How to Use Attachments on Dyson Vacuum

How to use the attachments on a Dyson vacuum? Dyson vacuum arrives with a number of attachments. Check out this article to acknowledge how to use them.

Dyson is one of the most reliable vacuum brands out there. Along with higher suction power and efficient cleaning, the vacuum cleaners from these manufacturers are also very versatile. They typically arrive with a number of attachments. They allow you to clean various surfaces with ease.

To get the best out of the vacuum cleaner, you need to know how to make use of the attachments. Below, we will discuss how to use the attachments on the Dyson vacuum.

How to Use Attachments on Dyson Vacuum

There can be different attachments based on the vacuum cleaner from Dyson you are using. Check out this article to acknowledge how to use this.

Combination tool

For versatile cleaning with your Dyson vacuum, combination tools play an essential role. The Dyson Combination Tool has a wide nozzle that helps cover more of the surface with each sweep. And the red knitted nylon lint picker is designed to help clean pet hair and other debris from the surface very easily.

With the bottom slide of the vacuum brush, you can easily condense on fine surfaces, loose dry dirt, and dust. Which can help vacuum between the blinds or the slats of your Air-con unit. When you use it in handheld mode, this combination tool is especially suitable for cleaning your car.

Light pipe crevice tool

Another tool that comes with all the tools in your vacuum is the crevice tool. This tool is designed that you can easily clean up narrow spaces, difficult access angles, and awkward cracks. The Dyson crevice tools are designed to increase the suction power. Crevice vents are properly designed, they do not easily stick to the surface.

You can use the crevice tool to clean dirt from any hard space, such as behind the car seats, and the furniture. Also, this tool comes with an LED light, so you can reach and clean in dark, narrow places.

Hair screw tool

Dyson Hair Screw Tool is the latest leading accessory for vacuum cleaners. It is designed with an anti-tangle conical brush bar. So that you can pick up long hair and pet hair well from the floor. The brush bar integrates with the motor and spins up to 3500rpm to remove ground dirt.

Also, the tight nylon bristles attached to the brush bar and its remove dirt or hair from the floor. If pet hair or long hair is a problem in your home, this tool is helpful for you.

Stubborn dirt brush

It is difficult to remove the dirt and dry mud regularly with a vacuum cleaner. Tough nylon bristles help clean dry dirt from high-traffic areas. But a stubborn dirt brush is designed in such a way that you can clean it without damaging anything. Stubborn dirt brush suitable to clean around car footwall or doormats. If you have dirt and mud on your floor, you can clean it with a stubborn dirt brush.

Mattress tool

Dust accumulates in your mattress very easily; it is very important to vacuum your mattress on time. The Dyson mattress tool is designed with aperture features. That’s why this tool does not stick to the fabric and it is much wider. For this reason, it can clean up a wide area of ​​your mattress. This equipment is also worthy for deep cleaning such as sofas, armchairs, and other upholstery.

Mini Motor Head

The advantage of a small-sized cleaner head is that it can be properly used in any small-sized area. The Dyson Mini motorhead is designed with a motorized brush bar that can spin up to 3500 rpm for the removal of dirt from the ground. But it can only clean across a 144mm wide area. So this tool is perfect for removing dirt from mattresses, upholstery, stairs, and other small areas around your home.

Extension Hose

If you want to take your cleaning to the extreme level, then use a new extension for your vacuum cleaner which is the hose. Dyson Extension Hose is compatible with any Dyson tool. The hose is usually up to 61cm long. You can use it to easily clean high or low places in your house or car. The hose wire is very flexible, you can easily move it to any end of the house.

Mini Soft Dusting Brush

Dyson’s soft dusting brushes are made with soft nylon bristles. So that all dust can be properly clean from all surfaces. The Mini Soft Dusting Brush is perfect for cleaning windows, bookshelves, lampshades, and blinds. As well as this soft brush can clean dust from framed art and computer keyboards. If your Dyson vacuum cleaner has a variable suction, such as an eco-mode, you can use a soft dusting brush to clean more delicate things.

Low Reach Adapter

If you have a lot of furniture in the room you want to clean it might be a hassle to clean the place properly. In such a case, the low-reach adapter will be the best option for you. Invisible dust and dirt accumulate under the furniture, it is difficult for you to remove dust and dirt regularly from under the furniture.

You can comfortably clean any dirt from under furniture by adjusting your Dyson Low-Reach adapter to a 90 ° angle. Besides, the adapter helps to maintain high-density polythene lip seal suction inside the hinge. So that the dust and allergens you are picking up will go straight into the vacuum dustbin.

Flexi Crevice Tool

A flexible crevice tool is a good option for you, to clean the narrow gaps in your home. Because it will extend and can be bent very easily. The Dyson Flexi crevice tool is designed with a sliding brush. It is 19 cm long, so it’s a perfect tool for cleaning under your fridge or around car seats.


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