Why Does My Shark Vacuum Keep Stopping

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Are you using a Shark vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home? If so then you should know why does your Shark vacuum keeps stopping. Keep reading the article to acknowledge the reason and find the solutions.

Shark is one of the reliable vacuum cleaners out there. It is known for its high-quality product with efficient suction power and cleaning capability. However, like any other electrical component, a Shark vacuum may not always work efficiently. One of the common issue you might encounter is the Shark vacuum keep stopping.

This issue can occur for a variety of reasons. In the below part of the article, we will let you know what causes the stopping issue in the Shark vacuum.

Why Does My Shark Vacuum Keep Stopping

If your Shark vacuum is not working properly, it can happen for a lot of reasons. To solve the issue, you need to find out the reasons first. If you notice that your vacuum is not turned “ON”, it could be one of the following problems:

  • If not plugged into the socket properly.
  • When the fuse blows
  • If you do not turn on the power button.

If you notice that your shark vacuum is “turned on”, but your vacuum is not able to suction the dirt properly from the floor. This problem can be caused by any one of the problems mention below.

  • When the dust canister is full and needs to be emptied
  • Dust blockage in the vacuum cleaner
  • The Vacuum filters need to be cleaned
  • The hose is damaged
  • The motor has malfunctioned

Make sure that your vacuum is cleaned properly. As most of the issues in a vacuum cleaner occur when it is not appropriately cleaned.

Clean the Shark Vacuum Filters

Sometimes the uncleaned filters might cause the issue. Here is how to clean it.

  1. Cleaning the filters in your shark vacuum cleaner is a much easier task. If you have a cordless shark vacuum, then remove the hand-held stick from the vacuum. Then open the front side of your vacuum machine, and remove the filter from there.
  2. The dust canister must be separated from the main body of the shark vacuum to remove the remaining filters. Under the canister, you will also find the motor and HEPA filters, take them out from there.
  3. Now, rinse the filters thoroughly under cold running water and make sure all dust and dirt have been removed. Vacuum filters are usually very soft, so clean the filters gently so they don’t crack. Washing filters is the same for all types of vacuum cleaners. Remember, never use hot water, detergent, or any chemical to wash the vacuum filter.
  4. You only need to let the filters dry for 24 hours after washing all the removable filters in the vacuum. Before installing the filters in the vacuum machine, make sure that all the filters are completely dry.

Note: Check the filter once a week, to see if the filters need to be washed. If it is not possible to clean the filters once a week, then try to check and clean the filters at least once or twice a month.

Remove Brush Roller from Your Shark Vacuum

Separating the brush roll from the vacuum is another quick and easy task. Vacuum brush roll accumulates dirt very quickly, so it needs regular cleaning. Follow the below steps to know how to easily clean the vacuum brush roll:

  • First, turn off the vacuum machine and unplug your shark vacuum from the electric line.
  • Remove the hand-held stick from your vacuum machine. Moving this will make it much easier for you to access the brush roller.
  • Now, remove the lid from the top of the main floorhead of the vacuum machine. The brush roll is set under the lid, now take out the brush roll from there.
  • This time clean the dirt or hair that has accumulated on the brush roll with scissors. Using the button next to the floorhead, separate the brush from the vacuum using this button. Then you wipe the dust and debris from it thoroughly.
  • If you want to clean the brush roll with clean cold water, you can. Of course, it must be completely dry before re-fitting it with a vacuum machine. Once the cleaning process is done, slide the brush roll back into place and make sure it sticks well with the clip.

Clean Shark Vacuum Hose

If the hose gets stuck with dirt, it can be caused the suction problem of the vacuum machine. That’s why it is so important to keep the hose clean. Below we will give you a few simple steps that you can follow to clean your vacuum hose.

Separate the hose from the vacuum machine. Fill the hose with lukewarm water and bend it into a U-shape. Close the hole on both sides of the hose with your hands and shake it vigorously. Shake in such a way that any dirt and debris inside becomes loose and comes out. Then remove dirty water from the hose.

This time add three tablespoons of baking soda and two cups of white vinegar to a bowl and mix them well. Then, again bend the hose in a U-shape and pour the mixture. . Again hold the hole on both sides of the hose with your hands and start shaking it well again. You will notice that inside the hose the mixture is starting to fizz and bubble

Remove the mixture from the hose. Now the rinse your hose with clean cold water. It not only cleans all the dirt inside the hoses but also neutralizes the odor from the hose. Once the hose is completely dry, you can re-attach it to the vacuum.

Note that: some of the shark vacuum cleaners have electrical components inside the hose. That means you can’t wash these models with water. Because water may damage the wires. Before deciding to wash the interior, check which model you have.


If your vacuum cleaner is stopping, you should check different parts of the machine. Most of the time the issue occurs when you don’t maintain the device properly. So, make sure that the part of the vacuum cleaner is properly cleaned.

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