How To Empty A Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Ways To Empty A Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Owning a Dyson vacuum cleaner is one of the things you can be proud of as it’s super amazing for cleaning. It leaves your place spotless. Do you think of How To Empty A Dyson Cordless Vacuum? We can all confidently say this. But if you want your house to look perfectly clean you need to maintain your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

With its amazing technology comes a lot of responsibilities. Ensuring its life span and performance. There are many ways to clean your Dyson but the one thing you need to make sure of is that you clean it regularly. With a couple of steps and you’re good to go!

As it is one of the best purchases you have made. The Dyson vacuum cleaner will spotlessly clean your house in minutes.

Important Steps To Empty Your Dyson Vacuum

As we look forward, there are some very important steps we need to be sure of while we plan on emptying our cordless Dyson vacuum. Let’s take a look into the procedure of carefully handling your Dyson vacuum.

Emptying A Dyson Cordless Vacuum

The first step to empty your Dyson vacuum is emptying its bin. As you plan to clean your Dyson vacuum cleaner you need to know the number of your vacuum cleaner. This helps you to know which type of filter is used and how often you should wash them.

Steps To Perform To Maintain The Vacuum

Emptying The Bin

First thing first, ensure that the vacuum cleaner is unplugged or disconnected before you start. Make sure you do not pull on the trigger button. You need to empty the bin of your vacuum cleaner as soon as it reaches the max level mark. Do not overload the bin. For this, you will need to keep a check on the bin for not overfilling it.

Releasing The Dirt

After step one, you need to continue to step two which is releasing the dirt in the bin. For this step, you need to hold the Dyson vacuum cleaner by the handle then pull the lever back which is in red and lift upwards. This way the dirt will release from the bin itself leaving behind a clean bin. Continue with this step until it is empty.

Placing The Cyclone back

As soon as the dirt is released. Push the cyclone backtrack until it clicks. Don’t forget to do this step or leave the cyclone out. This may lead to future problems while you clean your house.

Closing The Bin

Last but not the least, after pushing the cyclone back you need to close the base of the bin in the machine making sure it clicks into place. To close, push the cyclone back downwards until it is in the normal position and then manually shut the base of the bin.

To make sure the base is closed, it will make a click sound. The click sound ensures the base of the bin is closed properly. 

Now you have emptied your Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. It is all set to be refilled again. Remember not to overfill or overload the vacuum because this might lead to a lot of mess later.

Why Should You Empty Your Cordless Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Regularly

You should never wait for your Dyson cleaner vacuum dust cup to fully choke or overload. When it is clear that it will ruin its life.

Though we all know that the Dyson vacuum cleaner is designed to be durable and famous for its longevity, it is a tactful machine. Even a speck of tiny dirt or debris left inside the vacuum cleaner can lead it to break down completely which then will require a lot of hard work and time to fix.

Secondly, if you let the dirt or debris sit inside your Dyson vacuum cleaner it will start stinking because of the mold, if you leave the bacteria or germs inside the vacuum they likely settle inside and smell.

Surely cleaning the house can be very tedious but if we take out some more spare time and empty the bin there and then, it will be much better when you use it the next time. 

Why You Should Never Overload Your Vacuum

Since by now you should be aware that your Dyson vacuum cleaner cup has a max liner which means the dust should not overfill this line. If the dust cups reached and exceeded the overfill line the performance of your vacuum cleaner will drop down. 

At first, it will work perfectly fine, but if any noticeable large debris chokes in it will then not even suck any dirt or dust left. Thus, it is very easy How To Empty A Dyson Cordless Vacuum!

But not to worry. Even if your vacuum cleaner reaches the max line while you are cleaning you can simply stop and empty it and then continue using it.


Since Cordless Dyson vacuum cleaners are designed with max mark line for your to make sure it does not overfill. You just need to pay attention and empty it using the steps mentioned above. Besides sucking up the dirt it also uses its vacuum flow to cool down, if the cup is full it won’t allow air to pass and it won’t cool itself. Protection Status
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