How To Clean Dyson Stick Vacuum Head

Cleaning Dyson Stick Vacuum Head

Dyson vacuums are well known around the words. Their massive suction technology makes them stand out of the circle and be in this most demanded vacuum cleaners list. This article will let you know how to clean the Dyson stick vacuum head and maintain it properly. Continue reading this article to know the perfect technique to clean its vacuum head.

Why Dyson Are Well Known

Are you part of the Dyson family? I mean the vacuum cleaner. Sound crazy? Well, you agree to the statement if you have a living room carpet that carries an additional coat of dogs hairs and highly noticeable dust particles. The Dyson vacuum is one of the great technologies that ease your life in cleaning the house. They are known for the powerful suction motor that does the job perfectly. How To Clean Dyson Stick Vacuum Head?

It is challenging to know how the manufacturers can put so much suction in a machine that pulls away even the most difficult to clean pieces, especially pet hairs.

Maintaining The Dyson Stick Vacuum Head

Of course, when you vacuum something, it goes somewhere, and the compartment that collects all the dust is known as a canister. It collects all the little garbage vacuum from the house and needs to be empty before operating the vacuum further. The residual dust stops at the filter, which needs to be washed away while cleaning the Dyson vacuum head.

However, it’s a bit long task to carry before you can use the vacuum head further. This is because once you wash the filter and the vacuum head, it needs 24hours to be dry fully and function properly. So have an eye on the vacuum head and plan a time when you’ll not need to vacuum the floor and clean the vacuum head.

To keep all the parts safe and easy to clean, you can check the instructions on the owner’s manual but if you’re not lucky enough to have that saved, continue reading the following steps to cleans all the components of the Dyson stick vacuum head.

How To Clean Your Dyson Stick Vacuum Filter

All you need to clean the vacuum head filter is a suitable area to wash it thoroughly. A sink would be perfect for the task. After you’re done with washing, just place it in a viable place to dry the filter swiftly. Placing it in sunlight will speed up the process.

  1. Firstly, disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the plug and switch it off. Make sure there is no electricity supply to the vacuum.
  2. Then look for a button at the vacuum head that says “push to open.” It will release the filter from the vacuum head.
  3. Clean the filter using water. Place it under a pressure faucet that throws water directly on the filter and removes all the dust. Make sure there is no residual water left on the brushes.
  4. After washing it, let the filter dry for at least 24 hours before reassembling it on the vacuum heads. To connect it back, align the filter on the vacuum head and press it until it’s fixed to the vacuum head.

Washing Your Dyson Stick Vac Brush Bar

After you are done with cleaning the filter, proceed with cleaning the brush bar. For this, just follow the following instructions.

  1. Take the essential vacuum pieces apart and disconnect the brush bar; make sure not to pull from the button as the brush bar is connected separately from the button.
  2. Remove the brush bar using a coin or a screwdriver. Rotate it a quarter until the brush bar is in the unlock position. Then move the cap to slide down the brush bar and separate it from the vacuum head.
  3. Using a scissor, cut all the tangled hairs and stuff that’s hard to pull. Clean the residual using pressure water.
  4. Washing the brush bar will remove all the residual and take it back to the new position. Make sure the brush bar is appropriately cleaned if you cannot afford to clean it frequently.
  5. Take it alongside the filter and let both of them dry for 24 hours. After they’re adequately dried, place them together and connect with the vacuum head.

While cleaning the vacuum head, don’t forget to empty the canister because it’s filled will the leading garbage that needs to be empty before the subsequent use.


You can extend the vacuum life if it is properly maintained. Cleaning the vacuum head regularly plays a vital role in a good vacuum function. Make sure it’s not left with the dust for a more significant period because it could damage the vacuum motors and relevant parts as well. Protection Status
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