Is Rainbow Vacuum a Pyramid Scheme?

Is the Rainbow Vacuum associated with a pyramid scheme? Answering this with a simple yes or no is challenging. We suggest reading our detailed piece on this matter, as it contains extensive information on the subject.

In the industry of vacuum cleaners, the Rainbow vacuum is one of the most talked-about topics nowadays. The Rainbow Vacuum has several models that arrive with an unbelievably expensive cost tag. Moreover, the vacuums are believed to last for more than twenty years. These characteristics make the vacuum cleaner something like a “super-vacuum machine” in terms of capability and performance.

But are they really a pyramid scheme? Below, we will discuss this. Along with that, we will let you know why this vacuum is so much expensive. Keep going through the article to find out your answers.

What is Pyramid Scheme?

Is Rainbow Vacuum a Pyramid Scheme? The right answer is – most probably. Well, before we dive into the topic, let us understand a bit more of the pyramid scheme. The pyramid scheme is actually a business model and it is illegal. In the pyramid scheme, the company or business recruits members with a promise of payment or services for registering others. That means the recruited person will try recruiting new members instead of selling a product or supplying investments.

There is a quick timeframe to recruit the members and you cannot get the payment. And, it happens in most cases, the new recruits become unable to recruit new members and they end up without any payment. A major portion of the members who join is unable to make any profit. Thus, the pyramid scheme is not only illegal but also an unsustainable business model. In a lot of countries, it is banned.

The interesting thing about the pyramid scheme is it has been there for centuries. Nowadays a lot of other multi-level marketing plan is based on the pyramid scheme. There is an interesting example in Wikipedia about the unsustainability of the pyramid scheme. Assume every single recruit will require recruiting six more persons.

So, if there are 12 layers in the pyramid, 2.2 billion people will recruit 13 billion people additionally. That is not possible as the total population of the world is less than that.

Is Rainbow Vacuum a Pyramid Scheme?

There is a Reddit post where someone asked whether the Rainbow vacuum is a pyramid scheme or not. There a guy replied that he was tricked by the vacuum manufacturer while in college. He applied for an office assistant job post from the paper and got the call for an interview. After going there, he found that it is a group interview where the trainer said to go to the neighborhood and go door to door to bring leads for the selling the vacuum. They offered something around $20 per lead.

Once after that guy got some leads and went back to the office, they told him that the lead is his and he needs to sell the vacuums. The guy tried but he failed and so do the other members who were in the group interview. From the story, we can say that the Rainbow vacuum is not directly a pyramid scheme but it is an MLM. MLM or multi-level marketing is also known as pyramid selling, which is also controversial as the pyramid scheme.

In the MLM technique, you will need to sell something and you will get a commission for this. On the other hand, you will also need to recruit new members and if the members can sell the product, then you will get a commission from their sales. As the selling model of the Rainbow vacuum is something like this, then we can say that it is like pyramid selling.

Is Rainbow Vacuum a SCAM?

The answer is no. The vacuum is known for its unbelievable reliability and performance which might make you think that it is a SCAM. But the vacuum cleaner is really a decent product that provides you with an effective performance. Moreover, the machine is sold by home demonstration. That means you will get a chance to experience how the vacuum work and how it can be useful for your home cleaning.

They have a very strong selling pitch that might impress you. They present you the features like air purifying, which not a lot of vacuum cleaners can do. Moreover, it has a water filter that helps to make the vacuum procedure more efficient and effective. These features really make the product an excellent thing. Moreover, it is made in the USA, and this country tag is something that you will not find in the others.

If you can use the rainbow vacuum by following the guideline of the user manual and if you also follow the correct maintenance steps, then you can expect a long-term performance from the vacuum cleaner. So, in the end, we can say that just because it costs you a bit more, doesn’t mean that it is a scam.

Should You Buy a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner?

Well, it depends on your financial condition. If you are someone who can afford the high expense, then you might consider the vacuum cleaner. As per some sources, the Rainbow vacuum cleaners can long up to 20 years or more. You will not find another vacuum that can offer you such an impressive and long-term performance. Considering such a long-term lifespan, it is a worthy investment and economical too.

On the other hand, the vacuum cleaner equips some of the well-thought features. It is a high-quality filtration system that can even clean the air of your house. Moreover, there are a good number of attachments with the vacuum that allows you to clean different surfaces efficiently. All the attachments of the vacuum along with the other parts are well-made to assure heavy-duty performance in the long run.



The Rainbow vacuum doesn’t sell vacuum directly. Instead, they use independent authorized distributors which is a bit like a pyramid scheme. However, we can assure you about the quality of the vacuum. They are pretty good. Protection Status
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