Why is My Pool Vacuum Not Suctioning

Details- Why is My Pool Vacuum Not Suctioning

I was wondering why is my pool vacuum not suctioning. It wasn’t very long time ago I faced this problem. But, it’s solved now and I’m very much satisfied with the pool vacuum. The problem that came out was the clogging the vacuum filter and hose pipe. But, in the pursuit of research, I found that there could be many more problems.

So, the notable problems can be the hose, filter, and the vacuum pipe. But, the common reason to cause problems for suctioning is the clog of debris, dust, and other foreign materials in the vacuum cleaner. There’re many remedies to solve the issues with clogging.

Details of a Pool Vacuum

If we think, pool vacuum can be considered as a simple to go electrical device. The pool vacuum can suck up the water and clean the water and other debris of a pool vacuum. However, we might think it’s not easy to set up a pool vacuum. But, it’s only about connecting the hose to the pump system of a pool.

However, we can find a lot of vacuum cleaner, that can work automatically without need of setting up anything. So, the anatomy of a vacuum pool is simple and straightforward. The filters of a vacuum pool can attract the hard debris and waste from the pool surface easily.

Considering that your pool pumping procedure is going smoothly, there shall be no concerns of vacuum working smoothly as well. So, if you find that your vacuum doesn’t work properly, consider that you need to check up the filtration pump of your pool.

Problems with a Pool Vacuum

So, what are the problems with a pool vacuum that can lead to the vacuum cleaner not sucking up the debris properly? Well, the circulation process of a pool pump is the key of any pool. If the filtration system don’t work properly, there’ll be problems with the pool. This will very well lead to dirty pool water. The hose pipe of the vacuum cleaner at times can get clogged. Hence, it can be on of the problem with pool vacuum.

The hose pipes are connected to the suction pump, as we all know. They’re mainly constructed buckets which are accessible easily. However, there’re pipes from the discharge portion of the pump which comes back from the jets just around the side of the pool. So, if the pumps don’t work properly, the water flow won’t be regular and it’ll be tough to clean the vacuum.

The bottom of the the pool has the filtration section. As we’re about to vacuum the pool, the cleaner’s hose is connected to the surface filter. So, the waste water gets flushed out of the pool system. Hence, it’s seen that the water begins to flush from the skimmer pipes. So, when this happens, it’s okay to continue with the vacuuming process.

Suction-Side Problems

The suction-side problems of the pool is due to the clogging in the vacuum hose. However, suction problem and hose clogging are two different things. But, they’re connected to each other. If there’s air in the line of filter system or the vacuum hose, consider that there can be suction problem. However, let’s find other problems as well.

  • When the water level of the pool is low beyond range, it’ll be hard to cover the skimmers. Hence, it’s necessary to ensure that the water level is up to the mark.
  • If your vacuum hose isn’t connected properly to the skimmer, the suction will not be proper. Besides, the suction will not work if the hose pipe has holes in between. So, check for the holes or gaps in the vacuum hose.
  • But, what about the skimmer? If the skimmer filter is clogged or dirty, the water flow to the pool pump won’t be as usual. Keep in mind of that.
  • Air presence in the pump and the vacuum hose are the two notable culprits for improper suction of the pool vacuum. There’s a ring on the the hose end. If that’s the problem, consider changing the ring and the problem won’t be there anymore. It’s always necessary to check the air level in the vacuum pipe.
  • The connections should be tight. For the connection of hose and the skimmer, the length of the vacuum hose connection needs to be proper. Improper length can affect the suction performance of the pool vacuum. It’s always to keep them measurements beforehand.

Discharge-Side Problems

Well, another problem can be the discharge-side related problems. If the waste water discharge isn’t proper and up to the point, the waste can come back to the pool filter and eventually clog the vacuum hose.

Hence, at that point, the problems related to suction will come back again. So, if the problem is too much, try changing the filter or cleaning the filter over again.

Final Thoughts

So, the problem related to the pool vacuum not suctioning are very few. It can be waste discharge related problem, or it could simply be the hose clogging. Always remember that clogging can occur at any portion of a pool vacuum. In that case, we prefer checking the hose channel frequently.
However, we’ve tried to give solutions aside from giving the reasons of a pool vacuum not suctioning properly. Overall, the list of problems are very few, as we’ve already mentioned. So, keep track of them regularly, and it won’t be an issue in the future.
Finally, we’d like to say that when there’s a problem, the solution is right at the end of where you think it’s not possible. If you can check the conditions of the filter system and the hose pipe regularly, you pool vacuum will stay health.

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