What CFM Vacuum Pump Do I Need

CFM Vacuum Pump Do I Need

What CFM Vacuum Pump Do I Need? As a vital actor in air conditioning unit maintenance, the vacuum pump is one of the most critical instruments an engineer would employ during their role.

Refrigerant recovery is now required by law, so if any of the systems you’re working on include refrigerant, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to collect these gases. Although there are some standards and regulations in place, their disposal can have a significant influence on the environment. You should note if the fridge is exposed to any moisture, it could corrode and 

Cause problems with the air conditioning machine, resulting in further costs down the road.

Calculating The Required CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute)

It’s critical to determine the CFM rating required for a work when deciding which refrigeration pump to utilize. In certain nations, this is referred to as the LPM, or Liters per Minute. This may need the purchase of many pumps for those dealing with a variety of air conditioning units in order to ensure optimal production and minimum overheads. Engineers that work on both commercial and residential properties sometimes find themselves in this situation.

Taking the square root of the tonnage you’re servicing is the most practical technique to determine the A/C refrigeration pump you’ll require. These computations could include the following:

  • a 4 to 5 CFM rating would be required for a 16ton to 25ton 
  • A 6 to 8 CFM rating would be required for 16ton to 25ton.
  • There are 7 kW per ton for everyone using a kWh system.

It’s critical to take the proper measures when determining which pump is best for the job, or else you can end up with a job that’s more difficult than it needs to be.

Isn’t It True That I Can Use The Same Pump For All Jobs

It’s natural to believe that a larger pump can handle any job. Even though a pump with an 8 CFM rating will reach the maximum amount of microns before a pump with a 4 CFM rating, they will function at the same speed when at max potential. This means that, while a larger pump may be able to handle lesser operations, it will almost certainly cost more to buy.

Other Things To Think About CFM Vacuum Pump Do I Need

It’s just a matter of selecting a reliable source once you’ve determined what size A/C refrigeration pump you’ll need. Although it may be tempting to see what other merchants have to offer, if the price is good to be true, the pump may be good. When acquiring an A/C vacuum pump, it’s critical to make sure you’re only buying from reputable vendors, such as HVAC tools.

CFM Vacuum Pumps Of Various Types 

Oil-filled rotary vane pumps, diaphragm pumps, and vacuum generators are the three primary types of “pumps” that are routinely accessible. Each produces a different level of vacuum and works in a different way. The closer you can get to a vacuum of 100 percent, the more air you’ll be able to remove from your material. The more air you remove, the more resin you get back in, and the more stable your material becomes! The three most frequent varieties are listed below.

Rotary Vane Pump with Oil

  • For the money, it produces the best vacuum.
  • Designed to run for long periods as needed for stabilization.
  • Oil is required, and oil changes are required on a regular basis.
  • When employing cheap pumps or on a system with a vacuum leak, it can produce an oil mist.

Diaphragm CFM Vacuum Pump Do I Need

  • Produce a medium vacuum, no more than 83.5 percent in most cases.
  • It doesn’t need any oil
  • No oil mist is produced no matter how serious the leak is, and it’s perfect for vacuum chucking.

Vacuum Generator

  • To create a vacuum, you’ll need an air compressor and a venture.
  • If you have a big compressor, you can get a 93.6 percent vacuum.
  • The entire time was noisy, with an air hiss.
  • All of the wear is transferred to your more expensive air compressor.
  • In humid situations, it may freeze.
  • If you don’t have a large capacity tank, the vacuum level changes when the compressor kicks in and out.


Given the importance of an A/C refrigeration pump, it’s reasonable that those in the HVAC industry would want to make sure they have the necessary gear on hand. Those who have worked in the HVAC industry for a while will be familiar with how different air conditioning units work and what pump is required to complete the job properly. Those who are utilizing an A/C refrigeration pump for the first time, on the other hand, maybe unsure about the size pump to buy.

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