How to Clean Out a Dyson Vacuum

Do you want to know how to clean out a Dyson vacuum? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Keep going through to find out the process of cleaning.

Dyson is one of the top manufacturers of premium quality vacuum machines in the market currently. These vacuums arrive with excellent suction power that assures an efficient liftoff of the dirt from your surface. The Dyson vacuums also last longer compared to the other vacuum machines in the market.

Like any other vacuum machine, the Dyson vacuum also requires cleaning and proper maintenance to assure long-term performance. If you are wondering how to clean a Dyson vacuum, you have arrived at the right place. Keep going through the article to find out the process of cleaning a Dyson vacuum.

How to Clean Out a Dyson Vacuum

Here are the steps you need to follow to clean a corded Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Unplug Your Dyson Vacuum

Dyson vacuum cleaning is an easy task. Before you start cleaning your Dyson, make sure it is unplugged from electrical power. This is important to do to clean your Dyson safely. There is a risk of electric shock if you do not unplug.

Empty the dust canister

When you clean the dirt with a Dyson vacuum, all dirt accumulates in Dyson’s canister. You need to clean the canister very well. First, you need to separate the canister from the Dyson vacuum. After separating the canister, press the red “Bin Release” button on the top to remove dirt or dust from the canister. To get the dirt out of the canister well, press the red button and shake it vigorously.

Once the dirt has been removed you can now wipe the inside of the canister with a damp cloth. Remember Dyson recommends, not using any detergent to clean the canister, as chemicals can make it sticky. In addition, do not wash any part of your Dyson vacuum whirlpool with water.

If dirt is stuck on any part of the Dyson machine, you can try it with a compressed air device to clean it. But never use water to clean the inside part of your Dyson machine.

Wash the Dyson Vacuum Filter

When all the dirt enters the machine while cleaning the floor, the filter does not allow the dust, bacteria, and dirt inside to come out. So a lot of dust and dirt gets stuck in the filters. That’s why over time you need to clean the filters well. Some Dyson vacuums have a few filters, you need to separate all the filters from the Dyson vacuum. After separating, wash them with clean tap water.

Remember, wash the filters with tap water only, and do not use any detergents or chemicals. Keep washing until the filters are clean. But the Dyson Manual says that the filters should be washed once every three months. However, if you clean a lot of heavy dirt with the vacuum, you can clean the filters more frequently.

Untangle and Clean the Brush Bar

The brush bar collects all hair, debris, and dirt from your floor and carpet. After a few days, the hair around the brush becomes tangled and gradually the cleaning efficiency of the machine decreases. You can use scissors or a flat head screwdriver to clean this tangle.

To clean this brush bar you need to remove some Dyson vacuum soleplate. First, unscrew the soleplate with a flat head screwdriver. Then remove the hair well from the brush with scissors or a screwdriver. To clean the bogie of the brush bar, wipe it well with a damp microfiber cloth. When the cleaning is done, apply the soleplate on the top of the brush.

Wipe Down your Vacuum

When you have finished cleaning the inside of your Dyson vacuum, be sure to wipe the outside of the vacuum. Now, wipe the outside of the vacuum thoroughly with a damp cloth. Also, be sure to wipe the soleplate and wheels of the vacuum. To wipe the outside of the vacuum, you can also use a mixture of dilute vinegar if you want. But remember, the vacuum should be completely dry before using.

How to Clean Out a Dyson Stick Vacuum

  • To clean the stick vacuum first, disconnect the vacuum from the charger and turn off the stick. Remember, do not press the “ON” trigger while cleaning.
  • You will see a filter inside, remove the filter from the machine.
  • Now wash the filter with clean tap water and take it well. Clean in such a way that there is no dirt or dust inside. After washing with water, now wipe the filter well with a cloth. Carefully wipe the filter to remove excess water from the filter
  • Dry the filter well before re-using the vacuum.

How to Clean Dyson Vacuum Filter

  • First, turn off the vacuum and unplug from the electrical line
  • Remove the filter from your Dyson vacuum. The filter is available near the vacuum whirlpool. Take it out safely from there to clean it. Remember, some Dyson vacuums have multiple filters. Notice on the back of the machine or the “Ball”, you can also find a filter there.
  • Now wash the filters only with clean cold water. Do not use any detergent or soap to clean filters. One more thing to keep in mind, do not keep the filters in the dishwasher or washing machine. Coldwater is enough to clean the filter.
  • Once your filters are clean, dry the filers well before adjusting with a vacuum. Remember, do not place the filters in a dryer or near an open flame.
  • If your filters are completely dry, you can fix them with your filters. Try to wash your vacuum filters on time, it improves the efficiency of your vacuum


If you want to get an efficient performance from your vacuum cleaner, there is no alternative to cleaning it routinely. Cleaning and proper maintenance also assure you of the long-term durability of the machine. We hope this article will help you to understand the correct procedure for cleaning the Dyson vacuum machine. Protection Status
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