What Does A Vacuum Breaker Do On A Shampoo Bowl

I Want To Know What Does A Vacuum Breaker Do On A Shampoo Bowl

You can find a shampoo bowl in almost every salon or barber’s shop. They not only give the salon a standard look, they are very much useful as they collect water used in washing the hair. Taking it home, many of us have shampoo bowls in our homes because there is hardly a possibility that we can make it to the salon every time we need to wash our hair. So in that case, we just go ahead and do it at home. Now, these shampoo bowls collect dirty water, which should be properly disposed of. And, that is where a vacuum breaker comes in. Many of us ask questions like, what does a vacuum breaker do on a shampoo bowl? Well, that question is not out of line at all and we will be answering that in this post. Trust me, it’s absolutely necessary. So, read on to find out. 

What Is A Vacuum Breaker 

A vacuum breaker, also known as an atmospheric vacuum breaker is a device that is used in plumbing. It is especially used in urinals and shampoo bowls amongst many others to prevent the backflow of water. Most especially, it helps to prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the city water supply should the pressure of the city water drop. It is a threaded device and it is mostly attached onto a faucet. For a shampoo bowl, there are two types of vacuum breakers that can be used. They are the Top mount vacuum breaker and the Inline Vacuum Breaker. Just as the name implies, the top mount vacuum breaker is placed on top of the sink right next to the hose, while the Inline vacuum breaker goes underneath as a connection but between the faucet line to the hose. A top mount vacuum breaker requires a mounting hole already on the shampoo bowl, and it is more expensive to install. If your shampoo bowl does not come with a mounting hole, you can have one drilled, although it might be very difficult or impossible. On the other hand, the Inline vacuum breaker is less expensive and less stressful too. 

What Work Does A Vacuum Breaker Do On A Shampoo Bowl 

In some cities, it is a must to use a vacuum breaker for your shampoo bowl especially if you’re using city water supply. It is not a task to make you uncomfortable, it’s simply to keep the water clean and healthy for use. That’s because, without a vacuum breaker, water from shampoo bowls can mix with clean city water, and that will definitely become a major issue. Nobody wants to use dirty water for their businesses and especially not dirty water from someone else. Vacuum breakers help to keep the contaminated water away from the clean water by making sure that the contaminated water flows in only one direction,completely away from the clean water. This is something that each individual should be very conscious of and take responsibility for. It does not matter if your shampoo bowl is in your salon or in your home. When getting a shampoo bowl, plan for a vacuum breaker as well. It is for your safety and that of the city. 

How To Get One Installed 

Getting a vacuum breaker installed is not an issue. Although a lot of people get it done by themselves, and it works great, but there is no rule against hiring someone to do it. You can either get a handyman or plumber to help you with it or you can learn how to do it and get it done yourself. Keep in mind that you need to be careful and it needs to be properly done. So if you’re doing it by yourself, make sure you do it right. If you will be hiring someone to help you with it, do make sure that that someone can do it well. Remember, you don’t want any of that dirty water to get back in circulation. If you haven’t gotten a shampoo bowl yet, and would love a top mount vacuum breaker, make sure you buy a shampoo bowl that will be able to do that just fine. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Vacuum Breaker Installed On A Shampoo Bowl 

How much you will spend on installing a vacuum breaker for your shampoo bowl depends on if you’re getting it installed by yourself or you’re getting someone to do it for you. If you’re doing it by yourself, it’s less expensive and what you will be spending money on is just the kits. You can get these vacuum breaker kits for less than $50 depending on which one you’re going for. And it might be a little less than that. You can order them from Amazon or buy in-store. If you’re getting someone to do it for you, it’s definitely going to be more expensive because in that case, you will have to pay for services. Getting a to mount vacuum breaker is also more expensive than getting an inline one. 


Getting a shampoo bowl is not an issue, the issue is getting a shampoo bowl without having a vacuum breaker installed. In most cities, it is wrong to use a shampoo bowl without a vacuum breaker, because, it will help keep everyone safe including yourself. Nobody wants to use contaminated water and definitely not drink or cook with it. Remember, when you use a shampoo bowl, you’re washing oils and dirt out of the hair, including chemicals that have been used to produce shampoos or conditioner. Those things are no good in clean water, that is why you have to take responsibility for it. You’re getting a shampoo bowl, get a vacuum breaker installed. You have two types to pick from and one of those two will definitely appeal to you. If the one you have installed before is damaged or leaking, do well to reinstall, the purpose is no longer being served. 


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