Can A Central Vacuum Be Installing In An Existing Home

How Can A Central Vacuum Be Installing In An Existing Home

Cleaning is a part of owning a home. Whether you get someone to do it for you or you do it yourself, it is a must that your home must get cleaned. A lot of people these days rely on vacuum cleaners to do the job for them. And that’s good. But, despite all the benefits of using a vacuum cleaner, there might be a lot of stress associated with it. This includes having to move vacuum cleaners from one room to another. Some vacuum cleaners might weigh a lot and this makes it difficult to move during cleaning. This has made a lot of people consider having a central vacuum system installed in their homes. But, some just can’t because they aren’t sure if it’s possible to install a central vacuum system in their homes if they didn’t have it installed at the time of construction. We’ll clarify that in this post. If you’ve been asking, can a central vacuum be installing in an existing home, then go ahead with this post to find out.

How Does Central Vacuum Work

A central vacuum is a semi-permanent fixture in the home. It is also known as a built-in or ducted vacuum. It is a cleaning system that uses several hoses and pipes passing through the wall. These hoses and pipes delivers removed dirt directly into a large vacuum system. The vacuum systems are usually found in one particular location in the house. Mostly the attic or garage. Since they use hoses, they do not need to be moved. They have suction outlets on the wall that hoses can be connected to. These outlets look just like power outlets. The hoses are then connected to them to suction dirt and deliver it to the vacuum system. You simply have to connect the hose to the outlet and the dirt will be delivered into the central vacuum system

Can I Install A Central Vacuum Into My Home Even If I Didn’t Do It During Construction

Although a central vacuum system is best installed in a house during its construction, it is still possible to have it installed into an already existing home. There are a lot of benefits to having a central vacuum installed, and a lot of people are aware of these benefits but, many of them don’t get it installed because they fear that it will cause damages to their walls or leave dents and marks. I would say it is normal to think this way, but it just might not be enough reason to not have it installed. That’s because, if you contact the right professionals for it, you can have a central vacuum system installed in your home with little or no marks on your walls and you will get to enjoy the benefits of having a central vacuum installed. 

How To Get A Central Vacuum Installed In An Existing Home

If you want to install a central vacuum in your already existing home, keep in mind that it is not something that you can do all by yourself. You will have to contact professionals for it. Research on professionals around you that do the job well. You can even ask someone that had theirs installed recently to recommend someone to you. A professional will look around your house and determine the best points for the outlets to be and do all the work for you. 

Benefits Of Having A Central Vacuum 

Having a central vacuum in your home saves you a lot of stress. Come to think of it, with regular vacuum cleaners, you will have to carry them from one place to another, but a central vacuum only requires that you carry a hose, which is probably long enough to go across rooms. Some even have retractable hoses that do not need to be carried around. Another good thing to consider is that it cleans way better than regular vacuum cleaners. All the dust collected is transferred directly to the large vacuums so you won’t need to worry about dust flying around in the house. Regular vacuum cleaners are usually known for their loud noise but that is not the case with a central vacuum. The only time you will hear noises is when you open the outlets without the hose, and the moment you have the hose attached, the noise will cease. There is a lowered risk of damage when you use it on furniture compared to other vacuum cleaners. There is also no need for frequent emptying since the vacuum is large and can accommodate a lot. 

What To Avoid When Using A Central Vacuum

When you’re using a central vacuum, there are some things you might want to avoid, to make sure it works well. You should not leave dirt in it for too long. You should empty it at least 2-4 times a year. Do not use it for fireplace ash. That’s because it could still be hot even days after the fire went out. This might damage your vacuum cleaner. Avoid trying to vacuum up wet material too. If you avoid these things, then you can be sure that your central vacuum will work fine. 


Having a central vacuum installing in an existing home is a good installation for every home. It takes off a level of stress that you have to go through cleaning your home. It makes it faster and cleans better than other vacuum cleaners. If you have a thing against noise too, then this is your best bet at eliminating noise in your home during the cleaning. If your home is already existing and you would love to have one installed, then go for it, do not think of any damages because there’s a possibility that there won’t be any. It doesn’t matter how long your home has been around, maybe a decade or two. Get the right professionals that will do an adequate job. Then you can switch totally to a central vacuum. Protection Status
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