How to Keep Vacuum from Smelling Like Dog

How to Keep Vacuum from Smelling Like Dog All The Time

It feels great and relaxing having your floor, home furniture, and almost every surface in your home cleaned up from the dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair (if you have a pet and a pet owner, of course). 

Take a second to picture how satisfied you would feel if you can imagine the situation where you are going to stop vacuuming and take a rest after we all have completed the cleaning activity. Isn’t that great?

However, what if after you clean up your home, it turns out you are a pet owner, so whenever you complete the cleaning task, your vacuum leaves a smell, an animal smell. 

Let’s say you have a dog, and the dog is always jumping, walking, and sleeping on either your couch or bed or other places the animal might have visited. 

The chance for the dog to leave behind traces such as pet hair and pet dust most likely will occur. After that, you clean your home using your vacuum, and everything is sterilized. 

Unfortunately, the dog traces are not just left in your home property or area, but also where the dog traces keep in store, that is inside the vacuum itself. 

Now your vacuum smells like a dog. You do not want to touch or use the vacuum anymore because you think the smell is annoying. You get distressed because of how stinky the dog smells in your vacuum.  

A machine that helps you to clean up the pet hair and pet dust turns out to be more of a burden to the cleaning activity itself. It betrays your effort in making home a cleaner space for a living. 

There are many ways and steps you can perform to keep the vacuum from smelling like a dog. The first way is by preventing the smell from happening, and the second is by removing and cleaning a vacuum after the dog smell has formed. 

I will explain a convenient and most-used approach below. 

Materials or Ingredients That Can Prevent Your Vacuum Smell Like a Dog

Few materials or ingredients sold on the market can tremendously help your vacuum not smell like a dog. It prevents and removes the stink smell which dogs have. Here are the lists of materials or ingredients you can use and apply as well steps on how to use them. 

Baking Soda for Baked Goods

What is baking soda? Baking soda is a chemical ingredient frequently used to make a dough, or any baked goods bigger and wider. 

The chemical reaction caused by baking soda, when combined with acid will produce carbon dioxide gas. 

While we mostly know it for making baked goods, baking soda is also widely known to absorb odors and its ability to clean other messes. 

You can use baking soda and put some of it inside the dust bag or dust bin. Remember to put the baking soda using a teaspoon to measure the normal dose.

Essentials Oils to Create A Natural Smell

Essential oil is an aromatic compound that easily evaporates. Someone usually extracted it from bark, flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, stems, and other plant parts.

There are a lot of essential oil types sold out there, such as chamomile, sweet basil, rosemary, rosewood, tea tree, and many more to say. 

You can add more or less 30 drops of any essential oil available to a spray bottle filled with water and baking soda. Next, you can spray the mixed water inside the dust bag. Make sure you only spray a slight amount of water, do not be excessive. 

Natural Herbs as for Medicine

Variants for natural herbs are way broader. It can be fennel, dill, caraway, cardamom, anise, clove, or a mix between them all. Every herb that has a function to remove odor, can do the job just fine to prevent your vacuum smell like a dog. 

You can put or sprinkle the powder of any herb about half of the teaspoon inside the dustbin. Moreover, you can also directly put or sprinkle it on your carpet surface before you vacuum it. 

Fabric Softener Sheets Uses for Laundering

Fabric softener sheets aim at people who do the laundry every day. It is used to help reduce friction between fibers of each item. 

However, another reason why people who do the laundry use it is because it gives extra aroma to your laundry item. In short, it works as a perfume, but for the clothes and its kind, not for the body. 

You can place the fabric softener sheets inside the dust bag or any area inside your vacuum. When you use the vacuum, it will automatically release the fabric softener sheets smell from inside which replace and keep the vacuum smell like a dog. 

Deodorants for Body 

Deodorant is another ingredient or material you can use to remove the bad smell (in this case a dog smell) from your vacuum. It is used mainly to remove body odors, but you can also use and apply it to prevent unpleasant smells in your vacuum.

You can insert one tablet or teaspoon of deodorants into the dust bag to prevent the dog smell from coming from your vacuum. Deodorant has a lot of variants and all of them just work perfectly to remove the smell.

Simple Steps On Cleaning Your Vacuum

What you can do to remove the dog smell from your vacuum is by replacing the dust bag or cleaning up the dust bin. 

After that, you need to wash it until it is truly clean or you can replace the filter with the new ones. 

In addition, you can also clean the brushes and wash the hose until all of them are truly free from the dog smell. 


Those are ways to prevent and steps to remove and clean your vacuum so it keeps your vacuum from smelling like a dog. 

Even though I have given you alternatives and easy ways to keep your vacuum from smelling like a dog, you still need to be extra careful when applying it and ask for expert advice or call customer service support for further explanation. Protection Status
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