Where Are Hoover Vacuum Cleaners Made?

Wondering where are Hoover vacuums cleaners are made? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Below, we will discuss about the origin of the Hoover Vacuum Cleaners as well as some other important stuff about the brand.

When it comes to the vacuum cleaners, the name of the Hoover brand will be in the top of the list. That is because of their reliable vacuum machines that arrive with superior suction power and a long lifespan. Especially, the upright vacuums from Hoover are very popular for their impressive effectivity when it comes to carpet cleaning. All other variations of the vacuum cleaner manufactured by the brand is also efficient and well-performing.

While purchasing the electronic goods, nowadays a lot of people check the country tag. That is because most of these products are made in China. People want to avoid Chinese-made products because of the quality issue and some other reasons. If you are planning to purchase a Hoover vacuum, you may be thinking about where it is made.

The good news is the Hoover vacuums are not from China like the other 70 to 80% of the vacuums in the market. In the below part of the article, we will discuss details about where the brand manufactures their products. Check out the article to know in detail about it.

About the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Brand

Hoover is an USA based home appliance company that is currently operating from Ohio, USA. They have been also a vast business in the UK in the earlier 20th centuries with full domination in the electric vacuum market. As per Wikipedia, they are so popular their brand name Hoover become synonymous with vacuum cleaners in the UK and Ireland. The Hoover International (USA) and Hoover North America now operate separately under different owners.

Although floor care is the main business of the manufacturer, they are also into the domestic appliance market, especially in Europe. Some of their highly popular product includes the washing machine, tumble dryers, etc. Some of the well-known products from the manufactured during the 20th century include the Junior, The Dirtsearcher, The Portable, the Constellation, Model 28, etc.

Currently, the range of products varies depending on the location. As an example, the brand mainly focusses on the floorcare (vacuums actually) in the USA market. On the other hand, the Hoover brand operating in UK and Europe under the Candy group mainly manufacture the dishwashing machines, refrigerator, dishwashers, and the floorcare products obviously.

History of the Brand

There is interesting history behind the Hoover brand as well as the introduction of the first vacuum cleaner. We think it is worth sharing. The first upright vacuum cleaner was invented by a department store janitor named James Murray Spangler. Being asthmatic, Spangler was suspecting the carpet sweeper was the reason behind his sickness. To avoid using it, he thinks of creating a basic suction sweeper to clean.

With the thought he designed a very basic suction powered sweeper that include an electric motor along with a soapbox and broom handle. He registered the patent of this invention and then started producing the machine on his own. With the help of his son and daughter, he began producing two to three machines per week.

Spangler later sold one of his machines to his cousin. Being impressed with it, she told this about it to her husband and son who was in to the leather good manufacturing business. They were the Hoover family. Later the husband Hoover bought the pattern and start production of the Electric Suction Sweeper with Spangler as production supervisor. With this post, Spangler continues working for the company with numerous patent contributions.

This is how we got the Hoover vacuum cleaner brand. Spangler died in 1915 and his family received the royalties for the original patent until 1925. Later the name of the company was changed to Hoover Suction Sweeper company. Although Spangler was the legend who thought of the machine and invented it, it is irony that the Hoover family become the persons behind the business.

So, Where Are Hoover Vacuum Cleaners Made?

Most of the US-based home appliance brands manufacture their products from China. But Hoover is not one of them. They have five manufacturing plants of the brand. Where four of them are inside the USA and one of them is outside the country. Although being the oldest vacuum cleaner manufacturer and one of the most popular companies while manufacturing products from the USA, the average cost of the Hoover vacuums is pretty less compared to the other premium brands.

Currently, Maytag owns the Hoover USA business and they are operating from North Canton, Ohio. Three of their manufacturing plants are also in the same location. One of the plants is in El Paso, Texas where the other one is in Jaurez, Mexico. So, we can say that majority of the Hoover vacuum is from the USA and only a few percentages are from Mexico, NOT CHINA!

Well, there is something you need to know here. It is true that the machines are from the USA and Mexico. But some of their parts may arrive from China. However, you don’t need to be concerned about this as most of the home appliance manufactured source their parts from China. The takeout here is it is quite hard to survive in the electronic industry without a bit of help from China.

China is the global hub of proficient individuals and workforce which is also available at a cheap cost. The manufacturing companies cannot easily let go of search advantages. That is why even your iPhones are manufactured in China. But as of the Hoover vacuums, they are perfect US-origin.


The Hoover vacuum is one of the very few vacuum cleaners out there that is not from China. So, if you are allergic to the made in China tag, the Hoover vacuum is something you should consider without any further thought. If you are aware of the quality, go for the Hoover vacuums that arrive with made in USA tag. As some of their products come from Mexico.

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