How To Use A Pool Vacuum Above Ground Pool

Using A Pool Vacuum Above Ground Pool

How To Use A Pool Vacuum Above Ground Pool? Everyone loves jumping into a cool pool when the temperature is soaring and the sun is out for vengeance. Swimming in a relaxing pool is a brilliant way to spend your summer holidays. 

Cleaning a pool though is not a fun and enjoyable activity for anyone. For that, using a pool vacuum can come in handy. Using a good vacuum can give you that sparkling water and clean a pool quite easily.

Why Do You Need To Use A Pool Cleaner

Pools get dirty and somewhat filthy when people swim in them and dirt gets in the pool. You as a pool owner have to make sure that the chemicals in the water are balanced, if it’s not balanced algae can grow in the pool. Greenish and extremely filthy scum grows around the walls of the pool. After that swimming in the pool will sound like a very good idea.

Having your pool there filled up with specks of dirt can lead to several problems.  The most significant is probably as mentioned above the growth of algae. These disgusting blooms of algae can further clog your filters and make the water unsanitary. Less worrisome issues might include higher repair bills, reduced aesthetic value of the pool, and can even cause difficulty if you are looking to sell your house.

Pool Cleaning Pro Tips

Now, before you get to know how to clean your pool. You should take a step further and do a better job more efficiently using these few pro tips

  • Always clean in a pattern. You don’t want to clean any parts of the pool twice! using a pattern will cover the entire pool and clean it correctly the first time.
  • Try to clean the pool in a top-to-down motion. So, if you disturb some of the dirt near the top of the pool you can suck it all up later or whenever you prefer.
  • Go slow. Move the brush head slowly across the surface. You will be more thorough on the first pass. Scrubbing a little too hard and fast can kick up the dirt and cause it to float away from the brush head.

Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

  • Robotic Vacuum

Robotic vacuums are the ultimate plug-and-play cleaning solution for most pool shapes, sizes, and finishes. They are energy-efficient and work separately from your existing pool’s filtration system.

  • Pressure Vacuum Cleaner

Pressure vacuum cleaners use a pressure line form of filtration system to propel the cleaner around your pool. It sucks up debris pushing into the cleaner self-contained debris bag. This powerful cleaner requires a pool pump to rum and usually an extra booster pump.

  • Suction Pool Vacuum

The suction pool vacuum uses the water flow from your filtration system and attaches to either a dedication suction port or skimmer. As debris is being sucked up,  they are collected in the leaf canister, skimmer basket, or routed directly to the pool.

What To Do Before Vacuuming your Above Ground Pool

Brush The Pool Walls

Begin the pool cleaning process by brushing the wall of your pool to remove dirt, algae, and debris, paying special attention to the waterline

Inspect The Pool And Equipment

While you’re at it, take some time to inspect your above-ground pool and its equipment. Walk around your pool and inspect it for any potential problems, such as cracks, damage, or obstructions.

Remove Trash And Debris To Use A Pool Vacuum Above Ground Pool

Take garbage and collect all of the big trash that tends to collect around the exterior of the pool walls.

Remove Toys To Use A Pool Vacuum Above Ground Pool

Remove any toys, floats, or other items from the pool. If they are damaged, repair them or throw them away whatever you like. If they’re a bit dirty, give them a spray or light brushing up to keep them fresh.

5 Easy Steps On How To Use A Pool Vacuum Above Ground Pool

  • Get Your Pool Ready

Check to see that your pool pump and filter are operating and the settings are appropriate.  Make sure to take notice of the debris in the pool, if there is a lot of it just adjust the filter settings to pump water out of the pool.

  1. Get Your Pool Cleaner Ready

Make sure that your cleaner is always in a good shape, if your cleaner is in a great condition it will work greatly and clean your pool according to your satisfaction. Other than that, maintaining your cleaner will increase its life and save you money in the long run.

  • Put Your Cleaner In The Pool

Place the assembled vacuum elements in the pool and ensure the vacuum head is on the pool floor. Fill out the hose with water entirely. Connect the open end of the water filled hose to the return jet in the pool.

  • Vacuum Your Pool Floor

Standing outside, hold the telescopic pole and use long smooth strokes to vacuum the pool’s floor. Make sure to move the vacuum head slowly so that the debris remains on the floor and doesn’t get kicked up. Make sure the head is maintained on the floor underwater to maintain prime.

  • Take Care Of Your Equipment 

If you have a manual vacuum, then dissemble the vacuum and drain the water. Rinse it and allow it to dry.  If you have an automatic pool cleaner  just rinse the cleaner out and it is ready to use for the next time.


No matter what your vacuum cleaner brand is, what size it is, or if you are using it to  clean a regular pool or an above ground pool it works the same. The key factor is to take care of the vacuum. Handle your vacuum with caution and after the usage rinse it out and keep it safely for future use. Protection Status
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