How To Take The Brush Out Of A Shark Vacuum

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Vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning purposes. But also there is a need to clean the vacuum. The most important part of a shark vacuum cleaner is the roller brush.

Whether it is made up of metal, wood, or plastic, it is filled with dust, hair, or other particles. It must be removed and cleaned for the proper functioning of the shark vacuum. The presence of bunches of hair, dust, or other small particles makes the roller brush difficult to rotate. In this article, you will learn how to remove the roller brush from the shark vacuum

Steps To Remove The Roller Brush From A Shark Vacuum

The followings are the step to remove the roller brush from the shark vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: Disconnect The Vacuum From Any Power Source

It is the most important step. Our priority is safety measures. This step is done for safety purposes. Detach the vacuum from any source of power. It can be dangerous to have your vacuum cleaner just go on when you remove the roller brush.

If you have someone switching on the power source, then make sure to unplug the source completely. If the power source is connected and the vacuum cleaner or roller brush is moving, then it will damage the shark vacuum cleaner. Its connection may injure you. So disconnect any power source from your vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: Find The Roller Brush

Usually, the roller brush is present at the bottom of the shark vacuum cleaner. It can be easily removed in the case when you lay down the machine to visible its underside.

At the base plate, screws are present that secures the base plate. In this position, you will be comfortable as you remove the screws. Sometimes the screws get corroded. You can use rust remover to make it clean. When you find the screws, remove them with a screwdriver on the base plate.

Step 3: Unlock the screws

In most cases, the shark vacuum cleaners are packed with a head screwdriver. If you lose your screws, then visit the electric shop. You can use a container to keep your screws.

Step 4: Take Out The Brush Roller

Most of the shark vacuum cleaners are covered with a plastic cover or panel that covers the roller brushes. When you remove all the screws, remove the plastic cover cautiously. 

Removing the front panel will expose the roller brushes. In some cases, it can be difficult to remove the roller brushes because the roller is fixed to the other side of the vacuum cleaner. In most vacuum cleaners, one side of the roller can easily be turned and the other side is removed carefully.

Now it is time to remove the roller brush. Turn the roller brush gently in the anti-clockwise direction. Don’t rush the brush from the roller as it may damage the cover that secures it. Carefully check the location and the direction of the roller brush in the vacuum chamber.

It helps to put the roller brush again into the chamber after cleaning. If you are replacing the roller brush, follow the instructions on how to replace the roller brush given by the manufacturer.

How To Clean The Roller Brush Of The Vacuum Cleaner

 When you remove the roller brush from the shark vacuum it is time to clean the brush. Cover the surface with paper where you put the roller brush.

So all of the dust, hair, and other particles can be cleaned. Use simple scissors or hair scissors to cut the hair that is wrapped into the roller brush. Use your fingers to take the hair out of the roller brush. Continuing this until the roller brush is free from all particles.

Once the brush is free, remove the covers of both ends of the roller brush. Usually, the dust, debris, and hair get stuck under the cap of the brush. When you clean the brush clearly, put it back into the chamber. Lock the screws that were removed earlier.


Removing and cleaning the roller brush depends on its use. If it is used less, you will need to remove it rarely. If it is used frequently to clean the area with long hair or a pet, there is a need to remove the brush after fix time. Because the long hair and other particles can easily affect the rotating capacity of the roller brush. These steps will guide you to remove the roller brush from the shark vacuum easily and safely. Protection Status
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