How To Use Shark Vacuum Attachments

There are very few powerful cleaners like Shark Vacuum in the market. It’s a great combination of clever technology with suction power. Shark vacuums make it amazingly easy to clean small to large spaces. Each of its attachments works for a different function. Today’s article is for those who want to know how to use Shark vacuum attachments.

The vacuum cleaner is a household product available in almost everyone’s home. But not all vacuums give the same performance. The reason is the quality of the vacuum accessory. The better the quality of these attachments, the more premium your vacuum service will be. But to know the quality, one has to know about the working process of vacuum attachments. Keep reading the rest of the article to know how a vacuum attachment works.

How To Use Shark Vacuum Attachments

If you know the details of Shark Vacuum attachments and how they work, you can take maximum benefit of vacuum. With that in mind, today we are discussing the uses of all attachments, both internal and external as well.

Extension Wand

Most vacuum shots carry this tool. It is used for various purposes. This is a strong plastic tube up to 16 inches in length. It stays connected to the upright hose. So you can easily clean fan blades, light fixtures, air vents, door frames, and tall furniture. This does not require any stepladder climbing. With this, you do not have to keep your hands away from the body when you do the cleaning work. This will save you from fatigue.

Upholstery Instrument

Typically, this instrument is four to six inches wide. Upholstery materials such as fiber suck dirt from the top. The red-colored microfiber strips help to extract the lint. You may need to invert this tool while the vacuum machine is running to remove the debris left in the strips. This device is special for removing dust and hair from stair carpets and thick leather mattresses.

Crevice Cleaner

The angular tip of the crevice helps to pull the dirt grab pieces such as tight spots, baseboard edges, under the front of the oven, washer, and other appliances. It is 8-12 inches in length. Moreover, it is quite effective to remove small spots.

Even crevice works excellent for cleaning dust from door jams, piles of dirt from window tracks, crumbs from car seats, and dirt from upholstery. Some people use it to clean the room. Although it is not suitable for cleaning the room

Dusting Brush

The dusting brush rests around the start of the bristles of the vacuum machine. It is the master of cleaning any kind of scratches or stains like a lampshade, window treatment, baseboard, window glass, and sticky dirt.

Along with that, it is also capable of removing dirt from the inset panels of air vents, refrigerator coils, chairs and table legs, doors, and cabinets. Additionally, it cleans dirt from small appliances such as watches, gold pieces, or bookends.

Fan Blade Duster

Cleaning the fan blades is a hassle and arduous task. You set this tool to your extension wand. Then you can comfortably reach the blades of the fan and clean all the dirt around each blade. When cleaning, start the duster from the main trunk of the fan and stop at the end of the blade. As a result, you can pull out all the dirt at once.

Floor Sweeper

When it comes to cleaning the home or office space, the first thing that comes to mind is the floor. If you want to maintain an aesthetic floor, it is essential to clean it regularly. And there can be no better alternative than a floor sweeper to clean the floor.

The device is 12 inches wide and can be used to brush all types of floors. Such as tiles, mosaics, raw plain floor. It combines with vacuum suction to softly clean all dirt quickly.

Multi-Angle Brush

A multi-angle brush will take half the amount of time that single or straight brushes take to clean dirt. Its carved hose and pivoting head are ready to take on the challenge of removing dirt evenly from around. It is perfect for cleaning car door bogies, sliding closet tracks, and other accessories. If you are looking for a way to clean in less time, pick a multi-angel brush for yourself.

Power Brush

The dirt on the carpet of the stairs, the dirt in the storeroom, the algae in the swimming pool are very tight. You need a rotating brush to pick them up well. This will make your job easier with a powerful brush that will create pressure and clean up all those solid dirt debris.

This brush has a mini motor from which power is generated and absorbs dust in seconds. Furthermore, it is effective in normalizing the wetness of the place.

Mattress Refresher

This device is especially for refreshing the mattress only. As it is 8 inches wide, it can effortlessly remove dirt and other allergens section by section, pick by pick. In addition, the device is suitable for removing dust from sofa sets and daybeds.

Car Cleaning Nozzle

About four inches wide and shaped like a wedge, this device attaches to a vacuum hose. It provides solutions for cleaning carpeted car mats. It is so fine that it can absorb sand and animal crackers from all corners of the car. Another use of it is to apply patio furniture cleaning which is precise from hosing. Therefore, you will be able to get more nitty-gritty clean.

Radiator Brush

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. It is quite thin which is no trouble to move and is popular in the home radiator as a quick cleaning. If your vacuum is not Miele, you can use a bottle brush. Then suck it with your vacuum dusting tool. The dirt inside the refrigerator coil or buildup on the vent slate, try the radiator to solve.


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