How to Change Filter in Electrolux Vacuum

Want to know how to change the filter in the Electrolux vacuum? Well, today our topic is on changing an Electrolux vacuum filter. Some people find it very hard when it comes to changing the vacuum filter. Don’t worry, it’s quite easy.

Electrolux vacuums have been able to gain the trust of people around the world through good customer ratings. Although they have now wrapped up their business. But their highly innovative quality products are still available in local shops.

If you own an Electrolux vacuum cleaner you should know how to change filters. In this article, we will tell you the simple technique of changing two types of vacuum filters. In particular, canisters and upright vacuums are the most used. They used filters to protect their motors. Keep reading the article to know the right way to change the vacuum filter.

How to Change Filter in Electrolux Vacuum

The process of cleaning an Electrolux vacuum is relatively straightforward when you know what to do exactly. We recommend the following guide every two or three months. If you analyze Electrolux vacuum cleaners, you will find the filters are in the same position on different models like canister or upright. Those who vacuum or deep clean recurrently may need to follow it more frequently.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

First of all, learn about the process of changing the filter of an upright vacuum cleaner. Here we go:

Step 1

Make sure the Electrolux is unplugged from the electric outlet before you begin disassembling the filter. It will ensure your safety. You are also less likely to get electrocuted.

Step 2

Now the actual process of removing the upright vacuum filter is starting. All you have to do now is empty the vacuum bag. To do this, press the tab on the top of the front cover with your finger. Gently pull the cover upwards to expose the dust bag.

Hold the vacuum dust bag or bin by the collar at the top. Keep pulling to separate it from the part of the vacuum cleaner. When the bag is out of the cleaner, clear the bag.

Step 3

At this step, you need to install a new motor. For this, there is a tab under the housing next to the motor filter gate. Typically, this tab is on the right side of the housing. Now drag the tab and at the same time continue to push the filter grid to the left.

Then close the filter grate so that you can easily pull it out. It’s time to install a new motor filter. So remove the old one and set a new motor filter and keep pressing the grate on top of it until it snaps firmly.

Step 4

Next, you have to hold the filter tab with your finger. Then carefully pull out the filter. By the way, collect a new filter before opening the old filter. Install the new filter in front of the opening so that it can flush through the opening.

Step 5

Align the clear cover tabs with the slots in front of your vacuum. Now simply insert the tabs into the slot. At this phase, your job is to make sure it shuts down. So keep pushing to the right in reverse of the vacuum. And keep doing this until it stops completely.

Step 6

Come to the last stage and set a new vacuum bag. You can clean and reuse it if you want. However, this time you will check the current condition of the bag. Make sure to confirm one more thing. That is to put the collar on the bag port. This is how you change the filter of your Electrolux upright vacuum. Enjoy its service now as before.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

If your vacuum is a canister, see how to change its filter. Its process is almost like an upright vacuum but there are slight changes in some places. No reason to worry. Proceed step by step. The processes are as follows:

Step 1

First, you have to find the hose. Press the release button to remove the hose. The release lid latch is on the front of the canister. . His lead will open after the release press.

Step 2

Now remove its dust bag from the device. To do this, pull the bag holder straight forward from the vacuum cleaner. Hold the top of the filter holder behind the bag compartment. It will come out as soon as you pull it.

Step 3

Remove the old dirty filter in the vacuum and install a new one. To do this, re-press the holder to remove the filter. Press and hold the button on the back of the filter holder until the filter comes out safely.

Step 4

After removing all the dirt inside the dust bag, you can clean it if you want. Then place it with a bag holder inside the canister. Note that the bag holder slides in a channel on each side of it but only goes in one way.

Step 5

Next, close the lid of the vacuum cleaner. Then reset the vacuum hose inside the device. You may need to push a little at this time.

How Often Should You Change the Electrolux Vacuum’s Filter

There is no set time to change the vacuum cleaner filter. When changing filters depends on your personal use and style. Usually, the brand has nothing to do except hand over the device. Now it is up to you to take proper care of the device. The Electrolux Vacuum Manufacturer recommends changing the filter once every three to six months. This time will be based on your usage and maintenance.

Note that for those who clean the vacuum device in time and change its required components, the duration of changing their filters will be different than others. So if you want to take advantage of using your vacuum for a long time, take care of it regularly.


Conclusively, it is best to change the Electrolux vacuum cleaner filter once a month. By doing this, you will be able to use your device longer. Before you begin, always unplug your vacuum from any power source. You must clean the dust canister before moving onto the filters. Besides the changing time for the vacuum filter is different in each case. Protection Status
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