How Can I Tell What Model My Dyson Vacuum Is

I Need To Know How Can I Tell What Model My Dyson Vacuum Is 

Dyson Vacuum cleaners are very common with vacuum cleaner users, and this is because they do an amazing job. Although they come at very expensive prices, they are well worth every bit of the money, and they come at the top of the list when considering high-quality vacuum cleaners. They are well designed and properly tested for their suction abilities, so yes, it’s a good choice. This brand of vacuum cleaner has a lot to offer but, what feature you enjoy depends on the model you buy. It is possible that you already own one, and would like to explore all there is to the vacuum cleaner, but if you don’t know what model it is, you won’t be able to find information about what it offers. Another thing is, if you need to replace a part of the vacuum cleaner, you also need to know what model it is. Now, this is not even an issue at all, because, in this post, you will be able to check for the model by yourself. How Can I Tell What Model My Dyson Vacuum Is? You’re only a few minutes to finding out. Read on. 

What To Know About Dyson Vacuums

A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is designed for powerful suction on various floor types. It doesn’t matter if it’s a carpeted floor or a hard surface. This design has also been tested for efficiency by corporate bodies which it has passed. It has a cyclone filter attached to it which it uses to separate dirt particles and objects from very fine dust. It does this using centrifugal forces and this helps to keep the vacuum bag empty for a longer period. It is also built to keep the home free from pet hairs and other allergens that some vacuum cleaners might not be able to remove. The features that you can enjoy with a Dyson vacuum cleaner depend on the model you’re using and of course there is a long list to choose from. 

How Do I Know What Model My Dyson Vacuum Is 

A vacuum cleaner manufacturer as large as Dyson will definitely have a lot of models in their product list, and it is okay if you don’t know which of these models you own. It is pretty easy to know the model and it won’t even take a lot of your time, you just need to check some parts of the vacuum cleaner. The serial number is what will tell you which model of Dyson you’re using, and it is a combination of numbers and letters that are representative of the company, design, or performance of the vacuum cleaner and they can be easily found in specific places on the vacuum cleaner. The places where you can find them are:

  • At the back of the machine. If you check behind the suction hose, you will probably find the serial number there. 
  • Another place to check is on the base of the machine very close to the wheel. 
  • You can also check in front of the body of the machine behind the dust canister. There is a possibility that it will be there. 

The serial numbers are usually written in tiny fonts so you should check them carefully so you can see them. If you can’t find it in any of these places, then you probably need to check for it in your user manual, it will be written there. 

What Model Of Dyson Vacuum Should I Consider Buying

Different Dyson models meet various needs so which model you go for will depend on what you’re using it for. The best set is the V series. We will consider a few of them and good reasons why you might want to consider buying them.

Dyson V15 Detect 

This is a great choice of Dyson that you might want to consider because it is known to have a suction power that is more than that of all its predecessors. Although, you will have to pay a lot to get one. 


Dyson V11 Animal

This is a great choice if you need large bins and wide cleaning heads. It also has adaptive suction power, an LCD screen and it is good for large homes. 


Dyson V8 Animal

This model is good for all floor types. It is cordless, and a good choice for shoppers who don’t want to spend their money on a V9, and it has a balance for cleaning power. Another amazing feature is that it has strong battery power. 

Dyson Ball Multifloor

Just as the name implies, this model of Dyson works well for different floor types. It doesn’t matter if its a carpeted floor or a hard floor. It also has a very strong suction power. 

How Long Will My Dyson Vacuum Last

How long your Dyson or any brand of vacuum cleaner lasts depends on how well you maintain it. Although most models come with a five-year warranty, some people have reported damage within less than five years, while some others have been used for about seven years and even up to ten years. In all, Dyson vacuum cleaners tend to last for a very long time but you have to play your part by using it properly and caring for it in the best way possible. 


A Dyson vacuum cleaner is a good choice of vacuum cleaners and they do their work excellently. While it is a good idea to know what model you’re using, the model does nothing to the fact that Dysons are amazing. They are quality checked and have a track record of customer satisfaction. All you have to do is to make sure that you use them properly and store them well when it’s not in use. Follow the maintenance tips in the manual for more information on the model you’re using and you can be sure that it will serve its purpose for a long time. Protection Status
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