How to Take Apart a Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner?

How to Take Apart a Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner?

Looking for how to take apart a dirt devil vacuum cleaner? Well, you have to head to the right place. This article entails a detailed guide to disassemble your devil vacuum cleaner.


Cleaning your living spaces is the ideal chore to do, which one cannot neglect at any cost. Taking some time out of your hectic and busy schedules often gets hectic, and a vacuum cleaner becomes a great helping hand in this. These machines are designed to clean up your houses efficiently, leaving you with a neat and clean atmosphere.

But have you ever thought about cleaning your vacuum? Over time, your vacuum cleaners pile up dust and debris in their components, which has harmful effects on their functionality, such as suction power.

In that case, let’s learn about how you can disassemble your vacuum, but first, let’s see why these vacuums are so popular.

Why Are Dirt Devil Vacuums So Popular?

Devil vacuums are one of the most leading brands in the market instead of their high prices. These vacuums are pretty excellent that help you deal with the dirty areas and possess high suction technology for cleaning floors, carpets, and any place.

Their most impressive feature is their multi-floor cleaning capabilities which makes them a perfect machine. In addition, devil’s vacuums have a pretty long battery life compared to other brands.

However, these machines can still loosen their suction power if not maintained on time with many top-notch features. Therefore, it is imperative to take apart your devil vacuum to get rid of all the accumulated dirt and debris to ensure its functionality.

How to Take Apart a Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner?

Well, before heading to the process, it is essential to have some basic tools for disassembling. These include;

  1. A screwdriver
  2. Gloves

Once done, spread any sheet on the ground to keep all the vacuum parts on it. Why is it required? Well, it will keep the surroundings clean. Moreover, your screws will remain in one place, and you won’t need to find them later.

Let’s go through the process now;

  • Remove External Battery

The first step to take apart your vacuum is to remove its power supply. Besides, devil vacuum cleaners come with an externally located battery. This sort of battery is called the power brick.

Secondly, make sure you keep the battery in a safe and secure place away from water or any moisture.

  • Detach The Handle

Now, place your devil vacuum in an upward direction so that the handle of the machine is facing upwards.

Next, rotate the handle in a counterclockwise direction and take it out.

  • Screw Off Every Section One-By-One

When you twist the handle on the side, a screw will appear in front of you. Now, take the screwdriver and pull out that screw. Moreover, detach the two sections of your devil vacuum by gently pulling them.

Devil vacuum cleaners come with a button to release the canister. Hold your vacuum’s canister carefully with one hand and push the “release button.”

Once you release the cleaner, take out its filter and empty the canister in a bin.

  • Pull Out the Metal Plate

When you complete the process of getting rid of dirt from the canister, place your cleaner on the floor but make sure the brush head is facing upwards. Now, with the help of a screwdriver, unscrew the sections on the side of the roller brush.

Furthermore, pull out the metal plate from the bristles.

  • Remove The Brush Head

To remove the vacuum’s head, you need to unscrew the screws placed in the frame.

Now, pull each section and clean with a soft dry cloth.

Safety Tips 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is my Dirt Devil Vacuum not Working?

Vacuum cleaners do not work correctly if it’s filter is filled with debris. Therefore, refer to the instructional manual and go through cleaning instructions.

Another reason for this issue is that your vacuum bag is full. Just clean or replace the bag as required.

  1. Is It necessary to Take Apart a Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner to Clean It?

Yes, to clean your machine correctly, it is essential to take it apart, or too much dirt will build up inside it.

  1. How to reset a Dirt Devil Vacuum? 

Push down the button on the left side of the unit at the upper corner to reset it.

Important Points to Consider

  • When removing the screws with the screwdriver, make sure you keep them in a safe and secure place. Losing them will be a big problem for you.
  • Ensure to air-dry the vacuum before reassembling correctly; if not done, the metallic parts could rust, which will affect the functionality of the vacuum.

Bottom Line

When choosing to take apart a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, ensure you follow all the instructions carefully.

Follow the guidelines mentioned above and free your vacuum from stubborn debris. Protection Status
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