Do Shark Vacuums Have Belts

Shark Vacuums Have Belts

Do Shark Vacuums Have Belts? Shark vacuum cleaners do have belts that come with rotating brushes that remove dust and dirt particles for easy pickup. The small engine in the cleaning head has a belt attached that makes the rotating brush work fast. It’s unfortunate that older Shark vacuums didn’t have an emergency cut-off. You’ll have a broken belt if you do something tricky to the rotating brush.

Although the Shark company added a defensive feature to make the appliance last longer. The engine with the emergency cut-off protects the belt now from wear and tear. When the brush gets clogged, it will stop working. The belt won’t get damaged. If you have an older model, replacing the belt won’t be a big deal.

Steps to Change Your Shark Vacuum Cleaner Belt

The hassle of having to call a service agent is unnecessary when you can change a vacuum cleaner belt yourself. Particularly true if you own a Shark vacuum cleaner. What can you do to repair the belt? Here in this guide, you can easily change the belt by following these steps:

Step 1. Make The Arrangements

The first thing you should do is to make sure you are using the correct belt to replace the damaged one. Remove your vacuum cleaner from the electrical source and lay it safely on the floor. You can then see the belt at the bottom.

Step 2. Replace The Belt 

Look for the screws holding the inner mechanism to the plate. Sometimes you’ll find three or more screws hidden behind the hose connection or wheels. To reach the belt, remove the roller cover, panels, and electrical connector.

Take out the rotating brush from the opposing side away from the belt. Now, you can easily remove the brush from the belt’s other end. You can now reach the belt by taking it off both the roller and the motor shaft.

Step 3. Clean the Rotating Brush

Clean the rotating brush from dust, hair, and debris while holding it in your hand. You should however take care not to hurt the bristles. Now you can attach the new belt. The letter should face upwards on the side of the new belt.

Step 4. Change the Belt From The Shark Vacuums

Place the belt in such a manner that one side of the motor shaft is held securely in place while the other holds the rotating brush securely. Then screw the cover and panels back into place. Check to make sure the belt is working properly.

Cleaning & Maintaining A Shark Vacuum

These cleaning methods apply to all Shark vacuums, as the recommendations and cleaning process for these shark models are the same. The vacuum may have differing access or activation mechanisms depending on the model. Be sure to check your vacuum’s manual to learn how to access these parts.

Empty The Dust Cup Regularly From The Shark Vacuums

Before emptying the dust canister, turn off your Shark vacuum and disconnect it from the outlet. Press the release button to remove the dirt canister. While removing it, hold it over your trash can to prevent dust from leaking onto your floor. To empty the dust cup, press the latch and empty the dirt and dust into your trash bag. Remove any dust build-up inside your cup.

To clean the dust cup, Shark does not recommend using liquid or soapy water. If it’s empty, you can wipe it out with a dry cloth. Do not put your dirt canister in the dishwasher, as this could cause damage.

Examine For Blockages In The Shark Vacuums That Have Belts

If you find any blockages, you need to resolve them. Take your vacuum apart and check for obstructions in each section if you think there may be one. When using an upright model, remove the handle and turn the vacuum on to check for suction. In this case, there may be a blockage in the handle or hose.

Look through the wand of a stick vacuum to see if anything is lodged in the pipe. Lastly, check the area around the wand on your floorhead or floor nozzle.

Wash the Shark Vacuum Filters

There may be HEPA filters or additional filters in your Shark vacuum. HEPA filters may be foam rubber or felt filters. It is important to read your Shark vacuum filter’s instruction manual to learn how you can access this filter.

To remove any loose dirt or debris from felt or foam filters, first tap them off. You should then rinse them under cold or warm running water. Make sure there is no dirt or dust in the foam or felt filters. Let your shark vacuum filters air dry completely before reinstalling them.

You should never use detergent or warm soapy water to clean your HEPA filter. Microfibers can become stuck in solution, ruining them. Avoid using a tumble dryer, a microwave, or an open flame to dry the shark vacuum filter.


To keep your vacuum cleaner working, make sure you check the rotating brush and the belt every now and then. Always have a spare belt on hand. That way, you can swap it out if you need to. Protection Status
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