the manufacturer including upright, canister, stick, etc.

Like any other vacuum cleaner out there, your Dyson vacuum might also cause smells sometimes. This smell can occur for a variety of reasons which we will discuss later. One of the best ways to get rid of the smell is by using the vacuum freshener while cleaning with the machine. Now where to put the vacuum freshener?

Well, it will change based on the vacuum cleaner types. Keep going through the article to find out where to put the vacuum freshener. Along with that, we will also discuss the steps you need to follow to make your home smell great again.

Where Do You Put Vacuum Freshener in Dyson?

There are several places where you can put the vacuum freshener in your Dyson vacuum based on the type of vacuum cleaner. As we all know, the Dyson brand produces different varieties of vacuum cleaners which include the stick vacuum, upright vacuum, canister vacuum, and much more. Depending on the type of vacuum, you will require choosing the place to put the freshener.

As per some sources, the best place to put the vacuum freshener is in the post-motor filter of your machine. That is because this is the place where the hot air comes out from the vacuum while it works. As a result, the vacuum freshener becomes hot with the hot air which helps the smell to come out from the machine and makes your room really smell better.

You might see some people recommend using the freshener in the vacuum bag in the vacuum cleaners that include a dust bag. But this is not going to be a good idea. That is because when you clean the machine the dust is trapped here and you then throw away the dust bag. It might give you temporary relief and you will require putting a vacuum freshener on it. So, you are basically wasting the vacuum fresheners.

Now if you want to deal with the smell that is coming out from the vacuum cleaner, you need to put it in the dust tank. Typically, this is the place where the smell is occurring. Putting the vacuum freshener there will help you to get rid of the smell a bit. However, if you want to get a really nice smell throughout the room while cleaning, the best place to put it is in the post-motor filter.

How to Remove the Bad Odor from the Vacuum Cleaner

Before we discuss the usual ways of using the vacuum freshener, first allow us to discuss the viral cleaning trick to make the vacuum cleaner smell better. The entire procedure is extremely easy and cheap. The trick was first discussed in a Facebook group, which has recently got viral for this post. Someone asked about the smell in their vacuum cleaner even after removing the bag or tank.

A user comes up with is ideal. As per the user, he uses a clip-on car air freshener on the vent of his vacuum for dealing with the smell. It is the air freshener that goes in the car’s air vent. To keep the smell fresh inside the car. One of the interesting aspects of this trick is a lot of such fresheners are available at only one dollar, making the entire procedure super cheap. Let us discuss a bit more on how it works.

When you put the air freshener in the cent of the vacuum cleaner, the air from the suction of the vacuum cleaner will rotate the scent and suck it inside. This way the bad odor inside the machine will be eliminated. Some other says putting the freshener on the filter also works in the same way. Our recommendation is to try both of the processes to find out which works best for you.

What Cause the Smell Inside the Vacuum Cleaner?

There are several things that can cause a bad smell to come out of your vacuum cleaner. Below we will let you know some of the reasons behind the smell.

Pet Hair

Pet hair is one of the prominent reasons behind the smell coming out from the vacuum cleaner. If you have a pet in the house like a dog, cat, etc., then you will find a lot of hairs here and there. Typically, the pet hair is very smelly and what makes them worse is they are often stuck inside the machine. When they stay for a long time inside the machine, they start causing a more prominent smell.

Another thing that causes the smell in the urine of your pet. Sometimes the pet urine and poop dry up and cause stains. And, when you try to clean them with a vacuum cleaner, they go inside the machine and cause the smell.


Another thing behind the reason is the mold. If you don’t have any pets, then the reason might be the mold. The dirt, dust, and other particles inside the machine can cause mold with help of the humidity and moisture. And, when you start vacuuming, they get to the vacuum bag and cause the smell.

Some other reasons include the belt of the machine which is made of rubber material. The motor and some variation of the dust and debris can also cause the smell.


As we discussed above, the best place to put the vacuum freshener is in the post-motor filter. You can also put it in the vacuum bag, dust tank, and on the other filters.

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