How To Clean Shark Rotator Vacuum Hose

As we all know that we need to clean and maintain our vacuum cleaners regularly so that they can work smoothly and give better results.

But have you ever cleaned your shark rotator vacuum hose? 

Everyone takes care of the vacuum cleaner and its other parts but we most likely forget to clean our vacuum cleaner hoses. Without realizing its effects on the vacuum cleaner as the shark rotator vacuum hose is directly connected to the dirt. 

The time you are done with cleaning, the vacuum cleaner has sucked in plenty of dirt particles, pet hair, skin flakes, dust from carpets, and it all flows through the hoses. All the dirt and debris flowing through the hoses and getting stuck in there, soon enough it will block the inner walls of the hoses and create an unpleasant odor.

The vacuum hoses are prone to blockages and any damage to the hose will affect the performance of the vacuum.

How Often Should We Clean IT

We should clean our vacuum, the hoses, and all the other parts at least twice a month to keep it working perfectly fine. And to prevent any blockages you should check it every once a week.

Cleaning the vacuum might not be the most fascinating job! But it is important to do!

However, before we dig into how to clean our shark rotator vacuum hose, you need to find out if it needs a deep cleansing. 

Signs That Tell Us It’s Time To Clean

Fortunately, there are a few things you need to notice when it comes to cleaning your shark rotator vacuum hose.

When the hoses are blocked, it gives signs to show it needs deep cleansing.

The most important sign is if your vacuum cleaner is not cleaning properly and leaving dirt behind. That means it has a blockage inside the hose. 

Look for these signs before it’s too late to clean your vacuum.

Now when we have discussed how to identify the problems your shark rotator hose might be facing. It’s time to know how to clean the shark rotator vacuum hose.

Step By Step Guide

Remove The Hose From The Vacuum

  • To clean the hose, you need to first remove the hose from the vacuum. But make sure the vacuum is turned off or unplugged before you remove the hose. To open the hose from the vacuum you would need to press the tabs on each side of the nozzle at the lower side where it is connected with the rest of the vacuum. 
  • Press the release button and detach the handles from the top of the vacuum. You will be left with the handle and the hose now. 
  • Take a screwdriver and open all the screws on the housing that connects the handle. Detach the upper part and then remove the hose from it. 

Open The Clogs

Before you start cleaning the hose with mild hot water, you need to unclog the hose. This step is very important because the vacuums are prone to blockages. You can insert something solid or a broomstick through one side of the vacuum and push the clogs out. Do it carefully or you might even break or expand the size of the hose. Be gentle.

Time To Wash The Hose

Use a place where you don’t wash any other household items, like a spare sink. Collect about 5-6 inches of water in the sink and add 2 tablespoons of mild detergent to it.

Place the hose inside the sink and let it sink inside it. The water should be flowing through and out the hose.

  • Rub the outer parts of the pipe with a cloth or towel.
  • Mix 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar in a small bowl. Holding both the ends of the hose pour the mixture from one end flowing out through the other. 
  • Now you will see the mixture of soda and vinegar fizz up. 
  • After cleaning it from inside. Dip the hose back in the hot water sink and move it around. Shake it to remove any mixture left inside.
  •  Empty the sink and dip it in the running tap water. Do this repeatedly until the hose is cleaned from inside. 

Post-Cleaning Of The Hose

As you are done with the above steps you should be satisfied enough that your hose is pretty much clean. Now let the inner parts dry by straightening its segments. Use a cloth to dry the other parts of the hose, make sure to dry each segment.

Let The Hose Dry

Let the hose dry by hanging it to a hanger or a rod in an airy dry place. Do not use any heating device to dry the hose. It will melt the hose. You need to leave the hose completely for about 48 hours.


All you need to do is follow the same steps backward to attach the hose to the house and the vacuum. Make sure not to use the hose or attach it when it is wet. Let it dry first. If you do so it will only leave a bad odor when you vacuum


Cleaning the shark rotator vacuum hose can be one of the boring tasks to do, but it is very important to maintain the life of the vacuum by taking care of every part. Lastly, do not use boiling water to clean the hose. Protection Status
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