What Model Is My Dyson Vacuum

Which Model Is My Dyson Vacuum

The model of your Dyson vacuum cleaner may be determined by its serial number. In addition, the serial number for upright, canister, and handheld Dysons is located in different places. Assistance on the Dyson website can tell the model of your vacuum by looking at the first five numbers of the code number.

As a result, if you’ve been having trouble identifying the model of your Dyson, you’ve come to the perfect place. Follow us to the following section to learn where you can find the serial numbers for various Dyson vacuum cleaners.

About Dyson Cleaners

Different variations of the same cordless vacuum models are available from Dyson, commonly denoted by the phrases “Animal,” “Absolute,” or a “+” symbol. These phrases indicate the number of cleaning accessories supplied.

Animal models are often the least expensive, costing less than $600, and have the fewest cleaning attachments. Absolute versions are $50 to $100 more than Animal models and come with one or two extra attachments.

The + symbol also denotes that a model has one or more additional attachments. For instance, there are two Dyson V15 Detect models: one that is labeled V15 Detect and another that is labeled V15 Detect+. The suction power of both vacuums is the same. The only distinction is that while the Detect comes with ten attachments, the Detect+ comes with one more: a low-reach adapter that allows the vacuum to bend in the middle and reach beneath furniture with ease.

Dyson also sells an “Outsize” model category of vacuum cleaners. With a cost of $800 or more, this is the most expensive Dyson vacuum. The Outsize vacuums from Dyson have a bit more cleaning power, a larger waste bin, and an additional battery pack, making them suitable for larger houses.

Other Important Factors About Model Is My Dyson Vacuum

Aside from the attachments, consider the same variables that you would when purchasing any other vacuum cleaner: suction power, dust bin capacity, and, if it’s cordless if the battery life is sufficient for the size and kind of flooring in your home.

  • A Rechargeable Battery For My Dyson Vacuum

The current Dyson cordless versions have a battery life of roughly an hour per charge. Previous versions’ batteries typically don’t last as long. The older the model, the lower the battery life, with some models lasting only 30 minutes.

When using the vacuum on its highest level, the battery life can be reduced by more than twenty minutes. Using the vacuum on carpets, particularly thick ones can significantly reduce battery life. Choosing a Dyson model that adjusts its suction capacity based on the kind of floor ensures the longest possible battery life per charge; the V11, V15, and Outsize models all do.

If you have a large multi-floor home that takes more than an hour to vacuum, one of the Outsize models might be right for you. Not only do these vacuums alter their suction force on their own, but they also come with an extra battery pack, so you don’t have to wait between sessions. If that still isn’t enough, you may invest in one of Dyson’s corded upright vacuums, which have a higher suction capacity but are bulkier and come with a sometimes irritating cord. Dyson also ceased creating corded vacuums in 2018 to focus on cordless models, which could make sourcing spare parts more difficult in the future.

  • Suction Strength

Because manufacturers don’t use the same measure when describing their models, comparing vacuum suction power between brands can be tricky.

Fortunately, comparing Dyson models is simplified because of the company’s usage of air watts. This is the number of watts required to force air through a vacuum’s aperture. As the air watts grow, so does the suction capacity. The suction power increases as the air watts increase. Dyson’s latest cordless model, the V15 Detect, for example, produces 230 air watts of suction, compared to 185 in the preceding V11 generation.

  • A Dustbin 

A 0.2-gallon dust bin is standard on most Dyson cordless vacuums, which is plenty for most homes. However, if you frequently have a lot of hair or debris to pick up and don’t want to stop vacuuming to empty the dust bin, an Outsize model with a 0.5-gallon dust bin would be the best choice for you. When it comes to dust bin capacity, Dyson’s corded vacuums have a clear advantage.


You may determine what sort of Dyson vacuum cleaner you have by looking for the product code on various parts and contacting the Dyson webpage with the first four digits of the serial number for authentication.

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