Why is My Vacuum so Loud

Learning Why is My Vacuum so Loud

Some people might wonder themselves why is my vacuum so loud. Well, it can be of many reasons. While there’s no specific reason behind a vacuum being loud, we’ll try and analyze a few of them. Regardless of the reasons, we’ll also try to give some solutions as well.

Vacuuming is not enjoyed by everyone. It takes at least some bit of effort. But, what happens when it starts to make some noise? The trouble is then unbearable.

However, there’s a good news. You can easily solve many reasons for a vacuum being loud. Also, you can simply take help of a repair shop.

The Possible Reasons Why is Vacuum So Loud

Vacuum So Loud for Dirty Filters

The first thing to do if your vacuum is loud is to check the filter. Filters by their working nature attracts all the dust and dander. So, it can get really dirty and lead to clogging. At that point, when you suck dust and dirt with your vacuum, the suction creates a lot of sound. It’s due to the difficulty in suction operation.

Well, you can easily solve this problem. Simple deattach the filters in your vacuum. Clean the filter from any kind of debris or residue. Once you’re done, wash the filter with water. Then, you can simply reattach the filter accordingly to the vacuum cleaner.

Depending on your vacuum cleaner type, it may have more than one filter. If you’ve got more than one filter, simply clean both of them.

Vacuum So Loud for Clogging

It’s obvious that your vacuum cleaner will have concerns of clogging. But, clogging is one of the most notable reasons for vacuuming creating noise and that too a loud one. Why clogging happens?

Well, clogging happens when you suck up a hard-textured object. In that case, due to the obstruction in the vacuum channel, it can create a lot of sound. So, check for the clog in your vacuum cleaner.

Sometimes, the clog can be really hard. In that case, you better visit the repair shop for solution. However, for small clog, you can simply do it yourself. To remove clog, you can simply use a needle. Or at times, you can use a stick. So, look for the clogs regularly. Remember that clogging can also create unexpected accidents.

Broken Brush Bearing

Broken brush can be really problematic at times. However, this is also one of the reasons for a vacuum getting loud. You can feel that your vacuum will start to vibrate apart from vacuum cleaner getting loud.

A broken brush will need to be replaced, not repaired. It’s better. A repaired broken brush can break again within a short period of time.

Broken Fan

There’s a motor in the vacuum cleaner, right? And, there’s a fan in the motor of the vacuum cleaner. The fan, at times, can be the reason for a vacuum operating loud. Why?

The fan might very well be broken. Why the fan gets broken? Once again, clogging can cause a fan to break. Hence, if you don’t find any reasons for a vacuum being loud, check the fan in the motor.

However, we always recommend to visit repair shop to change or repair the fan.

Old Grease on Your Vacuum Motor

The grease on the motor can cause really high sound. The motor won’t work as expected when the grease gets worn out or old. What is the grease? Getting so technical? Well, the grease acts as a lubricant. It helps the motor fan to rotate when needed. So, when the grease is old, the motor fan won’t rotate properly and make a loud sound.

Solving this problem is quite easy. Buy new grease. Replace with the old one. But, once again, you can go to your local repair shop to change the grease. That way, you’ll be ensured of proper grease changing.

The Overall Steps to Fix a Loud Vacuum

Filter Inspection and Changing

It’s better to remove the filter after every 6 months or so. On an alternative solution, you can also check the filter regularly if there’s any clog or not. Also, clean your filter frequently. In that way, you can maintain your vacuum cleaner perfectly.

Hose Checking for Fixing A Loud Vacuum

Inspecting is one of the main step to solve any problem. So, you better inspect the hose of your favorite vacuum cleaner. If you find any big object causing obstruction the hose, remvoe that. You’ll then find that your vacuum cleaner makes no noise.

Fan Blade Maintenance

We’ve already talked about it. The fan and it’s blade on the motors are one of the most notable reasons for a loud vacuum cleaner. Hence, ensure that the fan and it’s blades aren’t broken. You should also check that if the fan blades didn’t got changed in shape and all.

For fan blades, check the user manual how to handle it. If you can’t solve the problem, better visit the repair shop or simply visit or contact your manufacturer. A damaged fan can cause a lot of problems.

Fan and Ratchet

If your fan is loose, you can simply tighten the fan. Tightening the fan is easy. You can do it with a ratchet.

Final Thoughts

We finally recommend you to clean your vacuum cleaner every now and then. That way, you won’t have complicated problems that’ll very might lead to the vacuum being loud.

Corrosion can be another problem. If your vacuum is already getting rust, it’s better to change the vacuum cleaner. Rust repairing might not work for long time.

Overall, we’ve given all the possible reasons for a vacuum being so loud. You just simply need to find out what’s the problem and apply the solution.

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