How to Reverse Vacuum Cleaner Airflow

Learn How to Reverse Vacuum Cleaner Airflow

First things first. Why is it important to learn how to reverse vacuum cleaner airflow? It’s because we want to make the vacuum spill out the things that it sucked up somewhere outside our house.

Blower and vacuum cleaner are related. If your vacuum cleaner could blow out the items it sucked up during the cleaning process, it would be ultimately convenient. However, there’re not any such vacuum cleaners that can do it really.

Luckily, there are methods available that allow us to invert the vacuum cleaner airflow. Consequently, the vacuum cleaner can also function as a blower.

Determine What Kind of Vacuum You Have

You can of course reverse the air flow of your vacuum. But not all of them might not be compatible with the process. Hence, it’s better to know the type of vacuum you’re using. Moreover, it’s the best practice to go through the user manual of your vacuum. It’ll help you know the ins and outs of your vacuum cleaner.

However, just for the fact, bagged vacuums are best for reversing the airflow along with the canister vacuums. Know that, it might take a whole lot of time to do this. However, the traditional vacuums are the best if you want to reverse the airflow accordingly. Moreover, shop vacs and almost all type of vacuums are compatible with reverse airflow.

Prepare the Proper Equipment

The right collection of accessories is important if you want to reverse airflow of your vacuum. The process is simple, but it requires a lot of attention. So, all the tools should be available before you start to reverse vacuum cleaner airflow. So, the items necessary will be the user manual of the vacuum model you’ve got.

Furthermore, a screwdriver or multiple ones that fit the screws of your vacuum and a duct tape as well. The user manual is the most important. Because, you’ll require to open up your vacuum cleaner and place it just like as it was before. So, the user manual will help you doing that with ease and perfection.

Use All Safety Precautions

Safety is the first and foremost thing to consider before you start working with an electrical device. So, for safety, keep your vacuum cleaner disconnected from the power source. That means, you need to unplug the vacuum. Also, start the dismantling operation somewhere far from the power source. That way, it’s safe.

If you’re away from power source, no one can accidentally, plug the vacuum cleaner to the power source. Stay away from any type of cords. It might create electrocution and even short circuit on the vacuum cleaner. Another safety measure that you can take is not to cut off any cord from the vacuum.

Turn Your Bag Vacuum into a Blower

Now, it’s time to turn the vacuum or your bag vacuum into a blower. You’ll see that, around the hose, there’s a bag connected. So, it’s easy to turn into a blower. Now that you know you have the user manual, get familiar with your version of the vacuum cleaner. Now, follow the steps below to turn it into a blower.

  • Find the vacuum bag lining. Then, remove the bag. The bag attachment to the intake hole of the vacuum should be disconnected.
  • Next, turn your vacuum on and it should blow the debris and dirt that it has accumulated from the cleaning. If the buildup of the debris is too much, then shake the vacuum cleaner a few times to loosen it up.
  • Now, you should use the duct tape to install a vacuum tube to the intake hole. This where you removed the bag from the hose lining.

Use Your Bag Blower to Inflate Something Narrow

Now, if you want to use your bag blower to inflate something narrow, it’s possible. You don’t necessarily need an air blower to do that. For example, you might want to inflate a balloon or an air mattress. So, you can take the following steps below.

  • Use a plastic bottle. Cut the bottle in between the line. You should use the part that has the rolling cap.
  • You can remove the cap and attach that open end to the vacuum tube. For that, you can use a duct tape.
  • Next, you can use more tape in order to tighten the connection between anything you want to inflate.

This way, you can use the bag blower to inflate things.

Tips and Cautions for Reversing Vacuum Airflow

As we’ve already said, safety is a thing that is unavoidable when you work with electrical devices. You must take more than one safety measures to ensure your safety and others around you. The more steps you take for safety, the better it is.

If you read your vacuum cleaner’s instruction manual, you’ll eventually know what to do and what not to do. Always adhere to the manual. Avoiding the manual can lead to accidents. Your manufacturer knows what’s the best for the device and what’s not. Always make sure you tighten any attachments you require making.

Final Thoughts

So, with a vacuum cleaner, you can do amazing things. You can reverse its air flow and turn it into a blower. For bagged vacuums, you can use the bag to inflate narrow things. So, we see that, you can have multiple benefits from a vacuum cleaner apart from the cleaning part.

We should always adhere to the safety rules and regulations. We’ve already talked about the user manual for safety, but it’s also important you know the electrical compliances of your local area. Lastly, it’s better if you keep children out of the way when you’re working with any kind of electrical device. Protection Status
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