Why Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners So Expensive

I want To Know Why Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners So Expensive 

As far as vacuum cleaners are concerned, Dyson is synonymous to excellence. It is one the most prominent brands of vacuum cleaners and it is a feat that has been achieved through years of research and inventions. There are a whole lot of vacuum cleaner brands, but not all of them operate on the same level. It is not an exaggeration when we say Dyson is a luxury brand of vacuum cleaners. And I’m sure we understand what goes along with luxury. Well, for a lot of reasons, Dyson’s price is on the high end and a lot of people wonder why it is expensive. Although we will consider that in this post, it is worthy of note that, Dyson is a leading brand, and most leading brands often draw more attention and produce better products, irrespective of the product in question. Now if you’ve been asking questions like why are Dyson vacuum cleaners so expensive, then you’ve only got to read this post to fully understand why. Do make sure you read to the end. 

Why Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners So Expensive Any Good Reason 

Truly, Dyson vacuum cleaners are expensive, but, you wouldn’t be bothered about the price, if you choose to focus on what you’re paying for instead, provided you can afford it. Dyson spends a whole lot of their earnings on research, inventing and improving their products which does requires a lot of money. There is only one way to make this money back. And that is through the consumer goods. So, the more they put money into making their products better, the more expensive it becomes. This is very much broader than it might appear, so we will go ahead and consider it bit by bit. 

They Are A Pace Setter:

There have been statements around like “if Dyson stops producing, then everybody will stop producing since they won’t know what to produce” this is not to put any brand of vacuum cleaner down, but, Dyson vacuum cleaners take the lead when it comes to creating new things. They do not just spend money on research, inventing and developing their products, they spend a whole lot of money on it. And that is why they are always dishing out something new. They are the ones that present new technologies which a lot of companies build on. For instance, Dyson was the first brand of vacuum cleaner that used cyclones in their vacuum cleaners to separate dust without losing suction at any point. This is enough reason to sell expensive products. 

They Actually Work:

It a thing to invent technologies, and it is an entirely different thing for it to work. In case of Dyson vacuum cleaners, they work. Because, they not only spend money to invent those technologies, they also subject all of their products to a series of rigorous tests to make sure that it works just fine. This also sets is above many other brands, and another reason why it is expensive. 

They Last Long 

Most Dyson vacuum cleaners come with a warranty of five years, which is even only an assurance period because, with the proper maintenance, a Dyson vacuum cleaner can last for seven years and even up to ten years. Maybe not everyone likes it that way, but personally, I would rather buy a product that is expensive and will last for years over a cheap one that will work for six months and stop working. In the case of Dyson, they focus on quality over quantity and that is one of the reasons why their vacuum cleaners are on the high side. 

They Are Popular:

With popularity comes a higher demand and a higher demand places more pressures on the manufacturers to produce more. To keep these high demand machines in the market, Dyson has to spend a lot of money on production. They are present in 65 countries around the world, and are a top brand in the these countries. This is also another reason why Dyson vacuum cleaners are expensive. 

Some Inventions Why Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Are So Expensive 

Dyson has a lot of inventions to their name and we will go ahead and consider a few of them.

  • A cyclonic vacuum that separates dust without losing suction at any point. 
  • Flexible hose on upright vacuums that offer compact size with unaltered functionality. 
  • Transparent bins which helps users to see the amount of dust in it. 
  • Ball features on upright for improved maneuverability. 
  • Stick vacuum cleaners that give the grab and use convenience while having performance similar to a full size canister. 
  • Advertisement that emphasizes on tech products. 

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Are So Expensive Are They Worth It

People pay a lot of money of get certain things because they suit their purpose. And Dyson Vacuum cleaner is one of those things. Ever since they produced their first vacuum cleaner in 1983, they have been dishing out excellent products which are well worth spending money on. They constantly improve their vacuum cleaners to meet user needs and keep it at the top. I guess having one of those vacuum cleaners depends on if you’re willing and able to invest that much money on vacuum cleaners. So if you can, and you haven’t gotten one because you’re not sure if it’s worth the money, well you should go ahead and get one already. It is expensive, yes. Overpriced? No. Worth It? Every bit. 


With a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you no longer have to stress over your cleaning. There are lot of models that meets different needs. So, if you can afford to get one, then you should. They are very expensive, but I believe we have expressly discussed why it is expensive. It is better to spend a lot of money of long- lasting, high-performance products over the low-end ones that you will constantly have to spend money on. If you’re still confused about getting one, then take this post as a motivation to, because you won’t regret it. Different models are priced differently, so you can pick which one falls in your budget. 


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