How To Increase Vacuum Pressure

Increasing Vacuum Pressure

How To Increase Vacuum Pressure? Vacuum cleaners are the perfect helping hand in household cleaning. They halve the effort and time it takes to pull away all the dust from rugs.

Whether you must carry out routine cleaning or pick up a pet’s hair from the carpet before your guest arrives, a vacuum cleaner does the job swiftly. But with time, they start giving up. The suction does not remain like it used to be, and the most annoying part is when it still leaves dust on the carpet after continuous cleaning.

How To Solve Suction Problem

In such a situation, you must think of replacing the vacuum cleaner and buying a new one. But if you are unfamiliar with the root cause of that lost suction, then the new vacuum cleaner won’t make any difference.  

Losing suction with time is a must-come problem for every vacuum cleaner owner, but there are many solutions to overcome it. You can have the same suction power as the new vacuum cleaner by following some simple tips.

Empty the Bag

The first step is to empty the canister bucket after every use. One should always check the bag after operating the vacuum cleaner, and if the load is complete, there won’t be any space to collect dust in the future. So always practice emptying the canister bucket after you are done cleaning. It will make the vacuum cleaner ready to use for upcoming cleaning.

However, if you are too lazy to empty the bag after every use, they focus on the fill line in the canister bucket. Once the dust is at that line, open the bag.

Use the Right Setting

Using the vacuum with the correct settings is vital. It has different modes for various surfaces. The owner should have an idea about what mode to use at which surface. The vacuum pump will wear out soon if you are constantly using max power mode for all the surfaces.

Room corners and flat surfaces don’t require maximum vacuuming power, so use standard mode at that time. Only switch to power mode while vacuuming carpets and rugs as pulling dust is harder on such things.

Try Unclogging the Hose To Increase Vacuum Pressure

Even if you practice emptying the canister bucket regularly and clean all the filters, there are chances of losing suction power. The reason behind it is a clogged vacuum hose.

Some things stay in the hose and block it, resulting in lower vacuuming power. To unclog the hose, disassemble it from the vacuum cleaner and check for clogged material. You can clean it with a brush or choose to wash it with filters.

You should inspect the tube from both ends and clear all the dust hanging in it after washing the hose. Let it dry completely before reassembling it back to the vacuum cleaner. How To Increase Vacuum Pressure?

Maybe the Vacuum Isn’t Airtight To Increase Vacuum Pressure

There are chances that your vacuum cleaner isn’t assembled correctly. If the vacuum isn’t airtight, it means that there is no vacuuming. It’s because the vacuumed air is being leaked from the loose end.

To solve this issue, you can move your fingers throughout the vacuum cleaner and check if any air is coming out from any part. Reassembling the vacuum cleaner can solve this problem mostly, but if there is still o vacuum, you should consult a vacuum cleaner expert.  

Clean the Rotating Brush To Increase Vacuum Pressure

Maintaining the vacuum head is also vital to ensure perfect suction power. You should check the rotating brush as it’s the primary component that captures dust and debris if the meeting isn’t rotating as much as it should be. Then there must be no vacuuming, and you need to clear the junk from it.

All you need to do is disassemble the rotating brush with other vacuum cleaner components and clean it. Afterward, dry the rotating brush and place it back in the vacuum cleaner. You will feel better suction power.


Vacuum cleaners are made to clean all the dust, but that dust goes somewhere and needs to be emptied once filled. So maintaining the vacuum cleaner regularly is the key to having better suction and longer working life. Make sure to clean all the components rather than just emptying the canister bucket and washing filters. Following all these steps. You can have effective and efficient cleaning. So good luck with your vacuum cleaner! Protection Status
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