Why Isnt My Dyson Vacuum Charging

Several Issue for Why isnt my Dyson Vacuum Charging

Numerous vacuum cleaner models are available on the market. The occurrence of charging issues is dependent on the specific model of the device. Our team has identified several significant issues. Kindly allocate some time to review them in sequence.

Cord of Vacuum Cleaners

Did you get the original vendor cable with the sealed pack? Some time mistakenly user may get a duplicate packet. If you get the right one then, carefully check the cable and find out any symbol of damage. Found any damaged or chopped signed? Don’t plugin. And never try to use it on the machine.

Otherwise, there are lots of chances to get fire on the cable and may lead to a big accident. This is the one reason maximum time people experienced. Quickly changed the cable with the appropriate one. Contact to Dyson help desk for further assistant or advice.

Socket Problem

Always make sure your working wall socket works properly. To do so contact with electrician and test it before using your machine. And make your socket is switched on. Sometimes your socket switched on indicator gives the wrong signal. After testing everything, plugged your Dyson machine. If it is not charging properly then change it.

Empty Dust Bin

After become full of dust bin cover, move the dust to another place and before use Dust bin make it blank. Sometimes it shows a problem with charging.

Start/Go/Vacuum Button Press

Clean the vacuum, unplug it with the vacuum out. Again plug-in and vacuum replace. For 15~20 seconds hold down the “start/go/vacuum” button. This process gives the return life of my vacuum.

Brush Head Cleaning

After cleaning the vacuum there problem that may exist! then I bought a new battery but it’s not charging. Then I again check all parts. And found near on the brush head a stick was attached. Cleaned it. All problems are gone.

Casing is Broken

Your battery casing is broken or damaged? Do not use it. Replace it with Dyson.

Airway is Blocked

If your airway is blocked, then it will make the machine cut out for safety reasons. Change it before use.

Lanolin Oil Use on Bearing

Once, Both ends of the small motor and the bearing end of the brush, I gave oil. But never use to general oil. In this case, I use Lanolin oil. I don’t need to have a new battery. All problem solved.

Dyson model

Ensure that your battery casing is not cracked or damaged.  On side your cordless Dyson handles you find out the location of the battery. Before the V10 model, you find out the removable battery pack. With the help of this, you can slide out the battery and check to see about anything is wrong.

If you found a crack on the casing that’s mean the battery pack is permanently damaged. There is no other way to replace it. From model V10 to the latest model you may use the battery pack with help of a screwdriver. And the Older version of V10 damaged or cracked is not a good indicator at all, you need a new battery pack.

Free your Vacs Airway

Another issue arise based on wand or hose blockages. Or dust canister also causes for loss of power. In the same way, if you don’t wash the filter regularly then it is also a big reason for your machine shutdown. And you get a big risk for the dirty filter.

Be careful to check every centimeter of your Dyson cordless for finding potential blockages. Make sure you can successfully remove them in the proper way. You may see that likely a sock or cloth or similar something that got sucked up unexpectedly. And lodged itself in the hose. Remove all.

Fuse Check

A fuse is located on your charger and cradle of your Dyson vacuum. Like other appliances, there is a chance to blow it. If you lost it, there is an easy way to replace it at a low cost. In the side plug, you discover a small panel where you find out the fuse.

With the help of a Flathead screwdriver, you can remove this. First, remove the old damaged fuse and put the new fuse. During old fuse removal time, it shows an amp reading on the front so that you can easily change it with the correct power.

Replace Battery

For the model below Dyson V10, the battery is made for lasting approximately 3 years maximum. After this time frame maximum of them work out of life. And you need to replace it with a new one. You can directly order the battery from Dyson.

In the side user manual, you find out step by step easy instructions with the help of that you can simply replace it. For the model V10 and above the battery life is designed for 15 years, credits for the new latest technology. So you get a long time to use it.

Dead Battery Issue

In this case, there exist an interesting story.  For model Dyson V6 to V11 comes with a dead battery which function is not working. So, it is totally death is not run or charge.  This all comes from retailers who keep products in their warehouses for more than a year.  All batteries are sealed with a death date. In general, if the battery is unused for over a year or more, that battery chances to total death. In this case, you must need a new battery.

Fitted Plugged in

Your actual vacuum cleaner is properly placed in the cradle? And also check to the charging cradle is properly plugged into the wall. If it is not fitting properly your vacuum is at no charge. Even it has a little fraction. Now it is not working properly then switch the sockets. Plug them with another available socket throughout the house. It’s all event about, plug and socket not fitted with each other.

Leakage Wire

Over time it’s very easy for the cables to get damaged. It may get straight too hard, pecked by home pets, and oppressed by people running. If the cables are damaged then it can’t work properly and it just stops working permanently.

Carefully, look at the cable casing for any spot. Which is the main reason for cable damage. If you find out any spot do not use the cable, and replace it. You may buy it from Dyson at a reasonable price.


Always try to figure out why your machine is not charging. Do not use fault electronics devices.

If need contact customer care manager or your personal electrician.


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