How to Empty Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Dyson vacuum cleaners manufacture different variations of vacuum cleaners. The cordless vacuum from Dyson is very popular. That is because of the quality suction strength and efficient cleaning capability. A lot of people use vacuum cleaners. The cordless vacuum of Dyson arrives with a bagless design. So, you need to know how to empty the Dyson cordless vacuum canister.

It is important to clean the vacuum’s dust tank after using the product. If the tank becomes full the vacuum cannot suck the dirt efficiently. Moreover, if you leave the dust tank full, the dirt can cause the smell and grow mold which will affect the performance and lifespan of the machine.

How to Empty Dyson Cordless Vacuum

As we said above, all Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners are bag-free. So there is no need to change or purchase a separate dust bag for this vacuum. In below, we will discuss how to empty your Dyson cordless vacuum easily.

Step 1

Remove the dirt from the vacuum as soon as the dirt reaches the MAX level. Remember that dirt should never be overfilled from the MAX layer of the vacuum. If the dirt moves above the MAX line, the dirt may reach the filter while using the machine.

Step 2

Above the vacuum, you will see a red button. Hold the vacuum head in a dustbin or a bag. Grab the red button, and pull up. When you hold the red button-up, the vacuum bin will slide down. Hold the red release button upwards until the bin base opens automatically and is free of dirt. Remember, the bin base will not open until you press the red button-up completely.

Step 3

Now, press the whirlpool down completely, closing the bin base from the bottom.  So that the bin base sticks well with the clip.

As you see above, emptying the Dyson Cordless Vacuum is simply an easy task. You can easily empty your Dyson Cordless Vacuum by following the instructions above. You do not need any help to do this, we hope you can do it alone

How to Clean a Dyson Cordless Vacuum

To get the best work efficiency you need to clean your Dyson vacuum regularly. If you clean your vacuum regularly, it can also extend the life of the vacuum. Cleaning your Dyson vacuum is an easy task. If you do not know how to clean your vacuum, don’t worry. We hope that you can easily clean your vacuum regularly by following the below instructions step-by-step.

Step 1

Before you start cleaning, you need to make sure that your Dyson Cordless vacuum is disconnected from the electrical line. Then, gently separate all removable parts, including bin, bin brush, filter, from the vacuum.

Step 2

After separating the bin from the vacuum. Use a damp cloth to clean your vacuum bin, then let it dry. If necessary, vacuum bin rinses well with clean water. A dusting brush that comes with a vacuum, use to remove lint and dust from the cyclone unit. Then wipe the cyclone unit well with a dry cloth. Remember, never immerse the cyclone unit in water or clean it with water.

Step 3

Before cleaning the filter with water, clean the filter with a soft brush if there is any excess debris. Then soak the filter in clean cold water for a while. Then, shake the filter gently with your hand. Repeat the process until the filter is clean. Gently tap the filter and let it dry well. Let the filter dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Step 4

Remove the soft roller tool from the vacuum by pressing the release button on the vacuum. Then remove the brush and brush bar from the vacuum. Clean the roller well with a soft brush. There may be a lot of hair accumulated in the vacuum brush, use scissors to clean the hair. Cut the hair out of the brush with scissors. Clean your vacuum brush with a soft brush. Now, clean the brush extra well with clean cold tap water and let it dry well.

Step 5

Once the cleaning process is complete, you can now reassemble all parts of your Dyson Cordless vacuum. Remember, when you go to reassemble your Dyson Cordless vacuum, make sure the parts of the Dyson Cordless vacuum have dried well. If the parts of the vacuum are not well dried, dry it well first, then reassemble the vacuum.


Why does my Dyson belt keep breaking?

The belt is attached to the vacuum roller from the motor spindle. This belt allows the vacuum roller to rotate. However, the vacuum roller hits the dirt lightly from the floor and pulls it into the vacuum. Occasionally hair, string, or lint accumulates in this roller. That’s why your Dyson cordless vacuum roller no longer rotates properly.

When the roller gets stuck with the hair, then there will be more pressure on the vacuum roller. This pressure causes your Dyson vacuum belt to break. So, try to clean your vacuum regularly, it will extend the life of your Dyson cordless vacuum.

Why does my Dyson make a screeching noise?

If your Dyson vacuum makes a loud noise, it may be due to some problem inside the vacuum. Maybe you have a problem with your vacuum filter, brush, or motor. If you find yourself in such a situation, open the Dyson vacuum and clean it thoroughly. See if there is dirt or hair stuck somewhere into your Dyson vacuum.

Why does my Dyson cleaner keep stopping?

When your Dyson vacuum suddenly stops, you should first check the bin of your vacuum. Sometimes when the vacuum bin is filled with dirt, the airflow in your vacuum does not flow properly. For which your vacuum may suddenly stop. If the vacuum bin is completely good, now is the time to clean your vacuum.


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