Can Roomba I7 Clean In The Dark

Roomba I7 Clean In The Dark

Can Roomba I7 Clean In The Dark? Robot vacuums never get bored and never get distracted, and they work every day with no complaints. They keep the floors tidy with barely any effort, pet hair and crumbs disappear well before you notice a problem. In this article, we will explore “If Roomba i7 can clean in the dark” and much more.

Is Roomba I7 Able To Clean In The Dark

According to Roomba, the i7+ has 10 times the suction power of its base model, but it comes at a price. Due to this, running the i7+ in a dark room overnight would not be as efficient as running it in a room with some natural light.

Who Should Get Roomba I7

If you don’t mind spending a lot of money on a robot vacuum, the Roomba i7+ might be a good option. This is especially useful in a large house with many hairy pets. You need to empty their robot’s dustbins when the device gets clogged with the pet’s hair before you can finish the task. 

I7 Roomba Has a Few Important Advantages

When you turn on the Roomba i7, it will find the room where it is, no matter where you put it. Therefore, you can still make use of the smart mapping features even if you do not start the i7 from its dock.

In multi-story homes or multiple homes, using the Roomba i7+ is much more convenient since it does not need to be start from a dock. You will need at least one dock somewhere in your life to charge the Roomba i7+.

You can put the bot anywhere in your house, on any level, docked or not, as long as it has some battery life, and the smart-map features will still work. The Roomba i7+ can save up to ten different smart maps, so almost every user should have no problem finding enough.

The Roomba i7+ will remember where it left off and finish the session even if it gets stuck during the session and you need to restart it. By figuring out how to clean each room with fewer turns, the Roomba i7+ saves a few minutes during each session.

Aside from its category-leading features, the Roomba i7+ also nails most of the fundamental features: it avoids most traps, covers as much ground as possible without missing patches, and cleans up most types of debris on most surfaces without being obtrusive.

A surprising feature is how quiet the robot is compare to other high-end machines. Furthermore, the Roomba i7 has an excellent design of the cleaning head which makes it easier to clean.

It features two counter-rotating, rubber-nubbed rollers designed specifically for digging out hair from carpets. These rollers are also much more resistant to tangles than typical brush-and-blade designs.

Roomba I7 Can Empty Its Dustbin

Roomba i7+ is one of the few robot vacuums that can empty its own dustbin. With the 19-inch-tall Clean Base, you get a charging dock and a vacuum for your robotic vacuum. When the Roomba i7+ returns to the dock, the Clean Base suctions out debris from the bot’s bin through a trap door and into a disposable vacuum bag.

The Navigation System Of Roomba I7 Wicked Smart Roomba I7 Clean In The Dark

The Roomba i7+ has lots of slick navigation features, but its best feature is that you can tell it to clean specific rooms. There are a few other robots with similar “smart mapping” features, but none are as easy to use as Roomba’s. You can tell the Roomba i7+ to clean the dining room using Alexa, or choose from a checklist as many or as few rooms it should clean, and it will only clean those rooms.

A Few Flaws But Not A Dealbreaker Roomba I7 Clean In The Dark

It’s not completely safe to trust the navigation system to follow your directions for cleaning specific rooms and avoiding others. There is no better way to save time than for the Roomba i7 to learn how to clean rooms in the fewest possible turns.

The crumb-pickup test, however, revealed an unintended side effect: It spent more time straddling the floor and rug, leaving behind a streak of debris along that edge that a second, perpendicular pass would capture. The bot should be able to run that function when it’s necessary.

There is a possibility that this particular mess has more to do with the way the dining room and the crumb test are set up than with the robot itself. It would not come as a surprise if other people had the same problem as well.


In all of these cases, it does seem like a software update could have fixed the issues. Roomba has a reputation for providing good support to their own products and customers, so there is hope that they will make these changes in the near future. Protection Status
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