How To Replace Power Cord On Shark Vacuum 

Usage of AI ( Artificial intelligence) has taken out control in every world sector from a human hand. Moreover, its use is induced even in our daily house chores and distinguishes machines like vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners are probably the most imaginative invention of eternity. It has helped humans to a great extent regarding daily house cleaning. With vacuum cleaners, you get the ease of cleaning your house floor, sofas, windows, curtains, and even dining table more conveniently.

Also, they are available in a wide variety of styles, designs, and models in the market. And shark vacuum cleaners are one of those types.

The main secret of its popularity lies within the diverse traits that shark vacuum cleaners possess. Let’s look at them one by one. Also, you will know the entire procedure of replacing the power cord on the shark vacuum cleaners. So without any further discussion, let’s walk through the article. 

What Is A Shark Vacuum Cleaner

So just like Dyson, the shark vacuum cleaner is another popular model of the same machine. The product is named a shark due to its suction power

It means that the firm claims vacuum cleaners’ suction speed is faster than that of the shark. Therefore you can expect a quicker cleaning.

How To Replace Power Cord On Shark Vacuum

Every person on earth is probably aware that one should not run a vacuum on a power chord. Thus, pull the chord or shuttle the door for your shark vacuum

However, accidents can occur at any time, so do not ever use the broken chord for your shark vacuum to ensure maximum safety. 

It is wise to check for the broken chord of your shark vacuum during the monthly maintenance session. And if you found any damages to your power chord, nothing should be considered less than replacing it.

NO NO, We are not asking you to replace your old shark vacuum. Instead, you can change the power chord with a new one. You might wonder if it is a complicated task to replace the whole power cord with a new one simply not.  Here is how you can do it.

Step By Step Guide To Replace The Power Chord On Shark Vacuum

Step 1: Preparation For Replacement

There are specific steps to follow before we jump into the actual procedure. 

  1. Choose an option of replacement from the DIY project and a shark vacuum repair shop.
  2. Get a shark rotator/ shark navigator to lift away the old chord. Nevertheless, make sure to get an identical one to the previous one.

Step 2: Start Out The Reparation Process

Now that you have chosen the ideal repair process for yourself ( from DIY and shark vacuum repair shops), it’s time to unleash the replacement procedure. We are going to describe both of the options one by one. let’s start

For DIY  Project

So, if you have decided to do the job all by yourself at home, then this part of the article is for you only. Firstly, ensure how the power cord is connected to your shark vacuum. Now, refer to the steps below.

  1. Gather all of the essential tools you may need during the process, such as the screwdriver, wire cutter, and pliers. 
  2. Set on a clean surface to work. Preferably table.
  3. Lay an old cloth down on one part of the table to keep all the parts you remove during the process. 
  4. On the other part of the table, place all of your tools. 
  5. Get a piece of paper and pencil
  6. Remove all of the parts like dust containers, filters, and other stuff. 
  7. Remove the screws from the bottom.
  8. Note out all the parts to not to forget their original place
  9. Loosen the power chord by unscrewing it
  10. Pull out the wire chord
  11. Line up the new wire on the place
  12. Reassemble all the pieces

Repair Shop For Shark Vacuum Cleaners

This way is more accessible. Take your chord to a nearby repair shop and get the process done. However, stay sure to investigate for an efficient shop before you step out of the house.


Shark vacuums are popular yet delicate. And replacing its chord can also be a tricky task. However, follow above mentioned steps to get the job done with the minimum possible effort. So one can easily benefit from it without any difficulty. Protection Status
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