How to Clean Dyson Handheld Vacuum?

How to Clean Dyson Handheld Vacuum?

Is your Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner starting to stink? Is there an unexpected decrease in suction? Before you run out and buy a new one, check to see whether your Dyson only needs a thorough cleaning. So, consider this: when was the last time you cleaned your vacuum?

Don’t worry; we’ve all been guilty of slacking on this domestic job. However, keep in mind that a Dyson handheld vacuum is an investment. So keeping it is in your best interests.

How to Clean A Dyson Vacuum cleaner

Whenever you know what you’ve been doing, cleaning your Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner is a breeze. You may use our step-by-step method every one to two months — or more if you vacuum or deep clean regularly.

Unplug Your Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Make sure your Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner is disconnected from the power outlet before you begin disassembling and cleaning it; this will make your employment much safer. It also reduces your chances of getting an electric shock.

Empty your Canister:

Because all Dyson vacuums are bagless, a great place to begin is with the dust container. Unfortunately, it’s probable that after all of your cleaning, it’ll be at least half-filled. As a result, you’ll need to empty the dust and dirt first.

Usually, the dust canister is located beneath the cyclones. Like the Dyson V6, many models include a red “bin release” button near the base. It would help if you pushed this to disconnect the dust canister from the central vacuum. It may be at a different location depending on the model, but it shouldn’t be too far away. If you’re not sure where it is, see your owner’s handbook.

  1. Push the dust canister’s button to remove its bottom and pour the particles into the trash. Shake it vigorously to extract as much dirt as feasible.
  2. Then, take a moist towel and wipe off the interior of the dust canister. Because it is positively charged, microfiber is an excellent material to utilize
  3. ; this implies that it can readily grab dust and dirt particles and retain them tightly, so they don’t spread back onto the dust canister.
  4. Dyson vacuum advises against using detergent to clean the dust canister since chemicals may cause the material to become stuck. Some user instructions also say that you should not wash any portion of your Dyson vacuum’s cyclones with water.
  5. If there is dirt caught in the cyclones, you should use a piece of pressurized air equipment. You won’t be utilizing any harmful substances, but you will be able to blow away trash for optimum suction.
  6. Always keep the dust canister dry. Mold might form if there is too much moisture and wetness in there.

Remove And Wash Filters

The filter in your Dyson vacuum cleaner is critical to keeping your house clean. Dust, pollen, germs, and soil particles are trapped in the air; this implies that the filters will need to be cleaned out over time. There are a lot of Dyson filters around the cyclone. You’ll need to lift it out and take it apart to clean it. They are frequently tinted purple to help you identify them.

  • Some Dyson upright vacuums feature many filters. Another one might be in the “ball” or rear of the machine.
  • Take your filter and run it under the faucet’s water. It is preferable to avoid using any detergent or chemicals to clean the filter. Coldwater will suffice to remove any dust.
  • You may gently squeeze out the water and continue the operation until the water runs clear. You’ll be able to tell when it’s clear just by looking at it.
  • However, before you can re-insert the filter into the vacuum, it must completely dry. The dryer can ruin it. As a result, you may leave it in a warm location of your home for around 24 hours.
  • According to specific Dyson vacuum instructions, you should wash the filter every three months. However, if you use your vacuum often and on extremely filthy floors, you may need to clean it more frequently.

Untangle the Brush Bar

The brush bar is responsible for collecting all hair, debris, and grime from your floors and carpet. Unfortunately, this accumulates and becomes knotted around it over time, lowering cleaning efficiency. So, for this step, get a pair of scissors and a flat head screwdriver.

Some Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners need you to detach the soleplate to clean the brush bar. Various types need the use of a flat head screwdriver to remove the screws first.

More types can be unscrewed with a coin; this is true, for example, with the Dyson DC39 Animal vacuum cleaner. The brush is then pulled out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I Clean my Mattress with a Dyson Handheld Vacuum?

Ans: Dysons handheld vacuum is a mini motorized tool. With its Motor-driven brush bar, you can remove the fine dust and debris from your mattress.

Q2: Can we Switch tools for Cleaning Narrow areas with a Dyson Handheld Vacuum?

Ans: Dyson handheld vacuum has a combination crevice tool. You can switch the tools to clean all the narrow spaces of your home.

Q3: What are the Additional Features of the Dyson Handheld Vacuum?

Ans: Dyson handheld vacuum comes with three specialized cleaning tools to make sure it cleans your car, home or boat perfectly. Also, it has four cell energy-dense lithium-ion battery which will deliver up to 20 minutes of fade-free handheld cleaning. Dyson handheld vacuum is ideal for speedy spill clearance, and it quickly cleans even narrow spaces of your home.

Bottom Line

Cleaning your Dyson handheld vacuum is a necessary activity that you should perform at least once a month; this can enhance your cleaning sessions while also extending the life of your vacuum.

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